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Just got an e-mail... I will have my Wii disk on Friday!


Same as brian. Keep a Wii in my office for err...downtime. Now I can be even more unproductive!

Netflix fan

I actually got the Netflix email that I get for my normal dvd queue that says "For Fri: Instant Streaming Disc for Wii." Will be interesting to see how well it works.

Mike Ripca

I got the email today too, can't wait! None of the computers in my house met the requirements for streaming (mostly older Macs), so this is pretty exciting. Need to start filling up my Streaming Queue!


I just got the email! Hip-hip-hooray!!


Yay! Now here's hoping my internet connection (which has been wonkey this week) is not dead tomorrow when the disc arrives! My new HD TV is not getting its fair share of movies because of Netflix shows streaming to my computer. Time to change that!


I just got an email about it.


Mine is on the way! Now I'll have 3 streaming devices (2 Rokus, Wii) and only 2 TVs. Time to go shopping!


I hope is not as problematic as it has been for my PS3.

Every other day i have to erase the DVD history so i can get assign a new activation code for it to work again. A few days later same thing. It will not connect to NF and just hangs there.

I gave up and bought a Roku box.


Got my notice. Now I don't have to buy a Roku for the bedroom! No HD, but honestly there's not enough WI content yet to bother for the bedroom.


Hopefully now that its available for free on two systems, they'll removed the Gold account requirement for Xbox.


Jay Hopefully now that its available for free on two systems, they'll removed the Gold account requirement for Xbox.

Isn't that an Xbox requirement and not Netflix?

ManBearPig 20oh10

I'm kinda upset. I didn't get my email and i sign up for it the first day. You would think that for all the new releases their not sending me because of the wait, they could at least send me a wii disk. I hardly ever use my wii and i been waiting for this so i can.


YES! Got the email...Wii disk arrives tomorrow!


Im getting mine, I signed up for it on day one


got the email as well now i can stream stuff to my PS3 in my room and my sis can stream stuff to her Wii the pc she has there could barely handle streaming


Won the lottery... finally...

* Did not request the disk the first day, but its coming tomorrow.

I needed some good news today, thanks Netflix.


Getting mine tomorrow too. Always to have more options on streaming. Already have Xbox and PS3. Use both and have not had any issues so far.


@cj, have you talked with Netflix tech support about your PS3 issues? I've been streaming on my PS3 since approximately 6 weeks before the PS3 launch; once code got stabilized (some time before the launch), I never saw problems. I've never had to reset activation.

Sean Palladino

I got the email as well. We'll just have to wait and see how well it works. :)


Like @ManBearPig 20oh10, I signed up the first day, and I didn't get an email. I'm pretty mad because I was really looking forward to it.


Now I kind of feel bad that mine is coming on 3/26. I just restarted my account 3 weeks ago and reserved the disc when I restarted.


Bummer, signed up on day one as well and NO LOVE HERE!

I guess I'll get mine when I get my other new releases like Inglorious bastereds & Couples Retreat!


Got one.

Hopefully it works.


About time I won something.

I was hoping for the powerball, but I can live with the netflix on the wii.


Signed up on day one, checked my email after seeing this news...got it!

Jon Robertson

Got an email saying mine will be here tomorrow. I signed up almost a week after they announced it. Guess I was just lucky for once in my life.


No joy here either. And I don't get a status page like that when I click on the link. Just the same "your instant streaming disc for Wii will ship automatically when it is available this Spring" message.

Maybe it's because I hardly use streaming? (but would if I could watch it on TV instead of the computer)


I signed up on day one too and did not get the e-mail!


I thought they only allowed so many people to sign up to match the number of discs they were getting. Then they closed the order window. Why close it if they weren't going to get that many in the first place?


This is only a shipment for testing the setup - it's not the launch.



I wonder if they're shipping discs to people who already have other streaming devices (I have an 360 and I'm getting a disc.) It would allow for comparative feedback and should the service break or need significant fixes, these people would already (in theory) have another device.)


You may think I am crazy. But if you have gotten a Netflix Wii disc and would be willing to sell it, I am willing to buy it.

My impatience could be someones profit.

You can contact me here:

[email protected]


Gave it a try just now during lunch. Pretty nice. Comparing it to watch instantly from a sony blu ray player. blu ray player is wired, not wireless. But I didn't notice any stuttering or issues with wireless. 40 inch 720P tv. Picture is a little softer from the wii. But it's 480P -vs- 720P, so that makes sense. (Have the 480P cable for our wii.) It's close though. Might be more noticeable on a larger display, but it's hard to tell the difference on a 40 inch tv. Testing with The Iron Giant, which is HD from the sony. More functional interface on the wii. Can browse and add things to the queue from the wii itself. Can't do that from my blu ray player.

Greg Smith

Just got my disk and am watching Roxanne on the WIi streaming. I usually watch on my PS3 via a wired connection through a 10meg internet connection. The Wii is connected wirelessly.

The video quality is nearly identical.


Got the email, currently waiting to check the mail to see if it's here.


Yipee: Just got mine and my 5 yo is watching a cartoon now. Looks good, as good as a SD cartoon over-the-air, but of course a cartoon doesn't take much bandwidth... Haven't seen any pauses for buffering. I'll test more detailed stuff later.

Menu/interface is pretty straightforward but I only have the PC version to compare to. Wii Remote cursor flickers alot on some stuff even with a steady hand in the middle of an icon. Seems like MouseOver() isn't taking well.

Marshall K.

Curious, I too signed up first day and didn't get one. I can't even check the status like the picture. I just get a thank you for reserving page.


My disc arrived today! Setup was a piece-o-cake, and it works like charm! Lovin' it!

M and M

Got mine of Friday - took 2 min to hook up- streaming right away. This was quick and easy. Of course, no HD - so not sure if I will use it or not. The menu structure works a little better than the roku,

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