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I would every now and then. But usually when I have wi-fi, it's because I'm home (in which case I'd rather use my HD TV) or at the office (in which case watching movies isn't really much of an option). It isn't high on my list of features from Netflix, but if it were available, I would make use of it from time to time.

I can imagine that they would create an iphone-friendly version of their website... and THAT I can DEFINITELY get on board with.


Yes, yes, yes! Netflix, please make this happen. My work and home have wifi, I would love to have this option.

Combine this with my bluetooth headset, all of a sudden my Touch becomes a portable movie player anywhere around the house.

I also fly Virgin America, streaming netflix in flight is a game changer.


Your iPhone battery would be dead in 1/3 of the time it usually takes. Is it really worth it?


I agree with Chris, the battery would be dead in no time! You'd have to have it plugged in.
Watching TV series would be good though, 45min shows.
It would be cool to show off too, lol.


Honestly? I'd JOIN Netflix for this. They've recently announced upcoming support for one piece of hardware I already own (Wii) and now teased support for another. I've been flirting with the idea of joining for some time, and this would certainly put me over the edge.

Dan Tag

If I could stream Hulu and Netflix, I would buy an iPad and get rid of my cable! I HATE time warner.


I will be buying an iPad and would LOVE to have access to the Watch Instantly queue.




Gee, I wonder if this has something to do with the iPad;)


Yes, please!


I'd rather see them open up streaming to other account profiles. That way my g/f could watch crap under her own profile and not f up my ratings/history.


I would use it with an iPhone. I would use it with an iPad. I would watch it alone. I would watch it with dad.

I would use it at home. I would use it while I roam.

I would use it on wifi. I would use it on mifi.

I would stream it everywhere!

Perkins Cobb

Ridiculous. "Watching" something on an iPod-size screen is not really seeing it.


iPhone streaming would be interesting, but iPad streaming would be something that drives me more toward Netflix streaming. Perfect for TV shows when you can't sleep, etc.

Dental Chicken

derr, yes of course. a little "office" before bedtime? that's a no brainer value add. why are we even having this conversations?


I'm still waiting on Linux support.....or even as much as a response from Netflix to any of the many emails regarding Linux support!

So really, how many people want to watch a movie or TV on a roughly 3.5" screen!? First, the only time this would be slightly worth it is when in non-wifi areas. This means you'd be stuck on 3G which would not be anywhere near fast enough! If you are in an area with wifi, you're either not going to be interested in watching a movie/tv OR more importantly, you would be more likely to be watching it on a laptop or actual television!

So this seems VERY unrealistic, ridiculous, and a complete waste of time. How about you get back to focusing on more important things like bringing HD streaming across all platforms including Linux/OSX/Windows PCs (that's right, where's my HD streaming to my computer?)! Or why not find a way to bring true full HD (1080p) streams to anything?


I'd be interested in streaming to an iPad over 3G.

Chris Spencer

Yes, please.




This topic has got me wondering if my PSP will Remote Play to my NetFlix disc loaded PS3... Hmm, something to play around with tonight now that Leap Year bug has come & gone.


slingmedia can now play over 3g. I want a netflix app to stream over 3g as well. At least give us edge. Would love to stream parts of movies while waiting in line or at the Doctor's office.


Absolutely, please!!


WTF netflix!
There are more linux desktop users than Iphone users. How about we get netflix streaming already, and how about HD too.

Iphone should be low on the list of things to be added or fixed.

Ian Neubert

This would be great to be able to watch a TV show while I'm on the treadmill!


Of course. Seriously, how fast can this happen.

Algernon Blue

It should support video output using either the composite or component video cables so I could watch Netflix in my hotel room. (Apple's new HTTP Live Streaming protocol does this)


I would love it - and that would give me a good excuse to buy an iPad, too. And Vidkun isn't quite right - I watch lots of TV shows, video podcasts, and even the occasional movie on my iPhone; it's great for the gym, or even sitting at the coffee shop.


This would go great with my jailbroken phone, I can use 3G Unrestrictor to use it with 3G


Tom Dean

Droid, please.


I don't really care about the iPhone but I'd love to see it available for Android.


Is this the leaked demo you are talking about?
Netflix iPhone Demo

Eddie Offermann

To the doubters: Go download Crunchyroll for iPhone (it's free), stream a random anime or Asian drama to your iPhone, and come back and tell us all how "it won't work, nobody would want to do that!"

Airports. Fitness centers. These places have wifi service and loads of people looking for a distraction. By not providing this to iPhone users, Netflix is already behind the curve. TVU is there... YouTube has been there from the beginning (and already has a selection of full length features available, which, while they won't stream those to the phone yet - that's just a flick-of-a-switch away: Youtube could start that tomorrow.)

I'd be all over it. Yes, please.


YES I would pay up to $5 for a movie and $1 per episode and register for a Netflix account ONLY IF they supplied an Android based app that takes full advantage of all of my various screen sized Android platform smartphones and Android netbooks.

Andrew Weit

It would be a neat thing for maybe a small outside party using the wi-fi. Just something to fill those dead silences between conversations. Or better yet, lying in bed. If I couldn't sleep I could quietly watch a movie without disturbing my partner. It would have some good applications. But, they better not exclude us 1st gen iPod touch users.


Not in favor - Would rather resources were used elsewhere - more streaming titles, better quality streaming, etc


This would be totally cool...if I had an iPhone. But that is not meant to be. Now the soon to come Windows Phone 7 Series...yes. Otherwise I will have to just enjoy my Netflix at home on the Roku

Wheat Williams

iPhone or iPod touch over 3G, no.
iPhone or iPod touch over WiFi, no.
The screen is too small and the pixel resolution is too low. I've ripped DVD movies to watch on this screen and it's just not satisfying.

iPad over 3G, no.

iPad over WiFi, YES!

I haven't purchased an iPad yet, obviously, but it has 5 times the screen resolution and pixel count as the iPhone, so the viewing experience should be satisfactory.


I could honestly care less about watching movies on iphone.
I have a couple of movies on my phone, digital copies that came with blu-ray discs. The experience of watching a movie on such a small screen is terrible. It's a completely different experience. I didn't get through a whole movie, but I highly doubt the battery would last long enough.

As for tv shows, I could go either way. Leaning towards don't really care. I admit, I do watch a lot of tv clips (Whose line) though.

I'd love to be able to add movies to my Q via a mobile site though. Haven't checked out the apps, yet.

Also, add me to the list of those who want streaming support in Linux.


yes i would love this idea! I hope netflix does go ahead with this app!!!


yessss plz!

i would join netflix for this.

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