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Sock Puppet

So he trashes Netflix movie pages and then moves on to another company?

Or perhaps he was asked to leave? Considering that Meebo is yet "Another" instant messaging service. Something which Netflix seems to feel has no relevance.


Get the hand out of your ass, Sock Puppet. If you actually knew anything about Bill Scott from his extensive body of work and knowledge, which you don't, you wouldn't make such an ignorant comment.

Take your persecution/victim complex over changes to the Netflix movie pages to your next "Tea Bagging" gathering.

Hand Out

Somebody loves Bill Scott...aka mom :o)


So mom... I take it we can add "momma's boy" to the list too? Or do you always defend complete strangers with vulgar language and an even worse attitude?

Edward R Murrow

Yawn. Meebo is Jabber's bee-otch. How can Meebo make money when an open standard exists - Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP).

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