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i'm loving it i had a wii i gave to my sister a year ago which she never uses but would watch alot of netflix stuff on our old desktop due to us dropping our cable i have a PS3 in my room that i use to watch alot of IW stuff and was very happy to hear when they announced NF for wii. my impressions so far (5.8MBPS cable internet using wi-fi on Wii) it works great the load up time on it is pretty fast, the interface is nicer and faster than the PS3's, and the picture looks great couldn't be more pleased


got it on saturday.
tried it out over the weekend and I like it.
Good job whoever worked on it.


I got my Wii streaming disc on 3/26/10, and I watched a lot of titles over the weekend. Previously, I had only streamed titles on my computer, so the interface was new to me, but still pretty easy to figure out. I was very impressed with the video quality and the load time. Once the title loaded, it played straight through with no buffering/disconnects.

I like the fast-forward/rewind where it shows where you are in the selection; that's much better than just moving the scroll bar to what you hope is the right location. I know that's offered on the computer (and probably other interfaces), but it's nice. I pulled up an episode from SNL Season 3 and just watched Elvis Costello play.

I did notice some minor things:

Every title fills my TV screen except for ones offered by Starz; those titles seem to be smaller. I'm not sure if this is typical, or just my TV/Wii.
I noticed some random re-ordering of the my instant queue. Not a big deal, but strange nonetheless.
I would like to be able to pull up an on-screen search; either for titles available to watch instantly, or just to search my instant queue by title. I have over 300 items in there, and it would be nice to be able to enter in a title that I'm interested in watching and find it quickly, rather than have to scroll through the entire queue. Granted, I could pull up my instant queue and re-arrange them (and I've put things like Lost and 30 Rock at the top of the queue, where they'll probably sit forever), but if I sit down to watch something on my Wii, it would be nice to be able to say "Oh yeah, I have Caddyshack on here! I'll watch that!" and not have to scroll the whole queue to find it.


I have owned a Roku since November 2009, and love it, but the thing I wished it let me do was something that Netflix Streaming on the Wii does - it suggests movies that aren't in your queue, based on what you've watched recently, as well as has the newest additions to the Netflix Watch Instantly added. I was surprised by those options, and made me appreciate that it's free!


I found the quality of the Wii streaming to be satisfactory but not excellent, about what I would expect from an SD video game console. Admittedly I don't have a very fast connection.

As for the audio, I wish there was a setting for dynamic range compression. I find that I turn the Wii up quite loud for movies and then get blasted by the sound effects on returning to the menu.

It's good to have this and now I only hope that the number of titles available for streaming will increase.

Luna Saisho

Awwww, common. Stop ragging on the 360, will ya?

I already have a Gold membership on Xbox Live (so Netflix Instant costs me nothing extra) and find it worth it as its online service easily bests the PS3. Add in the fact that both my 360 and PS3 are hard wired to the router (hey, it's faster and they're both 2 feet from the router), the wireless adapter for the 360 simply isn't needed or wanted. While I agree that the price for the wireless adapter is horribly, outrageously, insultingly high, it's not necessary to use it by any means.

Don't be a fanboy. Everyone hates fanboys, and you are in a place where you should be a bit more focused on your goal of making Hacking Netflix continue as the great site I read every day, and not trying to one up EITHER console on anything other then facts. Making people think they need to buy that overpriced adapter is misleading.

I am a proud and happy owner of both 360 and PS3, and will always be honest and objective in my opinions of each. This is something I feel you should take to heart as well, and push your personal likes and dislikes aside enough to be objective yourself, rather then pushing hard to make what you like look so much better.

I'm sorry for this rant ... I just really dislike when people tell falsehoods to further their goals, such as having to have a wireless adapter, or one person in the FFXIII PS3 camp saying that the 360 Arcade unit can't do HD.

Larry Dallas

what does the 1.0.0 on the sleeve mean?


@Luna Saisho

he's not ragging just saying if your in the look out for something to stream netflix on and game 360 is $40 - $50 for a year of LIVE and $100 for wi-fi if you have a router not close to your TV (i know alot of people who don't wi-fi is a must for them) the other gaming options have wi-fi and no need for additional fess to stream netflix it's just the facts =]


Having signed up for the disc on DAY ONE of the initial sign up! I'm sad to say I still have not been picked to receive one. Now 2 waves of discs have been sent out but NF just has chose to poo-poo on me I guess.

No love to me - no love to them!



Mark Mascolino

I watched about 3/4th of a season of Weeds over the weekend on the Wii and was very impressed.


I also used the Wii version over the weekend.

I too was incredibly impressed how good the quality of the picture was at 480 and how responsive over WiFi fast forward and reverse worked. Not sure what codec they picked, but it's a winner.

What was very helpful in getting up to speed was the pdf flyer Netflix prepared depicting the function in the application of each button on the Wii remote. The pdf is accessible by clicking the relevant link at www.netflix.com/wiihelp.

As a casual and incredibly infrequent user of game platforms in the home, the function of each button on the remote is not intuitive to me.

My suggestion is that Netflix prepare a similar flyer for the Xbox 360. I know the green button, but trial and error (and the timing out and resulting rebuffering) on the Xbox 360 even with a wired connection is frustrating when you go hunting around the remote and hit the wrong button.


My 46" 1080p TV is 9.8' away from my couch. This was an upgraded tv about 6 months from a 42" 720p. With the WII the picture is "watchable" (I grew up with a 10" B&W tv... That was watchable too.



I received Wii streaming disc on Friday. This is my second streaming device. I received a Samung BD1590 blu-ray player for my birthday.

Aside from the lack of 720 HD the quality on Wii is very good. I haven't watched any movies on it yet, just TV shows. One show, News Radio season 3 seemed a bit dark, but everything else looked good.

I really like the interface on Wii. On the BD1590, I only have access to my Q. On Wii, you also have access to many categories, new recommendations and suggestions. The Wii interface is also quite a bit faster than the 1590.

My only downside, aside from HD, is that you have to put the disc in each time.



I disagree about the Xbox 360 having the best UI. Having used Netflix on the Xbox, PS3, and Roku, I think the PS3 wins for having title search capability, with the Xbox coming in a close second, and the Roku player trailing dead last.

Matt Hendry

The Wii hacking community has already found a disk-less solution by loading from USB Im sure soon you will be able to load the Netflix App from the Homebrew Channel soon .



So far I've only streamed one movie, but it worked great. It never once skipped or pixelated, which occasionally happens when I'm streaming to my laptop.


I agree with others that a search box would make this solution even better (although I was blown away with how great it works "out-of-the-box").

For me, however, it takes more time and user interaction to set up a Netflix movie to watch on the Wii rather than turn on my HTPC and browse to one via the Netflix website. For that reason, I don't think I'll be using Netflix via the Wii -- atleast until I move the Wii into our bedroom :-)

This very much makes me want Netflix to create a desktop application that does essentially the same thing. I love the Netflix website, but it doesn't have the 20-foot viewing friendliness (for obvious reasons) that the Wii application does.


I really enjoy the wii application. I do not have an HD television, and the wii is our first gaming system in our household, so I do not have much to compare it with. But I will say that my whole family enjoyed watching our netflix videos on the television rather than the computer.


Netflix on the Wii is the bomb!! I must of watched about 12 hrs of streaming this weekend and absolutely love it! Sure we can all ask for bells & whistles but are we willing to pay more for better development into the app? Netflix has already added value to memberships with streaming on the computer so the added benefit of streaming on gaming consoles totally adds even more value to my membership.

I love Netflix!


I'm very impressed with the Wii service. Got my disc over the weekend and it worked straight away. The quality --at least for TV shows and documentaries--is quite good, with no delays or skipping. Very satisfied with the service overall. I'm going to start really getting my money's worth from Netflix now!


I streamed one movie that had subtitles (Blood: The Last Vampire) and half of them were cut off.

Hopefully this is not the case for all movies with subtitles.


i have the homebrew channel installed on my wii. the netflix disk asked that i update the firmare and that in doing so could render the wii useless (brick it) if i had modded it (t run homebrew). so i ask you, the masses, will the netflix update brick my wii?




2 movies tonite had to stop many times and refresh.

The 9th Sage

@jt It's very unlikely to brick you, but depending on what update it has it may wipe out the Homebrew Channel if you don't have the most recent one (it may also uninstall BootMii if it has the most recent of updates, but you can just uninstall it...if you don't have BootMii then just disregard this last bit). :)

The 9th Sage

Oops, I meant 'reinstall it' instead of uninstall it.


I hope your kids appreciate that they have a 32" tv to play their Wii on. I had a 36" SD tv and was disappointed in what the Wii looked like when I upgraded to 52" 1080P. Lego Star Wars was almost unwatchable. Getting the component cable helped a lot more than I thought it would though. Really, for anybody used to playing a Wii on an SD tv over composite I think the Netflix IW feature would have better than just acceptable quality.


Its lackluster at best. It's nice they have it, but the 360 and my el cheapo bluray player do a better job and have hd support. I'll stick with them.

But if the wii is your only option, than I'd recommend it.

Wii wanna know!

Hey can someone that knows. Post an article to HackingNetflix.com on how users that have the Homebrew channel can rip the Wii disc on there SD card and use Netflix without the disc?



Netflix on the Wii is the best. I was prevously using a blu-ray player and although the picture quality is better with HD, the Wii interface is much better. You instantly get to view the entire netflix library, the only downside that I have seen is that each genre only shows 100 titles at the max, (small amount compared to full library.) If you are having some trouble with slow downs on the speed while watching movies you can visit this site and use their free template for antenna boosting. It might just increase your wifi for you.


I got my disk a few weeks ago, Pretty sweet. I do like my built in streaming to my LG tv, but the wii allows me to view other list not just my instant list. I would definately suggest everyone should try it. The disk came fast just like the dvds. Netflix who can live with out it? Not me..


Like watch a movie drawn in crayons and the audio is squishy.


Netflix is good, i like this service. It is cheaper than others.


O mi Dios.. this is amazing .. I just tried it today. we downloaded the netflix to our Wii game .. not need to get a CD... you do need a memory in you Wii if you have it and ... Capumm!!.. you are running.. The only drawback that I see is that you do not get all the titles available with a regular subscription.. my son and I were watching movies all day..


Already have a Wii. Never tried Netflix.

Here is my MAIN QUESTION - Can I reduce my cable bill and really get ALL tv shows? I currently have HBO and Showtime, which are ~$10 ea via Time Warner.


We have signed up for the free month trial of Netflix on the Wii and have been experiencing consistent loss of wireless connection every 19 minutes. It happens ALL the time - not been able to keep it going any longer, and sometimes the timeframe is shorter. Its *not* a lag issue, as the only way to resolve the disconnect is to exit from the Netflix app and re-enter it. VERY annoying!

I'm running a Linksys "b" router (an older one, but updated firmware) and was wondering if this is experienced by anyone else. We're not going to subscribe if this is not solved. Cannot get any response from Netflix (or any way to inform them of my specific issue, for that matter, only their generic wizard-based feedback crap).

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