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This is not what I had in mind when Roku came out. Where is all the "entertainment" channels? Except for Netflix, Pandora and MHZ the other channels are quite boring. We need more movie/TV choices and I would like to see youtube on it.


I'm surprised Wal*Mart didn't come up with that idea. I had heard that they are in public schools teaching (for HS graduation credits) about how to become a successful "associate."


There are a few more "entertaining" channels on roku than most people are aware of because they are not in the channel store and are not public. they are in private beta testing. go into the roku forums and you will be able to find the code to access NBC, CBS, HBO, PBS, FOX, CNN and lots more.


I bet they do defensive driving classes next. I don't know exactly what I want from the Roku but I don't want anything turned down either.


Some people are keeping a list of roku private channels here



where do we go to ge the other privet hcannels that are not on roku


you have to log into your roku owner account and add them manually


BoM TV on Roku
Premium Malayalam Live tv channnels on Roku such as Asianet Jeevan etc..
Please visit www.NetBells.com for more details....


Now most of the south indian live tv channels on Roku...
Please visit www.netbells.com for more details
Malayalam Tamil Kannada Telugu Hindi etc....


BomTV now on Roku player staarting as low as 59.99 .. http://www.keralachannels.com


@MATT YOU CAN ADD YOUTUBE TO YOUR ROKU!!!!! I was wishing for this as well and decided to look into it and there is a third party private channel that is not listed in the channel store and is not gaurenteed support by Roku but does work!!!!!

theres other private channels too here is a link to a list that you can add them from!


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