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I could deal with no Saturday delivery just fine as long as they still are picking up from the USPS owned mailboxes on Saturday. My normal schedule is to drop two movies in the mailbox on Saturday morning to get two new releases on Tuesday. I drop one back in the mail so that I receive another movie on Friday, and then drop both of them back in Saturday morning. That gets me 3 movies a week, which is plenty for me.

I don't really want to pay more, but probably would stomach an extra dollar. I do already pay the blu-ray fee though.


I tend to watch a lot of movies and sometimes get the disks back in the mail the day after I get them.

I know there was a time when Netflix didn't ship on Saturdays anyway, but I was never a part of that. I have always gotten disks shipped on Saturdays so losing it would hurt, it would essentially be a price increase. I would probably eat that though because I like Netflix so much.

If I was to lose one shipping day AND get a price increase I would have to evaluate if it was worth it to keep the subscription.


I don't care much about home delivery on Saturday. The very bare minimum I'd be willing to endure is pickup on Saturdays at the blue USPS mailboxes at post office locations.

This way I have a higher chance of getting new releases when the come out on Tuesday, rather than waiting 6 months before it becomes available.


I generally ship my discs on Saturdays. When Saturday mail goes. I'll switch to Fridays (unless I don't get new releases) I have a Roku box for times where I don't have any discs.

If they increase the price of subscription I'll consider lowering my discs, cause F Blockbuster.

Will Dearborn

Um, $1 fee for Blu-ray? No, $4 for me, on the 3-out plan.


There was a point in the past when I would have happily accepted rate increases, due to the extraordinary service. But since the advent of Blu-ray, Netflix's service has plummeted. Not only did I have to pay a 10 buck charge for Blu-ray access, choosing BDs meant that I would NEVER get new releases on release day. Add to that this Warner Bros. deal, and Blockbuster (a company I DESPISE) gets 10 bucks of the money I was flushing down the toilet with Netflix. I used to have so much faith in this company, and I have become totally shaken by recent events.


I have no problem with the loss of Saturdays. DVD's go to the same town that process my mail, so I could turn my DVD in on Monday and get a new release on Tuesday.


I will be sad to see it go, but my respect for the USPS is such I'll put up with whatever they feel they need to do.

That said, I find the Saturday shipping to be a real convince. My Netflix usage or efficiency would drop significantly if Saturday went away.
Due to mailbox robbery I can't use my residential address and have to swing by the Post Office on the way to somewhere else (for delivery and shipment). As such my Netflixs tend to group into 3 or 4 movies on one day. This means that I watch the 3 movies (3 days), return them (3 days turn around: ship day, process day, return day) before getting another 3 movies. Not having 6 day service from the USPS would start pushing the cycle further out and result in some weeks with a 5 day turn around.

Ideally I would ship & receive 1 DVD per day, but I can't be bothered going to the PO that often.
Maybe if Saturday service is ended I would just use my residential address to maintain a constant 1-in/1-out DVD stream.
BTW, I have no cable/sat/OTA. So, if I have no Netflix I have no TV that day. And it has become my habit to "watch" TV for an hour or two while doing some light tasks (filing, dishes, clean-up, bills, etc.)


Netflix did not charge more for Sat processing, so if the USPS drops Sat, and Netflix probably wishes they'd hurry and do it, then Netflix should be saving costs by eliminating one day of processing. What Netflix is probably contemplating, however, is to "unbundle" the monthly subscription fee into two parts - DVD fee and IW fee. Then Netflix jacks up the monthly fee for DVDs as postage goes up. final step would to allow customer to take both services or either one, depending on preference, and then pay a cost based rate.


Just do clarify, if the USPS stops Sat service, they will not be collecting from the blue boxes anywhere.



I don't think anyone really likes to loose a shipping day....IF it happens.

As far as Netflix changing price plans? Or separating DVD & IW. NO! Why? just no.

Uh either make it cheaper or leave it alone.

If anything should be cheaper, it's Blu-Ray access.

Plus with the dry spell with some movies on long ass wait. They need to figure something out.

I think they got 5 copies of Inglourious Basterds lol! Seem to get everything else. Just that 1 movie....


Christ, Netflix should be able to increase each subscription level price by $2, even $3 dollars a month without a hicup. I'd gladly pay... People who are talking about balking at couple bucks a month more for NF can go to BnM and pay $4 per. ( They won't )

Now if only, when i don't get a new release from a Saturday return, I could get a new release in less than 4 months I'd be really happy.

NF, please get more new release copies to ship sooner. I'd gladly pay several dollars more a month. :)

Perkins Cobb

Note the error about the 4-at-a-time plan being the most expensive.


Loss of Saturday service wouldn't cause me to drop Netflix -- its deep selection makes it too valuable -- but it would be a real loss. I'm one of those customers who usually mails discs back on Saturday so I get get new releases sent to me the following Mondays. I suppose I could run by a post office and be okay, but it would be better if USPS continued to do pickups from blue boxes. I could generally live without Sat. home delivery, but it's nice to be able to mail stuff on Saturdays (and there's a blue box at a shopping center that's easy walking distance).


I think the post office should still do pick ups from blue mail boxes or at least the post office itself, process them.

I'll be real sad to see Saturday mail go, period. Netflix is far too valuable to me to just give it up over Saturday delivery. Their deep selection is worth it to me. So I won't be able to see as many movies a month-don't blame Netflix for the Post Office's screw ups.


I wish they would reroute their resources to develope a disk free service and then maybe the savings from expiditing could secure no price increases.


I also think that the first service that offers a on demand type service for a resonable monthly fee will get my business!


I've resigned myself to the impending loss of Saturday residential delivery. However, I'm disappointed that the postal service won't collect mail from the blue mailboxes on Saturday. And I'll be really pissed if they don't process mail dropped at the post office on Saturday. I don't want to have to mail a movie back on Friday to get a new release on Tuesday.

As for the price, I value Netflix to the extent that I would not mind a modest increase in the subscription price.


I do not see Blockbuster surviving this year. Let’s say they find an investor who does rescue them, they will still have to close down many more stores in order to survive. At any rate, for many Americans, there will not be a Blockbuster location nearby in two or three years. That means that when USPS discontinues Saturday service, they will suffer just as much as Netflix. (Machiavellian side note - Perhaps the movie studios, sensing Blockbuster’s impending demise decided to take cash out of Blockbuster now for the 28 day earlier release windows because they know it won’t be there in six months?)

As far as Redbox goes, they have local locations, but no older releases. So, I foresee a future in which people who like renting older titles have a Netflix subscription, and may supplement it with checking out a newer title from Redbox on occasion. Others will buy new releases from Blu-Ray and Digital Video vendors.

Shutting down Saturday deliver should help Netflix to trim costs enough so they do not have to raise rates until we see the end of Blockbuster. They will then be the only player left with a back-catalog in the renting business. Streaming video comes next; Netflix will continue their renting operations for another 10 to 15 years until Broadband connections have covered 95% of America. At that point, the studios will cease all disc based production of DVDs and Blu-Rays crying that piracy is too rampant, and streaming with DRM (Digital Rights Management) is the only solution.

It is worth noting here, that Pirates will be able to capture streaming video easily by this point, rendering the argument mute for those keeping score. Hollywood hasn’t given pirates enough credit so far, and doesn’t seem to be learning that DRM isn’t the solution. The solution is having On-Demand video over the Internet that just works, at a reasonable price, without the hassles of having to a specific player, overcoming DRM issues, or catching a virus from piracy. You will never eliminate piracy, but can charge the vast majority of Americans who simply want their stuff to work. (Machiavellian side note 2: Piracy is a red herring to allow movie studios to ramp up prices to cover 'losses' from people who never intended to pay in the first place.)

At that point, Netflix will be competing with Amazon, Apple, Cable Companies, and others who have developed subscription models for content. That is when the true test to see if they can survive will come. They’ve won the battle the next 10 years, Blockbuster lost. But the landscape is already changing again.

I have been a Netflix subscriber since 2004, rated over 1200 titles, replaced my cable television with Netflix, and quite satisfied with the service. Thanks for reading my post.


With recent news it looks like Saturday service is indeed going away because of how much money the USPS is loosing. This is unfortunate, but it's pretty much a guarantee at this point. It won't take effect for another year most likely though however. Dropping saturday service had to be approved by congress.

My question is if Netflix will increase prices. Hopefully this won't have any effect on price. This sucks but there is nothing we can do about it. I am more upset about the bs Warner deal than losing Saturday service. With both though, Netflix is really going down the drain.

*magic eyes* trevino

being that we are in a 24/7 business world, and many people do not traditionally work 9-5 mon-fri, i see dropping sat. service as a disservice to all of u.s.p.s.'s clients/residents... as for netflix raising their rates; well... unless, they come to their senses and start using mailers that better protect their discs from *natural disasters* - LoL! - i may consider terminating my acct. out of general principle (yucky broken discs aren't worth paying any fee for) ~*>.<*~


Don't everyone start to despair just yet. Although the USPS seems to be treating five-day delivery as a fait accompli, there is still MAJOR resistance to the idea in Congress.


If Netflix has to raise prices, I will stay with them. Depending on the price amount I may have to drop my service level by a disk-at-a-time, but, que sera sera.

However, I would prefer to see the USPS make up the difference by charging 25-50 times as much to the bulk mailers sending out catalogs, flyers, coupons, etc. This is 2010, let them send me a postcard with an URL on it, save paper, save time and labor at USPS.

So, if it is sent to Occupant, it costs a flat $5.00, per. If it is sent to an actual name and address, $4.00 postage. Betcha time and labor savings at USPS from immediate drop in junk mail would enable Saturday delivery to resume.


This is entertainment people...something that can be sacrificed in times of need. I can handle no-Saturday pickup/delivery and I wouldn't even mind a slight price increase since I know it's not Netflix's mismanagement. Netflix by-far is the cheapest and easiest way to get nearly any movie ever made and by committing to them, I help ensure that Netflix stays in business. Let's don't get too spoiled as any service gets easier and then get upset when we don't get everything we want. What would you do if Netflix had to take more drastic measures...or heaven forbid, went out of business?


I won't miss Saturday delivery - I mostly forget to get the mail anyway until Monday morning!

If Netflix has to raise prices then it had better only be by $1. That's as much as our budget can handle. Anymore then that and we'd have to stop the service. Which we LOVE by the way. And I'd hate to see them start charging for Instant Watch as i consider it a perk for being a paying customer.


>Betcha time and labor savings at USPS from immediate drop in junk mail would enable Saturday delivery to resume.

I'll take that bet. You do know that bulk mail is the reason that the post office isn't already bankrupt, right?


I don't like losing Saturday service, but it is USPS issue not Netflix. I have the 3 out plan and generally only watch 3 a week, so I doubt it will really impact me, just change my weekend mail-back day. I have a Roku and find that I am streaming now more than I am watching DVDs. I don't think its time to seperate the services yet because I think I am a little ahead of the curve on streaming, and the streaming library could use a little more quality content. Let the Wii sit out there a year and THEN create a streaming only option. The more subscribers Netflix has, the more power they have to work with the studios. I hate to see a price increase on my bill. Hopefully if USPS eliminates Saturday service the savings for Netflix will offset any postage price increase.


They could avoid all of this nonsense if Netflix would just beef up their Instant Viewing. Most of the movies available using Instant Ques are beyond bad. They could just forget about DVD's, save the shipping hassles, and drive the money toward getting block buster movies on the Instant viewing. No waiting, no lost DVD's can watch it anytime, and over and over. I would pay more for that.


I think the most important aspect is the bigger picture. No one is would be getting anything on Saturday. To say that you won't do NetFlix because of this is unreasonable and rediculous. What it does do, is give a realistic view of how everything would be effected by this.
If the post office does this, it will also affect due dates, bills, and a host of other mailings. What idiot thinks if they raise the rates and cut delivery that they will make MORE money? They are doing themselves in. FedEx and UPS will sweep in and save the day. Peeps will have to do more billing online and all this mean less and less for the US post office.


If the USPS stops mail delivery on Sat, then my understanding is that there will be no pickups on Sat at the blue boxes. And even though the Post Office will be open to accept mail they will NOT process it till Monday. So, if NF stays open on Sat, then they could pick up early Sat morning and deliver late Sat but the post office will not process the Sat delivery till Mon. So what does NF do on Monday, there will be nothing to pick up early Monday to process. So it looks like NF will go back to 5 days of operation.

So the problem is that for newer releases they will not be able to turn around a disc as quickly over an 8 week period with 5 days of operation as opposed to 6. This means that unless they bump the number of discs the purpose - wait times are going to go up which means the overall level of satisfaction is going to go down.

It has been reported that Tue. is the busiest day of the week for NF. I have not read of how many discs they typically process on a Saturday so may this will not be that big of a deal.

The most that NF can turn around a disc with 6 days of operations is 3 times. Cutting back to 5 days means the most they can get is 2 turns a week. That means the disc is 'earning' less revenue.

So the question is will NF start buying more copies of new releases to keep customer satisfaction levels where they are currently.

The coming postage increase will be the bigger problem. I don't they will be able to eat this next one.

There will probably be a price increase sometime in 2011. The only way I see them not increasing prices is that streaming will become a premium service (just like BD). But in a way that is also a price increase for those who do streaming. I'm surprised that NF hasn't already broken out streaming as a separate item. It must be that including streaming in the base price is one of their 'core beliefs'.


No Saturday delivery doesn't bother me and if anything it should reduce Netflix costs because they won't have a crew working on Saturday.

As for the USPS they have been talking about this for years and I wish they would just do it, at most PO locations you can buy stamps and mail small packages with the automated postal center(APC) in the lobby.


Well after closing my mail order company since I loose a full day of business (I receive most of my merchandise Saturday and goes out Monday) I won't be able to afford Netflix anyways, so both NF & USPO loose out.


Netflix is not "...'earning' less revenue" if it can only send out a DVD two times a week versus three. They are actually cutting expenses by reducing postal costs. The idea behind free streaming is brilliant. I stream because it is a bonus to my service. Having increased my streaming month over month to the point now that I stream every day, I would pay more. I am not alone but I am in the minority. The goal I see is for Netflix to develop as many subscribers streaming as the cable companies have, and with the addition of the Wii, I think streaming will increase exponentially over the next year. There is an obvious critical tipping point they are looking for before they break it out. If it wasn't free I might never have messed with it, but I now praise it to anyone that will listen.


There is another possibility - privatization. Barrack Obama is leading the country into an expansion of public services at the expense of private operations. However there has been push back.

The only reason the Post Office can't run well enough to offer Saturday service is because it is a government run operation. You might think that a federal postal service would be cheaper to operate if only because it doesn't have to distribute profits to owners and stockholders. But in fact government ownership includes all sorts of government mandates and priorities that raise costs.

Right now the airwaves are filled with Republican politicians vowing to rollback Obamacare - a form of privatization. I expect to soon hear calls to privatize the Post Office. Federal Express would offer a bid. Maybe NetFlix too.


Loss of Saturday mail pickup would be catastrophic to me. I have Tuesday and Friday off work. Perfect for Netflix, I watch on Tuesday, mail on Wednesday, receive and watch on Friday, mail on Saturday, receive on Tuesday, and over and over. I would either have to double the number of disks I have out at one time to maintain the schedule, or cut back and watch fewer movies (more likely.)

Kevin Crosby

Another reason to get more content available online IMHO.

Marshall K.

It's very simple to stop this. The Senate has to approve any post office changes. Let your senator know that you thing the post office is misguided. Rather than admit their own faults they want to cut service. Cutting service won't stop the erosion it'll only hasten it.


"The Postal Service’s mission is to provide the nation with reliable, affordable, universal mail service." As long as the word "universal" is in their mission statement they will need to be subsidized. The profitable routes are taken by private companies, the expansion of internet billing and bill pay, email, etc have contributed to the USPS having a much higher ratio of expensive routes i.e. mule trains into the Grand Canyon, float planes in Point Barrow, than can be subsidized by sending your neighbor a card. I think Netflix has been a boon for the USPS. The little red envelops are one of the very few things I send out in regular mail anymore.


The Postmaster General has confirmed, if they do stop Saturday delivery, it will NOT include boxes inside post offices. They have to man the place anyway and people use their own money to show up for work. It's the extra people driving around in company vehicles outside that costs the money. Hey, maybe they can reduce the per-disk price (because they will be shipping less often) and we can up our service level to get more during the weekdays to compensate. And I don't know why the USPS can't just calculate what a stamp should cost to cover the cost of doing business. 75cents? A dollar? 1.50? It can't be anywhere near what FedEx/UPS charges for a simple letter, so it's still a bargain.

Jimmy Sylakowski

Increase rates and lose a day of delivery? How much?

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