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I like the new look. I think the bigger picture of the "box" is a very good idea. I do not like that they took away your friends' opinions of the movies from that page. Overall, it is a good change. Interestingly at the same time, every movie in my DVD queue went to some sort of wait. It is mostly new releases but I had 4 movies this morning (tuesday) that showed now.


Do not like. My friends' rating was one of my primary reference points for any given movie. I also tend to rely on Ebert's recommendations quite a bit, and now have to click to the critic reviews panel to see them. Also, I pay attention to reviews largely on the basis of the similarity rating, which is now in a smaller font and less prominent. Finally, user lists no longer show up on the movie's page? I ask because it's a feature that seems to work intermittently for me, at best, but something I like to look at. Netflix used to have an outstanding interface (a model of utility, really), but with each UI revision, I find the website to be less and less useful. Why are they doing this?


On a page like this one, it just looks weird right now to have the single button by itself, way over in the corner. Maybe it's something you have to get used to, but currently it just seems weird to me.

However the box art is satisfyingly big now, thank goodness.

One thing I'll never understand about Netflix, though, is the lack of customization options for your account. You should be able to pick and choose how you want every page of the site to look, and have it saved on your account forever. You're paying for it, and you should be able to have it be the most appealing to your personal tastes and needs.


It's not different for me. :(


I'm sad to see the continued removal of the friends features... I really liked seeing my friends rating for a given film. That's gone now.


So this effectively makes the Friends feature worthless.


I miss seeing what my friends thought. It doesn't even let me know they have seen it. So that's a drag. The clean layout is nice, but did not solve any problems I had and removed one of my favorite features. Not a win.


This is terrible. I don't have the "upgraded" view on my account yet, but just from the picture I am already hugely disappointed.

As others have already mentioned, I use the friends feature religiously to see what my friends have rated a film. I trust them--hence them being labeled as "friends." So why go and remove a feature that has actually increased my renting and watching activity? I would've missed out on tons of films if not for the friend recs.

Ironically though, just recently I was thinking how great it'd be to have bigger coverart akin to the huge coverart on feedflix pages. How sad that it comes at the loss of friendship.


wow, and the lists are gone too! the lists compiled by non-friends was a great way to find similar movies. where you could get a lot of uniquely similar films or full lists of films by a small studio or something like that. something that netflix doesn't have the kind of listings for.

personally, i'm a fan of a effective, if dull interface. it seems like websites change up good designs just because the webdesigners feel like they need to show they're doing something.


I hate the new page view - Please bring back the friends ratings feature.


I agree, the new layout is a step backwards. Please bring the old page back


I hate it. Bring back the former, please!


HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!


I can't say I dislike it, but I haven't been one to access the friend features much.

I think there's something to David's comments, though. I think that's definitely *one reason* why websites like Netflix and YouTube(etc) unnecessarily change designs and add and take away features so frequently.


I think it looks like there's more information there, and it's cleaner, IMO. I do like the look, but I really liked having friends' ratings there. I hope they bring that back.


I don't have it right now, but I did for a night last week.

I really dislike the new look. I didn't see if there was a place to see friend ratings, and they took out the "Enjoyed By Members Who Enjoyed" section. I also think it was easier to tell if you'd rented streamed something in the old version.


Hey Netflix.........Listen up!


Stop taking the social features away. Add more! Stop crippling the friends feature.

Who's ever idea this is needs to be replaced. Seriously.

Using FaceBook Connect is not the same thing.

Alright? Want to make the site better? Goto http://www.userscripts.org type in Netflix look at some of the scripts made to make Netflix better and model the site off those user made scripts.

Also if Netflix Instant can be viewed on more than 1 device, 6 devices. Then why not add it to 5 user profiles on 1 master account. What is preventing you from doing this?

That's another thing Netflix.... We want profile accounts, we like the profile accounts. Stop crippling the profile accounts!

Some of us have more than 1 person in a house hold and do want our movie tastes and ratings to be mixed.

Some parents want a user account for there kids. So they can't rent or watch instantly rated R movies.

Don't have a ratings system for streaming titles? Hey Netflix.....Create one!

Think of households & families will ya? I don't think you are....At least you haven't shown it very well.

Come on Netflix. Get with the program! Listen to your fans and supporters!

Since Netflix closely monitors this site..... Hope they listen.

Who agrees? Or Disagrees?


I don't have it either - still the same old pages. No surprise. I still can't get new releases either.

I'm still waiting on Four Christmases. It's now March BTW, and it still a Long Wait!


Cripes, so agree with Crow550 ...

I really wish there was much stronger integration with modern Web 2.0/Social Media features. Friends was just a small part of what I would have liked to see by now -- tighter integration with Twitter would have been nice too. But I agree that, at minimum, I'd like the Friends feature to be far more promoted, used, and effective than Netflix has let it be. It feels like every time I go to add a friend it's a little harder to figure out how to even do that, and this feature is being consigned to the dust bin. It's like they want to get rid of it, but they don't want to deal with the same controversy they had when they tried to get rid of profiles so they just sort of neglect it more and more...

(And don't get me started about profiles. The fact you can't stream on any of the non-primary profiles bugs me, though I do understand priorities. Maybe after you can stream your queue on your BD player, DVD player, game console, TV, computer, microwave oven, refrigerator, wristwatch, phone, coffeemaker, car's audio system, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, oven, and bathroom mirror it'll bubble up to the top ten list).

Dave LaBato

So do we know for sure if Netflix is phasing out the Friends feature altogether?

Tim S.

I'm fine with the new pages. I love the bigger cover art. I hope they don't switch it back. I had all of 2 friends on the site, so this is really not a loss to me. I don't need Netflix to be another Facebook/Myspace social networking site.

Famous Chicken Theatre will endure and fully support the new layout.

Carl LaFong

I miss the 'appears on user list' feature. Forgot what it was called. Used this feature often when coming across an obscure gem. If others included this film in their top lists, it often led to other great films I never would have been introduced to....


I like the new pages. They have a slightly cleaner look than before. I like that it shows multiple genres and "This movie is:". (taste preferences.)

As for streaming being available on the main profile only, my guess is they don't want friends sharing accounts. They should allow two streaming profiles though, for the reasons crow550 mentioned.


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Keep the queue options under the image. The movie poster is the first thing you look at when the page comes up. Like the additional info but its almost too much. I can just click on the title if I want all that. The old way was better IMHO.


I like the new look of the page but I don't like them taking more away from the social features. I was hoping they would improve on social features and integration instead of removing them. I especially liked the lists. I also hope they improve the pages for actors/directors. As of now it is hard to tell if someone is actually involved in a movie or plays a very small role.


Awful. Bring back the friends features. I want to see my friends' ratings and whether my friends have the movie in their queues. Bring back the lists too.


They need to bring back the Friends ratings. Otherwise, what's the point of even having friends on Netflix?


The loss of Friends is kind of a cop out.


Give us the option to use the old page view - I want to see how my friends rated movies and the ability to send recommendation notes to friends...


Super pissed that they removed the Friend ratings.

Frank Schaer

I like the new display. If I want a social networking site, I'll go to one. Personally, I come here for movies and tv shows, and the new format gives me all the info in a much cleaner, simpler format. I especially like the "More Like" ribbon at the bottom, suggesting other similar movies.

I think this move is a definite upgrade by Netflix.


The Netflix friends feature was the only social networking I ever fond useful. Facebook and MySpace aggravated me, and I canceled my accounts with them after giving them each a shot. When they started integrating social networking into my e-mail, I wasn't happy about it and ignored it.

Netflix, though, actually had their social networking right. I could easily see what my friends thought of a movie I was thinking about renting. I could see what they were renting. It actually had a utility to it -- in that in helped me find movies I wanted to see too -- with none of the usual bs like status updates and gaming updates and having to post pictures and so and so forth.

So, of course, a site finally turning social networking into something useful and unannoying is phasing it out. Somehow, I don't find that surprising, though I do find it aggravating. Come on Netflix!

By the way, their "slow boil" approach to this makes it even more aggravating. First they make the friends link harder and harder to find, then they remove friend ratings from movie pages, etc.. It's obvious that they're phasing it out, they just doing it in a condescending way that basically implies if they do it slowly enough, not as many people will cancel their accounts.

Truthfully, I love Netflix and get great value from it, so this isn't make or break for me. I plan to stick with it regardless, but it's one of those things that sort of piles up and brings me closer to potentially canceling or downgrading when more changes come. 28 day wait on WB movies, really long wait times on new releases, no friends ratings on movie pages, etc.. -- it begins to add up. When they make more changes I don't like or raise the rates, all of this stuff will be considered together when I evaluate whether I am getting enough value from the service. Right now I am, but I am getting less value than before...


HATE. Why do you keep me away from my friends? Seriously bad move.

Shiggy Diggit

I hate, hate, hate the new look. It wastes space and is unintuitive. The queue add buttons separated from the title's image is like a violation of a Netflix hallmark in my mind.


Thanks for the downgrade Netflix. What features are you going to take away next? In future versions are you going to set our queue for us?

Is it pretty? Yes.
Is it useful? Not as much as was.

Eric Maala

The new view is almost certainly cleaner but I too would have liked to see them integrate the all those neat networking features in some logical way instead of just excising them altogether.

At the very least they could show your friends ratings and reviews at the head of the 'member reviews' column. Heck, even throw the a 'lists' tab on there right after 'critics reviews'.

And the 'add to queue' are a little lost in space up there in the corner. I'd put them in a more logical location.

Matthew Steiner

The layout is better, but it needs to have friends and critic reviews readily available!


I both like and dislike the new layout, but I HATE that the random top 10 user lists is now missing. And, as importantly, the function to add the movie to one of MY own lists is now gone. It is a real pain to add movies to my lists from my profile/friends section. I need that user list function on each movie page back.


The first thing I want to know about a movie is which of my friends have seen it and what they thought. I can't believe that information is just gone now from the page. I missed it immediately.

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