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how is that i watch stuff on my PS3 while my sister watches stuff on the PC in her room at the same time on netflix


@Victor: What plan do you have?


@Seth: one out at a time + unlimited streaming


I'm actually surprised to hear you can use more than one device at a time. I figured they would limit it to one stream per account at a time.

That's pretty cool to hear, especially as more and more devices get the ability to stream.

Kristen Blanchard

Netflix's answer is false. I'm on the 8.99 one DVD out at a time and I've been able to stream from four devices at the same time.


Four streams at a time on the one DVD plan and you posted under your full name? BUSTED! ;-)

Kristen Blanchard

Dennis, how am I "busted" if I'm just doing what my subscription allows me?


Yeah they changed it. Just didn't update there FAQs.

I think you can now play streaming on all 6 devices now. As long as your on an unlimited streaming plan.

ron  sewell nj

with people streaming on more than one device with supposed access only on one. let's hope Netflix doesn't crack down making sure you can only use one device at a time.


Silly people. We are always looking for some kind of scam. Netflix is making plenty of money weather you stream or not. Most people will only stream one file at a time so why alienate people by limiting it?


I'm also on the one DVD rental at a time plan but it is listed as unlimited, and my son can watch films on his PS3 at the same time that I am watching another on my laptop as long as he choses one from my instant Q.


Read my post above. This is no special trick. They just didn't update there FAQS.


I am on a $9.99 plan and can definitely stream to three devices at once.


We have been streaming 3 at a time for some time now and then today we get the message that 2 are already streaming, which is the limit for the account, and to stop at least 1 and try again later. A little irritated.


Yeah they just changed their policies: you can now only stream the amount of DVD's that you receive. I found this out the hard way, I have always been able to stream to 6 different devices at one time on the single DVD plan and now I can only watch it on one device. I called Netflix and this is their policy.


Ok, i'm really confused - Cal and Wonk both found they couldnt stream more than their plan, march 28 and april 14, Crow said March 13th that the policy changed but the FAQ didnt. I came here looking because yesterday, by accident, on the 1-dvd unlimited plan, my daughter was watching on the Wii while I was watching on my pc. Has there been a policy change, or are they having technical trouble, or what?


This blows. I have a iPhone, my wife has an iPhone, I use an iPad, a Roku, a Samsung Blu-Ray, and 2 Insignia Blu-Ray players. That's 7 devices without breaking a sweat. I think Netflix needs to revisit this policy with iOS and mobile devices. I think mine isn't too atypical. 4 TVs with devices and 3 mobile devices.


I agree with LD. Between my Roku, iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, Macbook Pro, 3 iPhones, 2 iPads and a Wii, I've got 11 devices that I'd like to be able to use Netflix on. I guess, I'm going to have to get a second account. I understand I can activate and deactivate devices, but that is a pain when you're on the go.

I hope they re-work some of these licensing arrangements as streaming becomes the new normal for watching the content we like.

Dell GX620

I'm now wondering, if I'm a Neflix subscriber, can I have (2) of the streaming capable Players for viewing on each of my TVs? Sure I could split the output of the one player and run to both tvs, then use a repeated to control the player from my bedroom (I'm pretty sure the remote is IR not UHF). But it would be much easier to run an ethernet connection to the bedroom and just by the 2nd player.


OK what happens if you go to your friends and want to watcvh a movie streamed? can you logon there and watch it streamed?


we have the basic netflix, 1 dvd and unlimited streaming and i have 5 devices registerd plus 2 computers(if that matters, im not sure) and i can stream 2 things at the same time


Be aware that the netflix per device limitation is actually a per user limitation. Two different logins on the same PC means two devices. I have confirmed this with netflix and they say create a shared account for watching netflix.

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