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i would i only have the one-at-a-time out plan i usually send my movie back monday get one wednesday watch it send it back thursday then get another saturday


Wouldn't miss Saturday mail deliveries for NetFlix - no. I have the 3-out plan so I can save one disc from the week for Saturdays. If I don't happen to have one there is always the streaming option and also Saturdays are days when I like to get out and check new releases at the box office.


I don't see one day as being that big a deal, even if it is Saturday. I too have had Netflix since long before they processed on Saturdays.

I did think the USPS was considering suspending Tuesday service, though, a while back.

As far as Netflix goes, I think no Saturday delivery would be a little easier to plan around. :)

Sock Puppet

Netflix worked great for me before they started doing Saturdays, and will work just fine for me if the USPS stops delivering on Saturdays.

Its really a complete non issue, as they are just stopping "deliveries" not processing, so mail collected on Friday will still get processed and sent to Netflix in time to get processed on Monday, so you will still get your movies on Tuesday.

Send 1 or 2 back on Wednesday and get new ones on Friday. Just got to learn how to stagger your mailings. Its not rocket science after all :^D

Plus Instant Watch works very well for me.

not unpreposterous

Skipping Saturdays is better than skipping Tuesdays, but I'd still rather keep six day postal delivery.


Everyone says they won't miss Saturday delivery, but the moment USPS does it everyone will be complaining about it.

Strange humans.


No more Saturday shipments would mean less overall movies in a month if you're fast with your returns, but it wouldn't impact me very much. Between the online streaming and my current plan, one less day of shipping would have little to no effect on my enjoyment of the service.


Yes, I would miss Saturday delivery bigtime, not just for Netflix. Among other things, USPS also delivers my weekend newspaper on Saturday, otherwise it will always be late.

I strongly favor keeping 6 day postal delivery even if Congress has to subsidize USPS again. Mail was very important for personal and business communications in the days of the pony express riders, and it's still very important!


It's not that NF works on Saturday BUT that we received the Friday & Thursday (depending on your location) discs on Saturday. It would be a potential loss for a lot of folks that get discs that they want to watch on the weekend.

I guess it would mean sending your discs back in time to get them shipped by Wed. or just holding onto them longer so you could make sure to have something for the weekend.


There are probably times that I'd miss it, but generally speaking, it'd be okay. My bigger concern would be with non-Netflix things, like shipping packages to people and timing them to arrive on their birthday - Saturday birthdays would be out. Or if I ordered a product that's supposed to only take two days (say Thursday to Saturday), I'd now have to wait twice as long.

Netflix? Meh. Watch Instant will fill the gap if I haven't already gotten my discs anyway.


if they cancel saturday mail netflix should spend some money to increase what is available to stream or else more people might visit the redbox


Sock Puppet said "Its really a complete non issue, as they are just stopping 'deliveries' not processing"

The obvious impact is that any movies that would have been delievered to you on a Saturday now won't reach you until Monday, which, beside possibly creating some weekend disappointment, secondarily, can often mean fewer "turns" for the month (fewer movies for your monthly fee).

But also, probably the most common way to return movies is to put them in your own mailbox for tha mail carrier to pick up with that day's deliveries. So then, if you watch a movie on Friday night, you will no longer be able to leave it in your mailbox for Saturday pickup to get another movie typically shipped on Monday. If you don't want to wait for Tuesday for NF To ship your next disc, you'll have to drive your disks to the Post Office on Saturday, a waste of time and gas (and this assumes that they will continue processing new mail that comes into the PO on a Saturday).

One more consequence then: If you'd rather not bother going out of your way to return the movie on Saturday and just let it ride until Monday, besides the possibility of fewer turns, the fact that they won't get a movie from you on Monday makes it even less likely that you will get a hot new release.

So I would not call it a non-issue, but clearly, it will matter more to some people than others.


As BoB touched on, I think people would miss Saturday delivery more than they realize. Assuming you have a one day mail turnaround from NF:

Drop in the mail on Sunday evening - Receive new movie on Wednesday
Drop in the mail on Monday evening - Receive new movie on Thursday
Drop in the mail on Tuesday evening - Receive new movie on Friday
Drop in the mail on Wednesday evening - Receive new movie on Monday
Drop in the mail on Thursday evening - Receive new movie on Tuesday
Drop in the mail on Friday evening - Receive new movie on Wednesday
Drop in the mail on Saturday evening - Receive new movie on Wednesday

This averages to 4 days turnaround over the entire week.
Compared to a current average 3.42 days and 3.57 days without Saturday processing.

Saturday processing only allows movies shipped after mail pickup on Thursday and before mail pickup on Friday to come back on Monday instead of Tuesday whereas no Saturday delivery means that if you ship a movie any later than mail pickup on Wednesday, you won't have a new movie until the next week.

There are some possible optimizations of this though:
1. If the post office still sends out mail on Saturdays from post office locations, you could take your Netflix there to mail it back and shave off the two extra days it would sit in your box at the curb.
2. If Netflix still was able to receive mail on Saturdays (only residential service was stopped on those days) and still processed on Saturdays, that would help as well.

Those two optimizations would cut the average to 3.71, still worse, but not as bad.

Chris O.

I do of course prefer having Saturday delivery to not having, but no way I'd cancel my subscription based on that. Jay is being overly dramatic.

Michael S.

I would miss Saturday delivery for the entire reason that I send movies back on Saturday AM to get the new releases sent to me by Tuesday. This allows me to watch these new releases if I haven't done it throughout the week on Friday night.


I wouldn't miss Saturday delivery for the most part. The problem will be with the sheer quantity of federal holidays. If there's no Saturday deliveries, then there will be many, many weeks of only getting mail 3x week.


Not in the least - my return strategy would just revert back to what it was when Netflix didn't ship on Saturdays. Instead of returning on Sat, I'd revert back to Fri. Instead of receiving on Sat, I'd receive on Monday.


Yes, I would and Netflix is pretty much the only reason. Normally, I receive a movie on Saturday to watch that night and I'm usually sending back a movie that I watched the previous night.


Maybe the regional Netflix processing centers could use their own vehicles to distribute a daily batch to other cities a little closer to most customers. For instance, I would probably have to drive 25 miles round trip to my regional center, but 5 or less would be acceptable. But then this would cut into their profit margin. Streaming is not good for me with a poor broadband connection.


It doesn't bother me at all. -If- we really wanted a specific movie at last minute, we'll pay the extra dollars at the local brick-n-mortar rental store.

I'm more interested in USPS getting out of the red.

I do wish Netflix would implement a feature so that I could tell them that I had put a movie in the mail today, and they would ship me my next movie today, essentially trusting that I was telling them the truth. With their sophisticated systems, they would be able to tell if I was fibbing on the shipment back. If I lied more than a couple of times, then remove that capability from me.

This idea would fix the Saturday problem altogether.


"I do wish Netflix would implement a feature so that I could tell them that I had put a movie in the mail today, and they would ship me my next movie today, essentially trusting that I was telling them the truth."

I would love to see that system!


With my three-out plan and one day turnaround, I can usually get six rentals a week...

Three in mail Sat morning...new releases received Tuesday...

Back in the mail Weds morning, and new movies back by Fri.

Would throw a wrench in this plan I've worked out, but I'd possibly be more willing to use my streaming...


I don't micromanage my account to know when Movies show up, so missing Saturdays wouldn't be an issue.


"Instead of returning on Sat, I'd revert back to Fri. Instead of receiving on Sat, I'd receive on Monday." - CJ
But, this does not work as there is NO SERVICE on Saturday, NetFlix will not receive your Friday shipment until Monday and you will not receive until Tuesday. This will be even worse than when NetFlix didn't work Saturdays, because now you have to return a move on WEDNESDAY to get a movie for the weekend when it has always been THURSDAY (even with Netflix not working Saturday)

I would rather USPS started working on Sundays too :)


Once I am able to start streaming movies on my Wii, I won't miss Saturday deliveries at all.

Jimmy Jamm

You're assuming that netflix won't work on saturdays. if there is no delivery on saturday, netflix would probably not work on fridays. I think they would still work saturdays to ship out for monday delivery.


This won't make a difference. Netflix didn't have Saturday processing for the longest time. People will just adapt their habits to return movies on Wednesday to get them Friday.

Edward R Murrow

Of course Netflix is in favor of no more Saturday shipments - it's another way to suppress DVD demand and be able to blame it on someone else.


Yes, I would miss Saturday delivery. With my 4-at-a-time plan, I can take a one day skip (Sunday) and still have a movie each night. With a two-day skip, I run the risk of having a gap.

Yes, I'm OCD about Netflix, why do you ask?


Sock Puppet said: "Netflix worked great for me before they started doing Saturdays, and will work just fine for me if the USPS stops delivering on Saturdays.
Its really a complete non issue,"

Slo said: "This won't make a difference. Netflix didn't have Saturday processing for the longest time."
WOW, both of you are poster children for poor logic training in schools!! You both get a solid "F."

Films you would RECEIVE on Saturday for viewing on the weekend will now come on MONDAY. That is an obvious negative impact for Netflix customers, since it is a weekend when people watch more movies.


I will miss Saturday delivery, and not just for netflix deliveries. The USPS made a mess of their monopoly and want to punish the public for their mistakes.


Eliminating Saturday delivery would not be a big deal for me as I really don't pick up my mail on Saturday anyway.

What would really be bad is if USPS eliminates Saturday pick-up (mailboxes) as well. Then I'd really notice the difference.


I only get one disc per week plus I stream so I wouldn't miss Saturday delivery.
The USPS has been talking about this for years now, just do it already!

Perkins Cobb

Yes, this would be an added inconvenience, although not crippling. I might have to up the size of my Netflix subscription to compensate.

Incidentally, Greencine does have the self check-in feature mentioned by a few posters. It's the only way they're really usable for east coast customers like myself, since they only have one shipping center in California.


Do away with Saturday delivery?? The heck with that! I say, The mail should also be delivered on Sundays!! Everything else is open on Saturday and Sunday - stores, theaters, hospitals, so why not get our mail every day!! Thank you very much :)


On a personal level, I'd miss Saturday mail deliveries terribly. It's the one day of the week when I'm actually home and waiting expectantly to hear the mailman's footsteps on my porch. (I'm a writer, so I'm always waiting/hoping for good news to arrive in the mail.)

On the Netflix front, I won't miss it horribly, but I will say that I spent a lot more time obsessing over my Netflix shipments when they didn't run on Saturdays. Now that they do, it seems like it doesn't matter so much when I send something back. But if Saturday deliveries go away again, I predict a lot more finger-counting and calendar watching in my future!


I will be very disappointed if this happens. At the very least I think Netflix should offer a discount to customers, since their costs will be reduced and their customers will be getting less value. But it won't surprise me if they don't, especially if most people don't seem to care, like I'm seeing here in these comments.

Frankly I think the saddest part of things like this is the consumers that don't even seem to realize what's being taken away from them.


Streaming is just not as good as Blu-Ray. For example, no surround sound. No disk extras. They need to upgrade the streaming technology if they really want people to stream.

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