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John Cotten

We have dropped our satellite service (Dish network) altogether. We now only watch Netflix and local TV. The incessant commercials were what drove us to go with Netflix. Couldn't see paying top dollar for a serrvice in which commercials were taking up 25% of our viewing time and now ....pure bliss! No more commercials, only quality movies we love, no offensive shows or commercials....its just unbelievable! We are the happiest we have ever been with television now.

Nomo Blockbuster

What strategic plan, Blockbuster? All you are doing is sitting around waiting for the competition to think of something and then coming out with your own version. This second-mover copycat style of yours is why Blockbuster has failed the consumer and why Blockbuster deserves to follow in the footsteps of Movie Gallery/Hollywood Video.

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