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Who cares. Redbox is usless if they won't be renting out new releases for 28 days. All this quarters earnings don't take into account the new windows and how redbox customers are going to grow disenfranchised.


You know something I would rather wait the 28 days and get the movie I want either from Netflix or Redbox. I'm most certainly not going to go out and pay Blockbuster $5 to rent it nor am I going to run out and buy it. Who cares when the dvd is released I'll se it when I see it.


Redbox is just getting too busy for me.

I cannot stand WAITING 5-10 minutes to either rent or return one.

I used to use it to supplement netflix.

Now, I try to stick with watching streaming content when I dont have a disc.

But, I dont have a box or wireless so Im not set up to watch streaming on my TV. The thought of cord bothers me.

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