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I already had cut it so to speak... But ended up getting service again this year because a roommate wanted a sports package.

Greg Smith

I already cut Dish Network this year. Exactly for the reasons cited. Too expensive and nothing but commercials. I just have netflix exclusively now, thanks to the streaming.

Emory LaserWolf

I'm certainly getting there.


haven't had cable since 2000


We would cut it but its cheaper to bundle basic cable and internet, than just internet with "XFinity". Feels like such a scam.


I cut it many years ago. I use an antenna and get all the networks and use Neflix. Hulu a bit. All I need.

This should change the dynamics a bit of the networks asking for payment for their channels, it gets past to subscribers and people aren't going to pay anymore. I know ala carte pricing may still not work, but it at least could lead to more tiers so one could cut out some of the costs of shows one doesn't watch.

It is going to have to change the cable companies, I am not sure if they will get meaner or nicer, but they going to have to respond in some way.


I haven't had cable service since 2007, when I dropped Comcast and picked up Netflix. Most of my favorite cable shows are available either with Netflix, or other free online legal sources (Hulu, South Park Studios, etc).

William C Bonner

I cut cable several years ago. I've got DSL for my home internet right now. I get most of my TV via OTA Antenna connected to a TiVo HD. It nicely streams netflix as well.


our family, 42/41/17/15 have just OTA & Excellent internet speed & selection (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) and paying for a few beers during football season is better than a whole year of cable/sat costs

S Dot

I haven't had cable since 2007. Can stream all the content I am interested in online so why pay $100 per month?


The only reason why we have cable (the bare minimum tier from Comcast) is because the area we live in is not suitable for over the air reception of broadcast signals, and the digital converter box is all we need for all the older NTSC TVs we have. Pay TV, like HBO and the like, are a money pit.

Dave C

I have Netflix and then DSL from the phone company. No cable or satellite even for internet. The only thing we watch is streaming. I watch the few sports left on CBS, ABC, NBC or Fox and that's it.


Most everyone I know has cable says it is too expensive- it isn't worth it. But they go on to say I would cut it but........ They always say I need this or that.

Well I guess it is worth it then? It is that sentiment which allowed the costs to get where they are and all the hands indirectly getting into our wallets.

Comcast might have been judged the worst company in America from Consumrist, but they are making more money because of it. I blame Comcast, but I also blame those that know it and still use them.


Sports is the only reason I still have cable TV at this point. 75% of my TV watching is through my Roku or DVD.


I cut it ten years ago. Been a Netflix member for 9 of those.

Tom Miller

We cut the cord years ago, won't go back. Everytime we go to a friends house, and they have cable, we end up flipping all of those channels, only to find out that there is nothing good to watch. We use rabbit ears, Netflix, Internet TV within Windows Media Center, and an occasional webisode of something, and we are more than satisifed with all of that content.


Cable and satellite companies have such nerve charging close to $100 a month for programming infested with obnoxious commercials. They should be slashing prices with all the cheaper alternatives these days, not jacking the price up every year. Money hungry scumbags, all of them.


I have had only "Basic 1" $14/mo. cable since 1997 (originally Time-Warner, now Comcast). I also use Netflix and Roku, and plan to cut the last bit of cable TV when I finally decide what antenna to get and how to wire my old stucco house.

For obscure technical reasons, Minneapolis basic cable subscribers got the "Standard" package for no extra cost for many years (unadvertised of course). Then one day, as I had been warned about five years earlier by the cable guy, most of the channels disappeared. In the last seven or eight years, the basic tier has been pruned to not much more than local networks, public access, and CNN.

Luna Saisho

I actually sat down and figured it all out. I could save a bit over $200 a year (maybe more) by watching everything online. This counts Hulu and the like for as much free as possible, and Xbox Live or PlayStation Network for stuff I'd have to pay for.

Will I ever cut the cord? I probably would, if it wouldn't have me downloading so much as to make Charter strangle me. ^_^


Sports are what kills me. Otherwise I might have dropped my dish years ago. At least I have DirecTV so I don't have to deal with those gimps from Comcast.


@Luna .... at an average of $71 per month, thats $852 lol not 200... Assuming you already have internet, you only pay $9 for a netflix sub for streaming... Then you end up saving $744 a year lol...

Playstation network gets netflix streaming for free... no need for an XBL sub (i have one)

Ive been cable free for 2.5 yrs now... thought about going back, but theres already enough options online...

Air Jason

We got rid of DirecTV and did not go to cable when they kept raising our prices and nickel and diming us with hardware rental costs. The content providers seem to think that people have a blank check ready for them. We just quit giving them anything.


When I lived in the city I had cable Internet (I telecommute and a decent Internet connection is a must), with only the basic cable TV package.

A year ago I moved to a rural area, where the only Internet available is AT&T DSL (after some initial bumps it hasn't been bad at all) for half of what I paid Comcast for HSI, and satellite (DISH Network) TV that I pay $20 a month for through a shared line.

It's very rare that I watch anything on TV besides the news. Like others have said, there's typically nothing on worth watching (beyond what I have subscribed to on Hulu). And also like others have said, why would anyone want to pay upwards of $100 a month and still have commercials?

I have a 2nd laptop that streams Hulu and Netflix very well, and I can catch up on the shows I like as I work. I don't mind the commercials on Hulu one bit, since they're allowing me to watch what I want, *when* it's convenient for me. And yes, I have a DVD Recorder, but it's a PITA to work.

I don't know if I'm "typical" or not, but I just don't have time to do nothing BUT sit and watch a TV show. Most shows don't require 100% of my attention, anyway.... :)

I think if more TV providers moved towards "TV On Demand", consumers might be more willing to pay for it. But why pay obscene prices for shows that are broadcast at a time when the network decides, and with almost more commercials than content?

To me, it's a no-brainer.


I cut the cord a long time ago when their techs couldn't, after many, many tries, get a satisfactory picture.

I overheard the last tech calling the office describing the interferance I was getting, "Oh, you see it too?"

What?!? THEY KNOW the picture sucks? Screw 'em.

The pic from the antenna sucked, but considering it's free, I could live with it. Now, with digital TV, the picture is the best I've ever seen, there are over thirty channels (like pay-TV, I never watch some of them -- but at least I'm not PAYING for channels I'll never watch). I have NO intention of paying for television.


I've only had cable once in my life - and it was when I moved into a house with three other guys who already lived there and were already subscribing.

Currently, I live in a town where OTA reception is impossible for all but one station. I have two options: $25 a month for channels 2-22, or just not watching TV.

I chose not to watch.

David D

I've never really had the cord, so to speak. Growing up, we only watched OTA TV. For the span of about one year, my father had cable. But because of the nature of Cox's service, he canceled it.

So other than one year of junior high, I've never had cable in my home. Not as a child and not in my own home as an adult. Probably mostly because I'm accustomed to doing without cable or satellite, so find it hard to miss what I never had.

I've seen some cable when visiting friends or relatives.

But any cable programs I follow is something I either get via streaming or rent through Netflix DVD rentals.


hulu + netflux + boxee + mlb.tv + espn3 (formerly 360) + HD Homerun = ooma = byebye cable as of last month. I couldn't be happier.


I'll add that being an out of market sports fan makes this an easy choice. My teams are from California and I'm in Texas. There's no incentive for me to keep cable at all given the plethora of subscription options now available online.

david v

Already dropped cable. I can watch the network shows i like & south park online, and all the NFL season over air. any other show i can rent on DVD. i can do without cable tv's 3rd rate reality shows & murder investigation dramas. most days i'd just rather watch a movie anyway.

Hunter McDaniel

I've been cable/satellite free for 20 years. I'm amazed at how many people tell me they have to keep cable because of shows X, Y, and Z - all of which turn out to be on the major networks which they could get OTA.

I do understand the pain of sports fans, but I'd have to ask them how many hours a month they actually have free to watch those games which are cable exclusives. On a per hour basis, it might be cheaper to just head over to your local sports bar, with the beer as a bonus.


cable been cut for a decade now...and regrets or need to go back


I am on the other side. I will not cut.
I pay $40 a month for dish network for the now defunct package "HD only" I have all HD channels with DVR and locals. My wife watches a lot TLC, Cooking channel, and HGTV. I get to watch NFL network, Spike, ESPN, NBA tv all HD.

We use netflix to watch movies on top of that.

If you pay more than $50 for sat then you are crazy. there are ways for it to be cheaper.
$40 all HD all DVR no commercials is more worth it to me than trying to rely on internet TV and with 50 in plasma I want the HD to look good.


I cut the cord about 6 months ago and I don't regreat a thing! I have the roadrunner turbo (15Mbs) and I can play mmos while streaming music, my daughter watching something off netflix on my roku and my girlfriend surfing the net flawlessly.

Between Hulu, Netflix, Youtube and podcasts from Revision 3 and others, there is no reason to pay that extra 60 to 70 a month for cable. I quit when I realized that I was only watching about 10 hours of TV a month anyways and most of the stuff I was watching I could find online!!

Bob Emmerich

I've been looking to cut for the past 3 years but haven't b/c:
1) sports [I'm a Mets and Giants fan but I will watch Yankees and Jets games]
2) kids tv for my 5 and 7 yr old boys
3) price - Cablevision keeps giving us the $99 promotion so the way I see it $50 internet, $50 phone, free tv.


Well i have had cable for over 30 years and just cut the cord last month after a 2 month transition period. Using netflix/OTA/online and can get almost everything we had before.

Only 2 real speed bumps. Took a while to get my wife to adapt to WinMCE. I am currently building some linux alternatives because they are more stable. Hopefully she can easily adapt to those.

The other was BBC shows (Wife is Rhodesian and loves her english shows). But for around $8 a month I can create a VPN to England and stream current shows from there, more selection than whats on BBC America. Still on the month trial from the VPN provider, but streaming works great over it.


I had a dream. About 6 years ago I got basic cable at an apartment and used a descrambler to get hbo & showtime. But, I still paid about $30 a month.

When I moved in my house, I called to get my cable hooked up and the company told me my house didnt exist. I said, well, Im standing in it. I told them to look into it and get back with me. Im still waiting.

As it turns out, the previous occupant of the house might have had the cable hooked up "off the books". All I know is I get cable...but its digital so no pay chanells and the descrambler wont work.

About the same time, I upgraded to a DVD player and have been with netflix ever since. (Except for a few freebies from Blockbuster here & there)

I really dont watch much TV so I doubt I would pay even if it somehow got cut off.


Cut the cable in 2008 and we've been extremely happy with over-the-air TV (including some channels that were not even on cable). Netflix (and later Netflix streaming) only enforced our decision not to go back to cable.

Some people mentioned sports. When a sports team gives us the finger by giving into greed by airing games only on cable, we only remind them that they are cutting their own throats since 39% of our metro area has already cut the cord. I would not be surprised to see that number grow.

Danny Lewis

Traditional TV is dead for me. My wife and I have gone two years without traditional TV. All one needs is an HDTV, a desktop PC with enough power to play any media you can throw at it, an appropriate video cable, and a good, living-room suitable keyboard and mouse. Pull up Hulu via the web or use the Hulu Desktop application, and watch movies on Netflix Watch Instantly. One would think you would watch less TV, but we actually watch more, but with discipline, we could watch less. Also, we can watch TV when we want to and only have to deal with minimal commercials (or no commercials if you obtain your TV shows by other means). Up stairs, we have an antenna for OTA networks, but we don't bother with it too often. Though, the commercials are so long and boring! Death to TV! Long live the Internet!


1 month ago i cancelled cable...this will be my first month saving 70. That will almost pay a whole year of netflix, which i use a heck of a lot more anyways. I have roku and since one of the users made a channel called "podtv" which added a ton of free channels (Cnet,NBC,CBS,PBS. archive.org, ESPN & much more) we are set.
Sorry we did not do it earlier..Take care


I haven't had cable in years. I don't miss it, either. There are a few current shows that I have to catch every week, and I can buy those off of iTunes or Amazon, and pay a hell of a lot less than cable. I can also get some of them off of Hulu for free. Combine that with Netflix streaming, and cable seems downright antiquated.

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