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John Coleman

Or, another method which may be faster is just to go 100x+ fast-forward (or the max fast-forward of your machine) on the disc. This typically breezes through the trailers in about 10 seconds (and circumvents the need to load the disc twice). Simple and effective, and works for me.


@John Coleman:

That's pretty good advice! Unfortunately, I've had a few discs that reset the playback speed when one trailer is finished and another begins, meaning you have to start the fast forward process all over again. What a bother.

I've been using the stop-stop-play method for a while now, with a great deal of success.


Can't find a trick for PS3. The STOP button is not good with that machine, you basically have to wait for the thing to spin the disc back to life if going that route. The square symbol button sometimes works but that and FFW and chapter advance many times give a not allowed message.


I put the disk in and then get my snack/round up the family/etc... Then by the time everybody is ready its at the main menu.

Sock Puppet

It does seem to depend on your DVD player as well. I'd say 9 out of 10 disks all I have to do is press the "Root" button.

The only time that doesn't work is when they format the disc to put the trailers in the place traditionally used for the root menu... Then I use the skip chapter button.


This doesn't work on all DVD and Blu-ray players, I use the FF trick.

Will Dearborn

This doesn't apply to Blu-ray discs.


My Philips DVD player seems to do this automatically* which I still haven't gotten used to. I'll put the DVD in while I get a snack, and by the time I come back, it's 5 minutes into the film, and I have to skip back to the start.

* I have installed some unofficial firmware to make the USB menu easier to read, so perhaps that's where this 'feature' came from.


VLC Player does this by default. When you put in the DVD it skips right to either the menu or the start of the movie itself. I highly recommend the player anyway since it plays virtually all unencrypted media file and format. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/


I'm surprised the DVD Authoring companies haven't figured out a way by now to disable the Stop and FF buttons during the autostart sequence since they've nailed down all the other buttons.


I do 120x FF on my PS3, although I have to redo it everytime a new one starts. When I watched "The Informant" BR there were like 7 (!) trailers. It's crazy.


I echo Greg - this is exactly why I like using the VLC player. And it's freeware! Another trick I use to skip the FBI warning is that from the DVD main menu, instead of hitting "Play", I go to scene selection and play scene two, then I back up and watch the movie from the beginning.


This doesn't work on my LG BD370 it just goes to the home screen. I just do the fast forward trick but I hate that I can't skip them.

John Mc

I often just put the DVD in the player 5-10 minutes before I want to watch the movie. The trailers play while the TV is off (or watching a TV program). By movie time, the DVD is sitting at the menu waiting for me.


I do the same exact thing as John Mc. I will start a movie while finishing cooking dinner, making drinks, etc. By the time you sit down it's ready to go.


It's so sad what they do to the honest people when pirates don't have to deal with any of that junk. They have no respect for their customers' - that's what's wrong with the industry.


All you have to do is use the skip chapter button until you reach the menu.


I have installed some unofficial firmware to make the USB menu easier to read, so perhaps that's where this 'feature' came from.

Ken Morris

Nothing seems to work on my DVD player and the trailers have been 20 minutes. I agree that honest people are treated very poorly by the industry and hackers don't have to put up with poor customer service. I'll vote with my feet and walk away.

John W.

I'm not walking away yet. When the Netflix DVD content that I purchased will not play within a reasonable time (1 minute), I cut the disc in half and send it back as defective. When they try to charge me for the defective discs, that's when I'll walk away.

Patrick Dundon

Some Warner discs will not allow you to skip the previews ONCE they have started, the key is to hit your menu key BEFORE the previews have started.

Jason K

John W. is an idiot and should be sued. I hope Netflix discovers him. He increases the cost of Netflix service for everyone. It's not Netflix that forces this content, it's the studio. Netflix has nothing to do with it. Wise up, dope.

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Fully agreed with your points on this post.


Last night we sat down to TRY to watch "Inception", but as the third COMMERCIAL began (not preview), I was so annoyed I sent the disc back as unplayable. FFWD, NEXT button, Top Menu/Menu buttons all on lock-down. If studios all start doing this I will be really, really pissed. One of the commercials for a video game even warned of possible inappropriate material for children (nice). I admit I have not tried the STOP-STOP-PLAY trick, because until today I've been able to circumvent these things by using the aforementioned-but-locked-down buttons on the Inception disc. I would've written to Netflix to complain but all they have now on the site is the customer service phone number...no thanks. While I agree no one should damage a disc intentionally, I disagree that Netflix isn't at all responsible; they need to be screening for these types of discs and reject from studios discs with forced commercials.

George Lucas

It might be quicker to rip the movie, title only, burn a disc, then play .

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