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I love how Netflix and Roku both advertise streaming in HD and crow about how many thousands of titles available. In reality, thousand of titles are available in SD and in HD, only 961. That's a little disappointing.

When I first got my Roku, I added quite a few titles to my Instant Watch queue that I already own on DVD. I assumed they would be in HD and I could get great quality without having to go find the disc. It turned out that for most, I got much better quality by playing the DVD in an upconverting player.

I realize that Netflix can only play with the hand that Hollywood deals. I just wish Hollywood would get it's collective head out of its rear and stop holding back progress. This is the future, whether they like it or not.

Chris Utley

Most broadband connections aren't strong enough to handle a steady 1080p stream even if netflix offered one. Now I am looking forward to 5.1 audio later this year.


I presume that this development means that the NetFlix database schema has been updated to include a field for HD streaming. Were there any other changes?


Does any youngster or older know this title of these 2 movie? First one is (somehow he get a note for a million dollar and everyone gives this guy credit on it and of course he somehow displaced somewhere and now everyone was him to ante up? The 2 one is he working in a apparel store with the sale clerk, but no one know he is the owner of the store and in the end he take everyone on a cruise?


@W.D. The first one is "The Million Pound Note" with Gregory Peck. It doesn't seem to be out on DVD in the US. Don't know the second one.


Thank you knaldskalle for the info, the second movie is something like Mr Macy's get on the floor and pretend he just another hire sales clerk and he see bad upper management and the nice sales clerks that he works with.


As Young As You Feel was a movie where the owner goes undercover as a worker.


Oops, I guess in that movie the worker pretends to be the boss. I'm not sure what movie you're looking for, I tried googling it, but couldn't find it. It sounds familiar though.


I found it for you! The Devil and Miss Jones 1941- A department store owner goes undercover as an employee to thwart union activists.


The 2 one is he working in a apparel store with the sale clerk, but no one know he is the owner of the store and in the end he take everyone on a cruise?


Thank you for your comments, but that was not the title. The owner of the store look just like the guy who play the orig. Kris Kringle on Miracle on 34th st., it's a real old movie. You have to be in your 50 or older if you ever saw this movie. Again thank you for your comments and help. W.D.

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