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Considering the way Netflix has been getting less costumer friendly lately, I'm really hoping Amazon grabs them up. I'm already considering switching to blockbuster because of the recent announcements.


"Considering the way Netflix has been getting less costumer friendly lately, I'm really hoping Amazon grabs them up. "

Amazon isn't bad but I wouldn't call them customer friendly either. Every problem I have had with them has been handled but it always begins and ends with an email that is never answered and suddenly I am refunded or whatever a few days to a week later.


There seemed to be decent amount of insider selling on the name through March - Reed Hastings and CFO McCarthy among others. Why would they sell if they knew a better price was coming?


Execs are publicly traded companies have very strict rules around trading and need to trade within certain windows. One way around that is to schedule regular trades at market price (for example -- each month sell N shares).

So, the answer to "why would they sell" is "because they agreed to a long time ago."


I hope they don't. People are saying that they're not customer friendly due to the rental window agreements, but all they're trying to do is ensure that they have the best streaming service for years to come, which like it or not, is the future. I'm worried that if someone else buys Netflix they'll ruin it.


So long as it's not Apple or MS, they'll both screw it up. Amazon is probably smart enough to leave it alone, Google will add silly banners to the front page and change the search but I can live with those.


Hey thats_right:

Does not seem like this decision was made to long ago:




Management cannot actively buy or sell or otherwise transact in the stock or options if they have knowledge of major corporate restructuring. There is a way, however, to passively sell if they have previously set up a plan and filed that plan with the SEC. Then, all stock owners know that a particular manager is going to sell on a very specific, periodic basis.

If there is such a plan, then read nothing into Hasting's selling. It's just routine.

If there is no plan, then the fact that he is selling means that there is no internal discussion about acquisition.


If any of those buy it I would hope for amazon or microsoft. Apple would certainly ruin netflix by removing all the good things it does now and google would probably add advertising to all the videos which would make it no better than hulu.

Amazon I think would leave it alone for the most part but might integrate it into their vod model (which might ruin their streaming model)

Netflix seems to have a relationship with microsoft so they might actually do what I would personally want quickest. Move away from physical media and to streaming. It would also be in microsoft benefit because they really need that blockbuster service using silverlight (and more importantly its smoothstreaming technology). I would imagine some of the devices might go away in such a change but I think a majority would survive. But for those devices that support it we might get 1080p zune video like support combined with netflix's business model which is what I really want.


Netflix should stay indie for the next 10 years and then partner with someone. No takeover in my opinion.


I hope Netflix just continues expanding & making money.

No need for someone else to buy em.

Let's wait a year or two and see how the streaming is with the 28 day wait.

Also the disc availability.

Someone else could rename & ruin Netflix.





Many of Netflix's actions as of late foreshadow the sale of the company. In particular, the agreements with Warner, Universal and Fox are very telling.

1) If you want to sell your company, do you really want to have to explain in detail to prospective suitors how you get around the studios to acquire all these discs? That is, the studios can't prevent you from buying them but they don't have to sell to you directly either. So for many years Netflix has reportedly used grey market channels to get these discs. Prospective suitors don't want to hear that.

2) The abrupt dropping of the next Netflix contest was also very revealing. Messy lawsuits about privacy issues or just forget about the whole thing? In a departure from its style of innovative ideas, Netflix just drops the whole thing.

3) In the past, Netflix has been progressive and open about its communications with its customers. And that's always been because they haven't had any crappy behavior to hide. But lately they've been doing all sorts of stuff that they've been kind of opaque about. They make these deals with studios, but don't directly announce it to customers. They pare down the social networking, but they don't directly announce it to customers.

So Netflix knows that they are being crappy but their priorities have changed. They are cleaning up shop and getting everything nice and ready with a bow for their new owners. Their old priority was the customer; the new priority is the new owners.


Disclaimer: I do not own any Netflix stock.


Why does everything have to merge? I love the free market, but we need to rethink the whole super-mega-omnicorp thing. Competition is a good thing, but we need more than one or two companies for it to happen. "Too big to fail" has been shown to be a falsehood and very expensive to everyone when it happens.


I don't see the reason why Netflix would need too?

However I can't see in the future.

We shall see what happens. If Netflix screws themselves well just have to support another service....

I don't get it. If your making money. Making your customers happy. Gains a lot more customers through word of mouth.

Then why not just keep up the great work?

Not saying Netflix is perfect. They have some kinks to work out.


I hope this is just a rumor because Netflix is affordable - who knows what would happen if someone else took it over. We could loose the affordability and choice.



Well these are rumors and they always pop up when Netflix does good. Always.

So take this with a grain of salt.

When Netflix comes out on the Iphone and Android phones. Expect another story on Netflix possible selling.

*rolls eyes*

Seriously look up the stories on this site of all the times Netflix being sold. It's always linked to Netflix doing some big deal like adding support to a console or striking some kind of deal. A story like this pops up.


"Someone else could rename & ruin Netflix."

The Netflix brankd is far too strong to just be renamed.


Anyone, anywhere will sell when the price is right. Netflix will stay independent until deep inside ownership they know the future will become less profitiable and the knowledge of the future resides only deep inside Netflix. When Netflix sells, it is an omen to watch for changes that are not actually beneficial.


I don't think anyone of these companies wants to buy Netflix to continue it's greatness.

They would rather kill it off. Or raise the prices & nickel & dime.


Hopefully someone will take over the disc by mail business as it will remain extremely profitable for decades due to bandwidth difficulties.


Amazon wouldn't buy Netflix. They own IMDB, which has an exclusive deal with Blockbuster.com.


Ryan, that wouldn't in any way, shape or form block Amazon from acquiring Netflix. IMDB would simply fulfill its contract with Blockbuster. It wouldn't prohibit Amazon from absorbing Netflix.


I really hope Netflix stays independent. Being bought out seems like it would hurt us, the consumers.


Apple is not going to buy Netflix. Apple has iTunes and AppleTV - they don't need Netflix, its hassles with physical discs nor does Apple need Netflix's name recognition. Not to mention Apple does NOT buy companies where they have to absorb a lot of employees. Google wouldn't buy it for the physical disc reasons also and they figure they can launch a YouTube rental-streaming service at any time. MS is not going to buy it because MS is clueless about anything technology related since 1998 so they're more likely to buy Blockbuster since they predate 1998. Amazon could but Amazon already runs a disc rental biz in the UK so they could but for much less, they could launch a US version since they clearly know how to ship products - sure Netflix would be a turnkey op but at a much hgher prce and Amazon would drop the Netflix name anyway so what would they be buying? Employees they already have. It would be a company that probably wants to sell more Cloud services or consumer facing streaming devices like a Cisco or who wants a bigger internet footprint like sears-kmart or target ...

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