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I think Michael Lantz over at inside redbox should eat crow for how he's been talking about how these deals would never happen. Redbox should sign their deals any day now for their windows. Back to Brick and Morter Stores!!!!!!!!


The post didnt describe what the streaming aspect of this is about?


WELL?? Are you happy now? Jesus Christ. I would never switch to Blockbuster outright, but I am sure glad Netflix is getting so much less of my money.

Will Dearborn



> (Netflix)expects these deals to enable better availability of new releases

Not from what I've seen. Most of the new releases in my queue stay at "long wait" for a month or more after the Netflix availability date.


I don't care about new releases on DVD. If I REALLY want to see a movie, I will watch it in the theatre. My Netflix queue is at about 450 movies, and when a movie comes out that I am interested in, it gets sent to the bottom. So, I am usually about 3 years behind on my new relases :) In fact, I am just now watching "Open Range" for the first time, and that came out (and was added to my queue) in 2003.
I don't see the big deal. Go see the movie in the theatre if it means that much to you.


I'm excited about the possibility of more movies being available for streaming. I stream way more movies than I watch on DVD already, and I expect that trend to continue.

I don't care about watching new releases as soon as they come out. They're on my queue somewhere, so I'll get them eventually.


I think netflix might be making a risky move. Blockbuster right now offers movies when they first release them out. Instead of waiting 28 days.I just heard about redbox going through streaming. If redbox goes streaming for a better price and offer better streaming selections. I don't know what will happen to netflix. Right now I heard people are leaving netflix, due to their movie selections for streaming. I'm also thinking to pullout from netflix soon. I wonder what happened to the selection of movies for streaming in 2009.


i dont watch new movies, so i dont personally care, but i think this is horrible business for netflix. people are going to freak out if basically every new movie is not available on netflix.


I want to see movies as soon as they come out, but I refuse to go to the movie theater. It's always a bad experience. Stadium seating was great until the cell-phone saturation of the 90s. Just because I don't go to theaters doesn't mean I don't want to see movies as soon as they come out on DVD. A lot of my friends see new DVD releases the week of release, and if I have to deal with a 28 day window, I'll have to leave the conversation to avoid spoilers. I understand that some older people don't care cause of how much they dig the cruddy Watch Instantly selection, but if I can't get new releases from Netflix (and don't have friends features), I just don't see the point. My Netflix billing cycle is up on Wednesday. I'm going to cancel and give Blockbuster a try. Oh yeah, I HATE Blockbuster, but these days I'm hating Netflix a little bit more.

Fred Talmadge

Avatar was great on 3D Imax, on my TV, probabaly pretty stupid. That pretty much sums up my opinion of new movies produced by the big studios. Plenty of independent, documntary, TV shows, special interest and old movies to occupy my TV time.

Bobby Ray

WOW! I am done with netflix I could care less about crumming old streaming of useless movies I seen so many times I could easily go the rest of my life not watching again. Now if they gave us streaming in 28 days after the release I could justify keeping netflix. They best up the anting on streaming adding every major network, and paid cable service for me to stay. This will take time but I am sure it will happen eventually. No doubt this deal is because of apple. Apple are genius at making money and they want the new release money, and netflix wants the apple popularity.

Scott Breitbach

Unlike several other commenters, I often put new releases at the top of my queue. Although I'm a little bummed about the delay (I usually check ads in the Sunday paper for new releases I might have missed), I'm okay with the trade-offs if it really means I have a better chance of getting a copy when it does come out (otherwise I'm stuck waiting a month or more anyway).
Plus, we watch more streaming titles than DVDs so that helps too!


I'm still seeing a lot of waits.

Bobby Ray

I've NEVER had a problem of getting my new releases before these contracts on the day BEFORE release with netflix. All total bs.


If you initially miss out on the new release, you end up waiting 28 days or so to see it anyways!

Bobby Ray

I never had to wait for a new release until they started signing contracts to delay new releases. Kind of strange I think.

Tim S.

I watch way more titles via streaming, so this news is fine by me. Delays on new releases don't bother me or the Famous Chicken one bit.


"I'm okay with the trade-offs if it really means I have a better chance of getting a copy when it does come out (otherwise I'm stuck waiting a month or more anyway)."

But it doesn't appear that we DO get a better chance, at least not if we pay the extra money for Blu-ray. It certainly didn't happen in my queue, that's for sure.

Bobby Ray

Actually I did have to wait a couple of times for a new release prior to late new release dates. but now it's worse than ever.


Blockbuster by mail gets the movies the same day they are released.

Bobby Ray

Maybe if netflix ever would send me a wii streaming disc I may have different thoughts on streaming, but that still doesn't change the fact they need more content to keep me. That's why i never plopped down the dough for a roku.

Bobby Ray

@Me, Yeah and I may have to get a subscription to them very soon.


I think these deals are worth it. If I'm not running out to see something in theater, I don't care if I have to wait a bit longer to rent it. I'd rather have easier access to more titles (ie either by streaming or by more copies available to rent on DVD when the title does become available on netflix)...

Bobby Ray

They should just do away with disc all together if this is the path they want to stroll. It makes sense and they could put all there extra resource/income into streaming. That's where it's headed.


Cost for feature, I LOVE my Netflix account! I think $15 is an excellent value for the content I'm getting. I have 2 tween girls that have been streaming Disney's new shows the day after they air. And now that they added X-Files, Bones and Dollhouse (presumably from their deal with Fox). I'm willing to wait longer for new DVDs if it means they're expanding their streaming content.


I am done with netflix!!! Blockbuster here i come. This is a bad idea why the heck would anyone want to wait for 28 days!!! that's not a new release lower the prices and tell the people what's going on!! this was a very good company not anymore.


Red box and Neflix are being forced into these deals and there is no way that this is not going to negatively affect their bottom line.

Jeff Chambliss

I wish we knew the amount of money that Netflix is saving by doing these deals, or the # of extra copies they get when they finally are availble.
Also, the story I read on this mentioned Fox would be giving them more streaming titles: TV and movies.


>>> why the heck would anyone want to
>>> wait for 28 days!!!

Maturity, patience, recognition of the realities of the industry and the need to make tradeoffs, having things to do other than watch TV... you know, stuff like that. ;-)


Well put QD, not an America strong suit though.


Well at least this makes things interesting.... maybe there can be more of a competition now.


Hey Qd Frank you want to wait be my guest. Its stupid people like you thet keep these companys going!! Why don't they lower the fees and then i will wait as long as they want!!!


Does the 28 day waiting period apply to tv show dvd releases or only movies?

Personally I'm not thrilled about the 28 day waiting period so I'm going to have to evaluate my membership.


Jim, We "stupid people" are the ones who can actually understand the move and can tell Netflix is just trying to be more a streaming company, I mean its in their name, they're not called "Mailflix." They're well aware that they probably won't even be sending discs out via mail within 5-10 years, and only streaming. Any concessions they make with new release discs are only short term in the grand scheme and worth making their streaming product a bigger and better one.

Bobby Ray

Waiting is for people who shop for movies in the 5 dollar bin. I was amazed to see Dish network have movies on demand quicker than my netflix account. WAY quicker.

Bobby Ray

Before you know it HBO and Showtime will have new releases quicker than Netflix. Yay!


Considering I'm stuck with dial-up and maybe use streaming once every couple months it doesn't seem worth the wait. It already takes me months to get new releases (finally got zombieland today) so this 28 day add-on just helps out tons :/


People who are the sort to foam at the mouth about seeing new releases imediately have always been at the beck and call of studios' release schedules. As Netflix is lightyears ahead of Blockbuster in every other way, I can't see people switching to Blockbuster over this minor change.


"Waiting is for people who shop for movies in the 5 dollar bin."

Excellent point, Bobby Ray. A person with the patience to wait 28 days for a DVD from Netflix is probably also smart enough not to pay the full new-release price for a DVD.

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