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I like the interface and the speed.

I hate the fact that they limit the amount of titles shown. Often times I had to go to the website and put titles on the queue.


I like it a lot. The layout is much nicer on the Wii than on the ROKU box. It also seems pretty peppy too. As far as quality, it just does not seem that bad to me on my 40 inch Sammie LCD.

Obviously, the ROKU box output looks better but the Wii output doesn't look half bad considering it's not HD.


I was also very pleasantly surprised by the quality. I hate the interface though, it's next to impossible to find a specific movie without going online and adding it to your queue.

Mark Mascolino

I'm strickly using it to watch stuff in my queue so I don't have a browsing problem.

On the quality front and playback UI, I love it. Great job by them.

Larry Dallas

what does the 1.0.0 mean?


Yay.. I got a shipping notice email. I can stop complaining now. :)


I think the streaming quality is good (a million times better than when I tried it with PlayOn)! Today I upped my wireless plan a bit to improve it a bit more.

I can tell they've been working to out the kinks these past few weeks, and I'm glad they keep working to improve the service.

I watched a few movies yesterday and I noticed the audio was less muffled.. before the background noise would often overpower the mix and I'd be turning the volume up and down a lot. Seems better now.


I have over 100 titles in my IW queue. On the Xbox to get to the end of the queue I have to scroll through all of the titles. The WII I can scroll backward from the 1st item directly to the last item.

Jason Sares

The picture quality is good with the component cable but every now and then the audio is out of sync. Seems to only be on certain titles though.


I'll be getting my disc today and hopefully try it out once I go back home (the wii isn't with me in my apartment). I guess I'll post my thoughts then.

Chris M.

We recieved the disc, but didn't activate it right away. After a week we started getting a "Active Your Wii Disc and Get 10% Off Your Next Months Bill" message at the top of the main account. The person in the house with the Wii said they didn't think much of the picture quality and said he's be sticking with the Xbox to stream. I reminded him that 480i on a HDTV doesn't look that great to begin with and he is using the composite cable it came with, not a component cable which would get him at least 480p.


Just got the disc, but hadn't turned on the wii in almost 8 months. Sad to say the Wii won't read any discs anymore, so I'd need to repair it. Anyone know if there will be a downloadable version of this, since only the reading of discs is broken.


You dont need the Netflix Disk if you have a Hacked Wii that can run Homebrew Apps.

I have Netflix loaded as a Wii Channel and it runs the App from a SD card .The actual App is only 22Mb .You can also run the Disk Image from a USB drive or stick .

Now thats really Hacking Netflix !



I love everything about it. Only thing that would be neat is if the app installed as a channel so that the disc is not needed every time, however though it lacks that feature not having it is not a deal breaker.

I love the streaming from the Wii. I've actually used it more than I have since joining a few years ago.


Why aren't there discs for Ubuntu yet?

Chris Moritz

Just tried it out and love it but would like to see text searches for movies and the addition of parental controls since this is a much easier way for the kids to watch movies that they want and they're not restricted to the queue.


Netflix keeps track of everything watched Instantly. Tell your kids to not watch anything over PG. That means no R or NR.

Problem solved. If they don't listen you take the Wii disc away. Is it really that hard?

John W. Baker

Used it, liked it. It takes a few minutes into the movie for the quality to get up to CD level but once the entire movie is downloaded it runs perfectly. Also, a comment to an above post, there are parental controls available. If in your main (owner account) you go to the "your account and help" page you can find account profiles. There you can restrict the viewing of in appropriate ratings. After you save the setting it takes a few minutes to download to your WII but the restrictions are then in place on the WII as well. Downside, if you want to watch something with a higher rating you have to change the setting. Also, the PG-13 level does not allow any NR or TV-14 which knocks out a lot of T.V. shows like History Channel, Myth Buster, Dirty Jobs... It would be nice if Netflix added T.V. ratings to the choices.

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