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This is very nice posting by you Like Cambridge’s ZipCar, Freedom is part of a trend where consumers pay for access rather than ownership in the politics. Netflix offers access to DVDs without worrying about where to store your growing col lection of discs, and Weymouth-based Sentient Jet LLC sells flight time on private jets by the hour, avoiding the need to keep a pilot on your payroll. Sitting aboard a houseboat docked next to the New England Aquarium, Tom Murdock, who heads sales and marketing for Freedom Boat Club of Greater Boston, goes through his membership pitch. “When we did a survey of boat owners, we found that they were getting out on the water about eight times a year on average, and were spending $13,500 a year on dockage, insurance, storage, maintenance, and their boat payments,’’ Murdock says. Freedom members pay an initial entry fee of $4,900, and then monthly dues of $299. In return, they can use the company’s fleet of motor boats — no sailboats offered — as often as they want, paying only for the fuel they burn. A Freedom staffer cleans the boat after each use in the medical school thanks for shearing nice info.


Ive been a netflix fan for 3 years,,just jumped ship to blockbuster because netflix now has me wait a month for new releases and did not adjust my bill accordingly. bad business practice. offering less service and not discounting fees. good luck with that


As a former employee, I can say with all honesty that Netflix does the most it can for it's customer base while doing the least it can for the people talking to their customers. If you want a solid service and you're not one of the new release people that believe becsuae they pay $10-20 per month they are entitled to get anything they want for reasons beyound me, this is the service for you. If you are looking for a six month job with no promise for a career, find a local paper in the greater Portland area. Enjoy the oatmeal and mac and cheese, what more can you ask from a company that has had a 400% increase in its stock over the last year.


The 28 day window babies are still crying around here? Really? Just go away already, it gets old. You're in the minority and the majority of us have either blocked out your pathetic pleas for "justice" or are getting internet-rage...like me. Damn you!

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