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i want the iPad interface to work more like the Wii interface. Netflix seems to have missed the point that the iPad is a touch interface, and instead built a poorly functioning web page. It's an App, not a front for a web page. The Wii interface is much better in that regards.


Haven't used version 1.0.1. yet, but a couple times have been playing a streaming video and pressed something that took me elsewhere (Queue or something) and was not able to get back to my streaming video, even though I could still hear it playing. Irritating

Jason Hansen

That's nice... I don't understand what's holding them up releasing the app for the iPhone.


Please allow streaming to a TV through the dock port. It would be nice not having to move the PS3 or Wii from room to room.

Bob Emmerich

Who's going to be watching Netflix on their iPad when they can be watching this? -


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