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Oh, crap, I hadn't even thought about it, or did the work to figure out if they did! Is there a site that compares them? What about Redbox?


I have seen this and do find it annoying. The extra features are usually trivial, but lowering their class of media just seems unnecessarily cheap. I suspect this is mostly to keep used rentals out of the second hand market.


I got Up sans special features...and Sans a menu. i'm fine with loosing the special features but I consider menu and scene selection under "basic"


I noticed these discs actually have more commercials on them too... Also, i just recently got a movie that locked out my remote control from skipping the previews... I believe it was "The Informant"...


I've gotten more of those "rental" discs but don't care for the extras so it doesn't matter to me.


I was pretty pissed when I got The Box dvd too, and to make it worse they forced you to watch 10 minutes of previews on that disc also.


Personally, I would rather sit through forced commercials/trailers and have special features than have no trailers or special features. This would also benefit the studios because they would receive additional revenue for the trailers and would offset the "cost" of special features.


So far it's been WB and Sony. BluRay only. Just another rip off by Reed. Somebody please take Netflix away from him!!!!!


Next thing you'll know is that they'll only rent in 720p. You'll have to buy for 1080P.

Marc L

I'm guessing those of you who don't care about the lack of anything other than Play and Setup typically watch a movie straight through. I was travelling and catching snatches of Orphan (labelled Rental) between flights and it was incredibly annoying to have to wait through previews and not be able to jump right to the scene that I left off.

Besides that, I occassionally do want to see deleted scenes, alternate endings, etc. The regular disks are out there and the price to reproduce a stripped down version is no different from a regular one right? So isn't this just a way to coerce Netflix customers into buying the DVD?

Chris Utley

I don't mind the disc being tagged as a rental but no bonus features is annoying and no chapter selection, if true would be very irritating.


Next step should probably be adding about ten minutes of TV commercials to the beginning of the DVD, in addition to the previews.

Do some sort of content lock that keeps anyone from stopping, fast forward, or skipping to the main menu.

We already pay close to 20 dollars just to be bombarded with TV commercials before the movie previews at the movie theaters. Why not try to squeeze out added revenue that way? Not like there's a lack of renters on Netflix and Blockbuster Online.


Been seeing a lot of it myself... most recently on 500 Days of Summer, which is a Fox release if I recall correctly. I ended up seeing the special features in the end... no I didn't buy it. I borrowed it from the library once they had copies in regularly...

david v

cutting a 90min making of documentry from the disk is one thing, but outtakes are something you would get on a VHS copy of a cannonball run. so it's stupid that i had to go to youtube to watch the outtakes from the hangover.

Michael Jacobi

I mainly want movie previews and outtakes/gag reels, to be with my movie. I'm noticing less and less of these, especially on Blu-Ray, although it could be all of them. Since I get Blu-Ray discs from NetFlix, I thought maybe it had to do with them.

I agree, not worth buying just for that.


While I suppose it is up to the studios to decide what condition they'll issue a movie, I think Netflix has some responsibility to insure the basic film can be properly played. It's one thing for a rental copy to lack features which are truly "extra," but you should be able to count on the basic DVD viewing experience.

At the same time, this seems like a crazy strategy from the studios. Special features can be interesting, but on their own they would not justify running out and making a DVD purchase. If I've just seen a film, I'm not going to run out a purchased a copy solely for the bonus features. This just seems a business strategy largely designed to piss off potential customers.


If there are no features on the disc, then I might as well record it from HBO, Showtime or Starz or stream it from Netflix, if it's available. I only BUY the DVD if it's something I'm likely to watch over again. The bonus features are what I'm less likely to re-watch, so that would be EXACTLY the part what I would want to rent, and NOT to buy.

And I rented Night At The Museum 2 from Netflix a month ago and not only were there no extras, but the Netflix site says that there are features present on the disc. I complained about it on the phone and on the web and the Netflix page for the movie is STILL mentioning the features, which are NOT THERE.

Chris Utley

Good point jayfest. I had forgotten that on the movie page for Night at The Museum 2 they do list the bonus features as being on the disc.


I just watched "Ninja Assassin" last night and it was also a gray rental disc. It was very annoying having 15 minutes worth of unskipable (but fastforwardable) previews and then no extras on the disc. I guess the good thing is that there was no reason to keep the disc an extra day to watch the extras so it's back in the mail this morning! This really only makes me feel a little more uncomfortable with the studios doing this. I'm sure if I bought the disc there would be the same issue with the previews anyways. Great work guys! Way to stick it to your fans!!!


So Is they strip these special features why don't they decrease rental fees or offer an option to rent a completed disc for say .50 more? There are some movies especially historically accurate (or close to it) movies that I enjoy finding out about the real life story. Such as "The Blindside" which was my first saddened experience when I realized rentals are stripped down now alot. Is netflix saving money buy buying these discs for rental?


It is truly a bad business model when, instead of enticing your customers to purchase by providing them a better experience, you make the experience worse for renters and try to entice purchases by providing a STANDARD experience.

I think Hollywood can see that their business model will become less viable in the future, just like for the music industry, therefore instead of innovating to stay ahead of the curve, they are trying to squeeze as much money as they can out of everyone now, before the bottom drops out.

My prediction is, the next stupid move for rental discs will be to integrate unskippable commercials at regular intervals DURING the movie, like you would get if you were watching broadcast TV.

Chris Utley

As to The Box, on the netflix movie page under blu-ray details it says scene access. I didn't see any way to access the scenes only the option to play the movie or pick a language. All I'm saying is thank you to netflix for not promising bonus features that weren't there.


If I rent a movie and I see at least some of the special features and I like them, I'm more likely to buy the DVD. I will buy a DVD because it has special features. Seeing a preview of these extras could help me decide to buy it.


If you want to skip trailers. Pop the disc in. Press stop twice or just keep pressing stop, then press play. It should play the movie.

J from PA

Crow550, I noticed someone else say the same thing in an earlier post. For the record, that method doesn't work for the PlayStation 3. When you press the stop button (circle) a confirmation asks if you want to quit playback. Selecting "Yes" will dump you back into the PS3's main menu. (If you press circle twice in a row, the first time brings up the quit menu -- the second time closes the quit menu and continues playback.)


I don't really care about special features. They're a waste.


Maybe a new rental business can open up that only uses normal discs. Seems like something netflix could even charge more for.


Another 2 subscribers who feel disappointed and cheated when getting abridged DVDs or Blu-ray discs from netflix. I'm a filmmaker. My wife and I see many films in the theater and primarily rent the discs for the extras. Blind Side is a good example. Avatar is the latest. Ground-breaking animation and no "making of" feature? Totally lame. I just removed it from our queue. Removing Netflix subscription is next if the policy isn't changed.


I'm a new subscriber and I came upon this site trying to figure out how often a disc is without features. I'm very disappointed to discover that many of the DVDs don't include the bonus features. I had intended on renting some movies I've already seen just to view the extras. I feel cheated and I'm sad to have to go back now and start emptying out my Queue.


How can you tell that there are supposed to be special features on the DVD?


The lack of a scene select is pretty annoying, the rest of the feature I don't really care about. BUT COME ON.. NO SCENE SELECT? You can also tell in advance which disk are going to be "Rental", due to their Netflix release date vs actual.

Mixed Pixels

It's not so much the special features and commentary as the lack of scene selections. It's frustrating to be forced to deal with movie trailers then have to take note of what chapter you're in if you need to stop and come back later.


The studios have a right to do what they want, but so do we! Let's stop renting these less than complete discs. Might as well wait until it comes out on cable or On Demand. Not much difference now. If enough people do this, the policy will change. With social networking sites, the movement can spread pretty fast.


I find this annoying. I am not going to go buy the disc just to see the deleted scenes. And I really don't like a disc that doesn't even let me decide which scene to skip to, so that I don't have to fast forward through the whole damn movie just becuase I took a break from watching it in the middle.

I would pay a little more for the rental fee to get access to the full-feature discs - but no one offers me that choice.


Wow. I'm so glad this site exists. I found it b/c I'm trying to fig out where the extras are on "Date Night". Now I know why they aren't there. Oh Netflix... badly done. When you leave nothing on the disc but the movie, say, "This disc contains only the movie." Dude, just be real.

-Ruben Jaime-

yes the unskippable previews are teh suck! I just got Ninja assasin from netflix and it has this nasty feature


I rented the movie UP from Netflix and was not able to select "Captions" from the movie. It's hard for me to understand the movie without them. Annoying that "languages" would be a feature they would strip.


They have had "rentals" for years and used to not mean much. The main reason I stuck with BB over netflix was more SE/multi-disc/unrated editions. At first I thought it was sd versus bd and made sense better quality sd on on non DL media. But it would appear that all rentals are neutered versions of the real thing not a preview to let you know what to expect if you buy.
REALLY SUCKS with no chapters.


Well that's the point that get's me peveed. I am not renting the movie, I am renting the DVD. or the Blue Ray with the features that makes a disc the cool way to enjoy the feature. Same with video games. The "demo" is fine if that's all you want, but nobody is gonna buy a disc for extra features. If I was renting the movie I'd get it from my cable or sat provider. It should be labeled, Full DVD or Rental DVD.

Kenny Ray

Guys i am sooooo surprised to hear the numbers of people who don't watch or care if Special Features are on a dvd disc. I for one, love movies and most of the movies from my childhood are now available on disc. For years i have bought them off of Amazon but the one caveat i employ is that they have special features on them. I want to know what happened behind the scenes, gag reels, etc. otherwise, i could watch the thing on TV. i see no purpose, unless the movie's rare or something NOT to release DVD's WITH special features. And now that i just watched the Blockbuster rented "Get Him To The Greek" on DVD and wanted to watch the gag reel but could not, i wondered if it was the Studio that made this poor decision or if it was The video retailers, cause i am not happy

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