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Unless CinemaNow is always telling Netflix how good-looking it is, I think you meant "complEmentary, not complImentary."



Heheh. Fixed. Thanks! - Mike


It would seem to me that a new service would need to offer some feature or features that are superior to those already available. Or maybe I'm wrong.

Does CinemaNow have access to movies no where else available? Nope. Looks like the exact same movies available on NetFlix, RedBox, BlockBuster, etc...

Is CinemaNow cheaper? Not as far as I can tell. These seem to cost the same as Standard Definition movies on Amazon. High Definition and 5.1 sound don't seem to be available. NetFlix of course costs less than half as much (if you are normally active).

I don't get it.


For comparison, new release rentals are available on the PS3 through the Playstation store for $3.99 SD and $5.99 HD.

I see CinemaNow is supported on the Xbox 360.


I looked at a few of their movies on their website and was not impressed. It seems that all titles are stereo only and SD only. No HD. Also the file size is capped at a max of 1.5 GB. Depending upon codec this might be okay for a 90-minute movie but I would hate to see a 2 hour and 42 minute file like Avatar squeezed down to fit into a 1.5 GB file. I don't think Amazon or Vudu has anything to worry about at this point in time.

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