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It's a Roku competitor that's for sure.


Agree totally w/ @Cmhdave73.
I love my Roku.
I'll love it even more w/ the UI upgrade. This though...I'll have to see in action, but WOW!


It actually reminds me of Tivo. And since I've already got my computer hooked up to my TV and have Tivo, this doesn't look like it'd add anything to my experience.


Officially it isn't a competitor. But in a few years, all the major studios will offer paid streaming of their movies online. Google TV will provide a way for users to both locate and pay for these streams. What, then, is the point of having Netflix as a middleman?


Woot! Another Box to buy.
This will also push MS into doing something bigger with the Xbox soon, lest they lose the "total media center" thin gthey're going for.


I found it interesting that there was not one content provider at the announcement. Bottom line - just another content aggregator (hope that is a word). Wonder if Hulu will tell Google not to show their content because their content is not supposed to be shown on a TV, thru a set-top box, etc..


The Google TV video acts like no Internet based TV devices exist for watching content on the TV.


I find that kind of odd?


I think Hulu is working on their own TV box - I imagine they want their own because it has to be able to run the commercials.

I watch Internet TV through a TV to PC Converter device and run 50 Foot RCA Cable from my PC to my TV and then I can watch Hulu.com, Crackle.com and Netflix.com Video On Demand on my TV set. The draw back is that the Computer has to be on and if I need to make any changes I have to go into the other room where my PC is. Probably be easier if I had a laptop - but I make due with what I have....

I just cannot afford to go up one notch in my DSL from DSL lite for a set-top box that requires a slight higher Internet speed than I have with the DSL Lite.


I find Boxee TV PC Desktop device very useful - I can search TV and Movie videos that are available from it and use the Netflix.com too. It is a third party device from Netflix.com. Although I will be losing the Netflix.com in 2014 when my Windows XP support ends and I am only using Ubuntu Linux Operating System. Netflix.com does not seem to want to do anything with the Linux for streaming videos but I have all the rest of the Videos On Demand with the Ubuntu Linux OS - I will still rent the DVDs from Netflix.com too.


Generally speaking, Google is definitely competition.


When the Roku box was announced a while back, I thought - no way, I'm not hooking up another set top box to my TV, separate set top boxes is not the future; computer video output to the TV is the future. Then I saw the light - set top boxes are the future. So now I have an HDMI switcher on the TV because I've run out of HDMI ports. And I'll be first out of the gate to get a Google TV set top box when available!


I like how the infomerical made it seem like "the web" was this giant, ultra-cooperative entity that was willing to just give up its video goodies. Honestly, IMO, the vast majority of the free source video looks like crap on the computer monitor. I really don't want my HDTV to even try to render it. Pass.


Generally speaking, Google is definitely not competition.

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