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with the closing of my nearby Hollywood Video, I now don't have a Blockbuster or Hollywood Videostore withing a five minute radius of me. although there's a dozen redboxes

James M.

Did you misplace a "million" in there, or was that a joke about Movie Gallery's sales?


All 3 of my Blockbusters closed 2 years ago and now the 5 Movie Gallerys are closing. We have no Hollywood Videos.

That just leaves about 3-4 mom-n-pop video stores. We do have about 20 Redboxs in a 20 mile radius however as well as NF.


With Movie Gallery closing in my area next week, our choices to rent videos are now limited to whatever selection Safeway has (though by the end of May all the ones in my area will have moved away from renting videos to just selling them,) the last 2 remaining Blockbusters in my town will be closing forever June 1st and 5th, the only remaining Hollywood video within 20 miles of me is closing May 8th-but their video game store, gamecrazy or whatever it's called that buys and sales new and used video games and new and used/refurbished hardware will remain open and from what the gamecrazy employees have told me is they are planning to expand. This leaves my area with the one and only local owned mom and pop store (where their stock is 40% family titles, about 15% new releases and 40% "adults" only,) whatever you can find on comcast on demand, the half million or so (sure seems like it!) redboxs and netflix.


There are no Movie Gallery stores in my area, only Hollywood Video, inconveniently located far away so I was never a customer, the store closures won't affect my rental/viewing habits at all.

Now if/when BB goes away will I be negatively impacted.


Pretty sure I returned the last movie I rented late. Maybe I should go by and pay that late fee.


I find it somewhat telling that none of the posts previous to mine answered the question that was asked..."Who Will Benefit?".

I believe that Netflix would benefit. My take on their closing is that although I have no Movie Gallery locations close to me it could have a negative effect that should concern everyone.

Take the fact that Redbox is coming on strong, add to that the possibility of Blockbuster closing down. If the Blockbuster thing happens I can see Redbox possibly raising their rates because they have no local competition.

If they do raise their rates it may send additional people to sign up with Netflix.

I don't see the the limited inventory of Redbox being a major reason for people switching to Netflix because Blockbuster also has a somewhat limited inventory, although I'll concede it isn't as limited as Redbox.

If enough people do stop using Redbox then we might see them go under. If that happens LOOK OUT! What we'll have is close to a monopoly in the DVD/Blu-ray rental business. Other than the mom-and-pop stores there won't be any competition for Netflix.

Netflix will then be able to raise their rates since most people won't have any choice if they want to rent movies.

In addition, if Netflix is going to charge for streaming what better time to start doing it then when they raise their rates. They jack up their prices and tell people who complain about it that they can get streaming cheaper (although it probably would more expensive than what they're charging for renting currently).

With streaming, the cost to Netflix would be negligible compared to what it costs them to send discs out (not to mention not needing to maintain the disc inventory they have). That would lead to higher profit margins, possibly even if their gross revenue is reduced.


I noticed your "statistics" for redbox densities use different units (miles for Movie Gallery, but minutes for Blockbuster). Is that a typo, or just bad-science?


Every movie gallery within a 40-mile radius of me is either closing or has already closed.. Theres a West coast video about 15 minutes away, and a boatload of blockbuster and redbox kiosks.. I am thinking of going to Netflix. my wife and I only ever rented 1 or 2 dvds a month, and for 9.45 for 2 a month, I can pay 8.99 a month for unlimited one-at-a-time dvds from Netflix. Plus, we can then use streaming over wii.
therefore, I think Netflix will definitely benefit. I've had 17 people hand me "refer a friend" cards from Netflix. now I just have to ask myself "who should I give that bonus rental to?"


I don't have a movie gallery near me so it will not have a direct effect on me. 1 of the 2 BB stores did close about a year ago and Redbox has about 9 kiosks in town, and just last week they added a second kiosk at walmart. I do use the redbox from time to time to rent a new release if I am unable to get it through netflix. I think some of the movie gallery customers will turn to netflix, especially if that was their only video store near them.

Nelson Abdullah

The only movie rental place we have is Movie Gallery - 1.5 miles away - and it stopped getting new titles last month in advance of its closing. I won't drive 12 miles to rent a movie at Blockbuster. There is a Red Box 10 miles away but I don't trust getting a DVD from a vending machine and haven't read anything about dealing with them. I considered Netflix but there is no detailed info on how it works. Too many questions about their use of words like "Some titles" and what the heck is a "Queue" that they refer to? I stopped cable service two years ago because of crappy selections of content. HBO charges a premium but shows movies almost a year after they are released. Standard package of 72 channels in cable and I was watching only 5 or 6 of them. Luckily I have good access to broadcast TV and excellent HiDef reception. Well, I do own a small library of DVDs and can always watch one when there is nothing good on TV.

LeAnn R obertson

To the person who said they were told their "game crazy" was going to expand. I can tell you they were WRONG. MGA, US, LLC parent company to Movie Gallery, Hollywood Video and Game Crazy will liquidate all stores. Including Game Crazy. How do I know?? I work for the company. Also, If I have to recommend, I recommend Blockbuster online. Because they have free standing stores still, they will have the new releases as they come out and Netflix and the Kiosks won't get them for at least 30 days after street date


I stopped useing Movie Gallery back in Dec., because of being accused twice that I was late when I was not...also would have to wait in line for long period to get checked out (15-20min) on several occasions..Now useing Netflix and I love it, I bought the PS3 because of the blue ray dvd player and great video quality. and now stream Netflix to my TV in addition to getting DVDs in the mail and love the low price of $9.00 per month..I went to Movie Gallery today and bought 40 dvds for $1.00 each due to store closing, even though I didnt think I would ever go back..

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