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This was actually shot around 6 or 7 months ago...I remember it because I came close to accidentally walking into the running-with-envelope scene.

Dont know the guy though...never saw him again around LG, so I dont think he's a Netflix employee.

Steven Hoober

I just wanna know what they are for, based on the names. Do folks experience juddering on some systems with the (presumably) true 24 frame one?


This is obviously teasing Netflix's forthcoming streaming of 1080p movies.


I like the fact that people are rating the teasers.


I think they need to stick to delivering movies and not making them. ;)

Chris Utley

Netflix said they would not be streaming 1080 in the foreseeable future but would be streaming 5.1 audio this year.


Mario Van Peebles?



3D streaming?

I haven't watched these. So I don't know.

Odd though.


This is simply a frame rate test. It's to determine which of the 2 frame rates offer the least visual tear.

Lumix FZ40

I don't have watch the video

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