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Can you imagine if Hulu ever achieved the impossible and got a streaming library as large as Netflix's DVD library, particularly the anime? I'd dropped Netflix so fast.


I think the timeline for dvd rentals is incorrect. Streaming is going to progress much faster. Netflix needs to work faster toward putting current tv episodes online, not just completed episodes. When Hulu starts charging for a premium service a lot (including me) will probably choose which one to keep. The millennium generation prefers shorter episodes to longer movies unless they are first-run, action ones. I like Netflix and hope they can survive the competition that is coming.


True. Netflix really needs to get the OK to stream current TV programming. That would greatly increase its streaming library. DVD by mail will peak much sooner than they expect, with more streamable content, more device support, etc. I have already substantially lowered the number of DVDs I rent.


I wouldn't switch unless Hulu offered new release movie streaming. I wish Netflix could let us stream new releases, maybe put a limit of 2 per week. They would save on shipping and we wouldn't have to wait so long.


From the slides: "We are evolving to be more movie-catalog focused and more prior-season TV-show focused, as opposed to new-release focused."

Bottom line -- Netflix doesn't control the content. They take what they can get. Within those limits, they provide the best user experience they can.


From what I read, Hulu wants to charge a fee PLUS add more commercials to their streams.

I don't mind watching Hulu occasionally, with the current short commercials. If they increase that, PLUS charge a fee, I doubt I would be a regular.

That is one thing I like about Netflix -- watch a move or tv show without commercials.

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