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and still no iphone app...

I Want Everything Now

@patrick .. yeah. I want my pony to. Mommy and daddy said I could have one for Christmas but they got me a brown one ... I said I wanted black so I got angry and posted on a forum board. So quickly the world owes us something we aren't paying extra for and didn't know would exist until they told they would give us one for free ... douche bag.


@"I Want Everything Now": Wow - chill out man. Can't a guy wonder why there's an app for a device that's been out for a month but that same app isn't available for a similar device that's been out for years? I think we can all tell who the real douche bag is here.


@Scrivner, that wasn't simple "wondering" by patrick, it was unrelated and unproductive whining. Although kudos to him for keeping it brief.

Back on topic, I haven't had Netflix on iPad crash since the previous update, so it's already pretty darn stable as far as I'm concerned.

However, I wish they'd have a "lock screen" option so that I can clean the screen while playing without accidentally kicking out of play mode. That's my biggest (albeit trivial) complaint.

I Want Everything Now...is a loser

@"I Want Everything Now": I don't think it would be an issue if they didn't use the stupid dinner analogy.


At least Netlix is updating and improving their app w/ new features. This is definitely a feature that would almost be essential for the iphone...so maybe it's getting closer?

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