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Never happened to me...but now that I've said that I know it will. :P


Depends on my player
My tray players (desktop & standalone DVD player) have no problems
My center post player (laptops), which you click the DVD into has a problem when the sticker is off-center.
To fix the problem, I gently run a sharp knife on the inside whole, cutting off the excess sticker.
Once, the sticker no longer overlaps the hole, it plays fine.


happens nearly all the time with me.

J Allard

Isn't this like the 100th post about this "issue"?

Paul S

My Panasonic Blu-ray player makes a loud whine when I play DVD discs with these stickers on them. My purchased discs, without stickers, are silent.


Never happens to me.


It has happened to me once. Minor surgery on the label fixed the issue. I would imagine this happens from time to time but so infrequently it would likely fall into the category of "non-issue" for Netflix.


I happened once. My Blu-Ray player made some funny noises and then spit the disc out. I pushed the sticker down in the circle with my finger and then it worked.


No problem getting them to play because of the labels, but they are always noisy because of being off center/balance.


it happens to me more often than i'd like. i have reported the bad disks to netflix and put a note on the disk (even though i shouldn't) :)

is it ok to take off the sticker if it's giving you problems?

Dave Dunn

Doesn't happen to me at all. I don't get DVD's from Netfix anymore!


I've never seen an off-center sticker but I mainly get the new releases. I wonder if this is because the burn-and-return people remove them so they can get a good scan of the disc?


I have this issue, but I'm also using a finicky laptop DVD drive that grip discs with three prong that press out from the center.

Whenever I get a sticker that's not completely over center, I just take out my pocketknife and shave it so it's the proper shape. No more problems.

Anecdotally, I would say that I feel like I've been shaving fewer stickers recently. I'm not sure if that's because Netflix is better about centering them, or all the stickers have been around enough to be corrected, or maybe I just had a bad spell.


Being new to Blu-ray this certainly makes a lot of sense. My Samsung BD-C6500 player would freeze up trying to read the 'From Paris with Love' disc. Never dawned on me it could have been these Stickers. Will certainly check them on any future rentals that have won't play.


Thank GOD someone else is addressing this! It's been happening to me all the time recently and I think Netflix needs to be less lazy when it comes to putting on the stickers, or maybe not even at all. It's not like anyone would have the intention of keeping them unlawfully. Otherwise you wouldn't get your next DVD. Sorry, this is just something I had to rant about.


Never had a problem on the 50+ discs I've gotten this year and played in my PS3.

Michael Contini Jr

Only one time did I get a disk that had the sticker slightly off center... Was apprehensive about putting it in my player (PS3, vertically sitting), but it played without issue. To be honest, I've never had a disk shipped to me that hasn't worked (Central Jersey shipping centers).

Vincent Wright

I had this problem on my laptop on one. Since the laptop DVD drive needs to have the DVD snapped into place, the label caused a problem.


this has een happening on my laptop recently, I'll try the fix


Happens in some players, works fine in others.

Seth Niman

I think that just happened to me! New Sony Blu ray player would not play the blu ray edition of 500 days of summer. It went through the previews, but on the title/menu screen it just froze up and no buttons worked. I sent back to get a new copy but could not figure out what I was doing wrong, or if my new player was a dud or what...it plays non bluray discs that I own with no problem. I will report back after I get my new copy from netflix.

Tim S.

Famous Chicken Theatre has never had a problem with those stickers across a multitude of devices: PS3 (original and slim), Toshiba branded TiVo/DVD player, circa 2005 iMac, JVC Blu-Ray player, and even an AIWA DVD player.


Could a problem like that be due to out-of-date firmware? Especially when it will play previews but then crash on the feature. I'd think if there was a physical problem with the sticker, it wouldn't play at all.

I see several Sony players had updates in the last few months. For more details:

John Dover

@ejrmoviereviews.blogspot.com: It isn't for property retention but rather you will notice it has a small barcode that partially identifies the disc. It allows them to automatically (almost) verify the disc to the sleeve. This is particularly useful for multiset discs where all the discs look the same, or very very close, to prevent misfiling and incorrect discs being sent.


I haven't had problems with mis-aligned labels, but I have gotten a couple discs with the label removed (poorly), leaving sticky glue on the disc and causing the disc to stick to the dvd mailer sleeve. After finally getting it out of the sleeve, I spent 15 minutes removing the glue so as not to damage my dvd player. I was wondering why someone would remove this label, and now I know why!

Please do not remove these labels, and instead cut out the extra part of the sticker in the middle as others have suggested.


So is this an case of "We don't have anything to really complain about so lets find something?" Really, a sticker? Sticker? Man, how trival and mundane some of your lives our.


I've never had a sticker problem with a Netflix DVD.

My local library used to put a sticker in the center of their DVDs. Once I had to open up a DVD player to get a disc out after a sticky label caused it to get jammed inside. Thankfully Netflix's stickers are of better quality.


Well my replacement disc of 'From Paris with Love' wouldn't play in my Samsung 6500 player either. However it does play in my new Sony N460 player in the bedroom.

Latest firmware update, sticker looks fine and other disc have played alright in the Samsung. Just not this disc. Hopefully this isn't a pattern.

Chance the Gardener

The stickered DVDs don't work with our oldest DVD player. We no longer try to play stickered DVDs on that player.

William Bedard

It's funny that this post should appear today as I just now had my first instance of this happening to me. I did just as Moss describes above and then everything was fine!


This happened to me 3 times last month. The only discs that didn't play on my dvd player were ones with stickers. It seemed that the stickers were on properly and centered properly.


This happens here quite often. And it does not seem to happen just when the sticker is not centered properly.


I've not had a problem with the Netflix sticker, but I did have a problem a while back with a cheaply manufactured disc I rented from Netflix.

The cover art on the disc was peeling back slightly. I thought nothing of it and put it in my DVD player. As it spun up I heard a noise from the player that I had never encountered. I ejected the disc and half the cover art had been shredded and spun off by the centripetal force. Netflix was very apologetic and gave me a free month. The DVD player suffered no damage.


It depends on the type of DVD player, I'm sure. But since I play my dvds on my PS2 and have no normal DVD player, I have this issue a lot. If I had a player with a tray, I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem (at least, I hope not).

I just use my fingernail to gently force the label to stretch in the center until it will work.


I have semi-regular issues with bluray discs. Seems that they often have manufacturing defects. Avatar is one in particular that gave me trouble recently. I was on my 4th disc before I got one that would play and not freeze.


I Think who ever removes these labels should be charged with tampering with netflix property. I Have never had any issues with these labels & Had none off Center. I must Have received more than 50 movies with these labels


Have any you who have had problems tried cleaning the disc. Hint: Find small pray bottle add a small amount of rubbing alcohol with water shake well spray little wipe gently let dry

Robert Vaessen

After numerous playback problems, I alerted Netflix to this problem back in June of 2009. I suggested that they discontinue the use of the labels altogether. I suggested they use a 'lightscribe' type device instead.

Deez Nutz

I've had it happen only once. When I called Netflix, the guy acted like I was crazy to suggest the label was off a bit. He was still friendly, but it kind of irked me.


I just received my first two Netflix DVDs with the white stickers. They won't play on my DVD player. DVDs in my own collection play fine.

My DVD player attempts to read one of the discs and then fails with a "No Disc Found" error. The other DVD just keeps grinding and grinding (very loudly) while the DVD player tries to load it. It never loads.

I must say that this is very disappointing. I thought about removing the stickers, but decided that might make things worse. So, I just reported them to Netflix as unplayable. Hopefully the next ones play fine. If not, I'll try removing the stickers.

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