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I agree that this is a "Bait and Switch." Yes, those of us on Unlimited now can stay, but what if I didn't renew? Would I be SOL?

Is there any recourse to this? When we purchased our IPADs we were told $30 unlimited - nobody said it was only for a month! Netflix on 3G is the reason I signed up for unlimited. Very worried and wondering how long I will be allowed to use the unlimited for $30.


The entire idea of streaming movies over the cellular network strikes me as Mondo-Retardo.

"Get a room, already!"


Step 1 - By a Netbook, and get a regular old 3G cell phone with a regular cell phone's unlimited $15 a month. Step 2 - Tether.


Step 3 enjoy choppy video as you're netbooks video card and processors overwork


I worked for the company for years. I hesitate to defend them, but I don't see how this is bait and switch. Current unlimited customers are grandfathered.


I don't think it will affect most users, who don't get close to 2G anyway. I'm all for setting really high usage limits. For instance, I don't want to have slow Internet because my neighbor is constantly using BitTorrent.


1. Not bait and switch since AT&T will give the unlimited plan to all people who order an iPad before the seventh.


2. It's simply not economically feassible to continue giving out unlimited data over the air when there is limited bandwidth available. This new pricing plan finally makes mobile data somewhat affordable for low usage customers such as myself. I might finally start using a smartphone again.

3. How many people were really going to watch a Netflix movie over 3G and not be in an area with Wi-Fi. Sure I can see it happening very occaisionally but not on a regular basis (>2 a month).


Yes, you can keep your unlimited plan if you keep paying $30/month, but we were promised the ability to add remove (and add remove again, etc) the unlimited plan at will. Their marketing encouraged this behavior and acted as an enticement to spending the extra $130 for the 3G version. I feel betrayed. Why has Apple not responded?


I agree with davedave. We were promised to "turn it on and turn it off" as necessary. I'm someone that is on the road for a month at a time, and then home for awhile. That is one of the reasons I got the 3G with this plan was because I didn't always have to have the unlimited plan. Now, I have no choice. We were promised one thing and now it has been taken away.


I agree its a bait and switch (I don't own one or plan to own one). The "unlimited" plan was introduced to maximum fanfair and help generate high launch numbers. Everyone knew there was going to be a Netflix ap - AT&T included.

Apple has not said anything, because of course, apple knew. I can't imagine that AT&T is making this stuff up as they go along. Apple benefited from super positive press reports - which included reports of "unlimited data". Apple and AT&T planned it this way. (Which isn't to say Apple wouldn't be thrilled with unlimited plans, only they knew AT&T wasn't going to keep it for more than a month).


I didn't know that. That's pretty weak to tought that as an advantage and then rescind it as soon as the product is released. I'm sure it's not too late to return it though.


I can semi buy the iPad go back and forth argument. Did they offer that enticement on any other device? But, other then the iPad, seen them "offer" jumping back and forth. Don't get me wrong, AT&T will screw you whenever possible.

Verzie F Eva

Love my non 3G iPad and my Verizon MiFi!!! Best setup ever. Yes, contract and monthly fee.... I'm just saying for me, it's totally worth it. So glad the tech at the big electronics store talked me out of the 3G iPad. Love the MiFi!!!

Edward R Murrow

The wonderful thing about capitalism is that if AT&T doesn't offer what you want or need, then you're free to choose one of AT&T's competitors.


There is nothing wonderful about capitalism!!!


Watch netflix on wifi already. Cell networks are strained as it is without people who have nothing better to do than watch tv while out roaming the city.


I think everyone's problem isn't that there is no more unlimited plan but the fact your on at&t with their horrible coverage and service. Despite what everyone also says about Verizon my blackberry works spectacular

moiz saleem varind

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btw, this is not spam, take care.


An important note is that even the "unlimited" plan was capped at 5GB/month.


You should email the CEO about this! :)

Cheap Hard Drives

I can't stand the poor tariffs consumers get from mobile companies, talk about a rip off!


Verzie F Eva ,

I had the MiFi for about a year and loved it but it's very expensive and there IS a 5GB cap. You can't watch a ton of Netflix on your iPad without going over the limit. Be careful!!

IMO, Steve Jobs and AT&T perpetrated the biggest bait and switch scheme in the history of high tech. I've never been a fan of Jobs anyway, and this just reinforces my highly negative opinion of him. Likewise, I've never like AT&T either. Too many excuses and not enough action on their bandwidth problems.


Work in an ATT call center. The masses made this possible. 70% of all Iphone, BBerry and other "smartphone" calls are complaints re: required unlimited data plan. ATT responds by factoring usage of said customers. Develops two plans that address 98% of all of them. The 2% that it doesn't address are those that don't want data at all, just a bling phone like everybody else has, or they are bandwidth hogs: tethering, torrent bit downloaders, netflix streaming watchers, youtube addicts that can't figure out how to utilize wifi. Can't wait til Verizon gets a version of the Iphone so they can deal with this on their network.


Domo, as a Verizon customer, I PRAY that Verizon NEVER gets the d*mn Jesus phone. Keep it on AT&T where it belongs. They wanted it--they've got it.


If you currently have an iPad with unlimited, you will continue to have iPad with unlimited. How is this bait and switch?


Gran, the problem for those who are "grandfathered in" is that NOW they no longer have the luxury of using the data service only for the months that they'd like to enable it, like for vacations. NOW they have to pay for CONTINUOUS service--something not previously required. GET IT???


I don't like the idea but I have to admit it actually may make the AT&T network more reliable if bandwidth is used less frequently.


What really miffs me is that they're charging $20 per month for tethering, but keeping the 2 GB limit for people who pay extra.

If you provided truly unlimited data use, I could understand charging extra for tethering - the stuff you're going to do on a PC can use a lot more bandwidth than things you'd usually do on a phone.

But why charge extra for tethering if the same limit is in place? You are charging people for something that costs you absolutely no additional money, and, in fact, might make you more money, since a person who tethers a lot is more likely to go over their limit, leading to exorbitant overage charges.

God, AT&T sucks.

Fred Talmadge

There is also a conflict of interest with ATT and most broadband providers in that they also have a media package to sell you.


There will be another wave of pissed-off iPad owners next year when the New York Times starts charging for its site. It was used front-and-center in all the original iPad marketing.

Jane Filmore

So, exactly what does a typical movie use when streaming over 3G? How much of the limit would be used?


Oh yea, I remember hearing how we are not able to grow or mine any more bandwidth. We have to start conserving bandwidth for the children, or they won't have any when they grow up. That is what this is about. There is a finite amount of bandwidth in the US, or we are going to have to start importing bandwidth from foreign bandwidth providers. We can't let our money go overseas to the terrorist. Once we all go back to 56k and only wired connections you will see the error of your broadband ways. Save the Bandwidth!

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