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I'm interested to see what the Boxee box will improve with the extra time. One major flaw I've noticed with the Boxee software is that when you're watching a Netflix TV series (take "The X-Files," for instance), the episodes are not listed in order. I'm not sure how they're organized but they're not in the order that Netflix has them in. This was really frustrating the first time I realized that I had watched one of the last episodes of the season FIRST.

I'm convinced that the only way Netflix is going to play well on a 3rd party device is if it's officially supported by Netflix, meaning that Netflix actually created the software for it (such as on Roku and Xbox360).

Akbar Fazil

Zac, boxee default lists shows as "newest first"

I don't use the netflix app on it but for any show I watch through hulu and the likes, you can bring up the tab on the left and change the order of the show listings.


This is red flag #1.
Boxee box always seemed to good to be true.


Well that certainly hurts them against Google TV.

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