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The horror....the horror....


Love the badly-shopped "C" in the title.

I wonder how long it'll take someone to make a Kevin Bacon version of this.

Sean Palladino

I know this has nothing to do with this article, but apparently, the USPS won't ship DVDs to my house when I put "Barack Obama" as the name. :P I thought it was pretty funny. :)

Matt Thompson

This might be the greatest thing ever...if "Wicker Man" is set as #1 in the queue.


So awesome!


With one click you can add the movies with one click? I'D LIKE TO TRY THIS IS WHAT I'D LIKE TO DO

Sam Matthews

Pretty funny... and when you're done deleting all that from your queue.. check out a search engine that will let you find any actor, any movie in the NF catalog at.. http://www.supersearchnetflix.com


with one click, and with two statements of only one click

Michael Sippey

[this is good]


I wouldn't try it without an automatic "undo" afterwards...


There is no Nicolas Cage movie that couldn't have been better had it not instead starred John Cusack.


If you've seen Valley Girl, you've pretty much seen every Cage character.

Shane Alenson

If you get this API will he cheat on your wife in addition to the movies being added?


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