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I don't know about any one else but "my roku remote" is the best beam-to-box IF remote I ever had or know about. I have my Roku behind my TV, clear out of the line-on-sight and it still get to the Roku. Heck I even put it behind my back and it still works.

And I still have the same batteries that came with the remote, which I got in January of 2009.


The app looks cool. However the ad makes it seem so difficult to search.

When the suggestions on the right is made to help ease the typing issue.

In fact once he types out "the day" on the right it shows "The Day The Earth Stood Still"

You just don't need to type out full titles.


friggin AWESOME! My right thumb hurts after searching for youtube videos this weekend and I asked myself, 'whydoesn't roku sell a keyboard remote?'


Thanks so much for the article. I downloaded the app and it works great. Just took a couple minutes to setup and it started working.


search doesn't work with Hulu.


Do not waste your money on this app! Every time you turn off your Touch, it loses its connection to Roku and has to be re-synced which can take several reboots of the Roku. This app is definitely not ready for prime time. Terrible, terrible, terrible.

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