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Uh, that looks like an iPad display to me.

Andrew Strouse

Definitely an iPad display, us iPhone people have to wait until "this summer" for the streaming app. At this point I would even settle for an app that lets me manage my queue in a better way. The 3rd party apps are very limited.


How funny--I seldom go to the Valley Fair Apple Store, but I did today, and the Netflix envelope in the front window display area caught my eye.

Bob Emmerich

If you use your iPhone 4 while it's in the envelope will it keep you from dropping calls?




Come on Netflix we need an IW app for android as well. I want to stream episodes of the office while I'm standing on the train.

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Oh! what a display it is! I wanna this for may desktop background. It is looking stranger. Thanks

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SO funny to keep an envelope in display. Anyway Apple Ipad is the coolest stuff.

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