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No thanks. Not enough for 9.99 especially compared to what Netflix offers for less. Besides, I have a HTPC and much of this is offered on various websites.


I'm not going to pay to see commercials. Or are they offering this service commercial-free?


yeah this pay service better be commercial free or it will never take off the ground then.


Yet another service I won't be using.

Money grubbers.


9.99 for tv shows?? no thanks.


"Even though you're paying $10/month, you'll still need to sit through ads, which is pretty weak..." via Gizmodo.

Even sadder is that they want you to pay $10, even if you don't want the super back catalog shows. I just wanted the five newest eps of anything for free on my iPad. They should've taken a cue from the ABC Player.



Cheaper than cable or satellite, which I don't have. I might give it a chance.


Can't wait till Redbox offers there streaming service as well.

That way well see more competitive pricing.

A for Hulu. Yeah if it was $5 a month. Well see how $10 a month goes.

It would be better if we got some free service....Time will tell.


"Hulu Plus is the first ad-supported subscription service to offer current seasons of programming from ABC, FOX and NBC all in high-def via the internet. The service costs $9.99 a month and includes content from over 100 providers."

I hate to be a nay-sayer, I love this kind of stuff, but it is too expensive, still has add support, doesn't have enough exclusive content, doesn't offer any shows from HBO or Showtime ect. It just lacks any real value as far as I can tell for that price. You are spending $120 a year to time shift content that is offered for free on broadcast TV and you still have to watch commercials. You don't even get CBS. I hope if fails miserably because at $9.99 a month plus commercials the profit margins on the HULU website will be insane and that could drive up entertainment costs for my beloved netflix.


There are exactly two things Hulu would have to do to make themselves worth paying for: nix the ads and get themselves into my living room via set-top boxes or video game consoles. They have done neither of these things, therefore I'm sticking with Netflix. Thanks for playing.


I'm interested because it will be a complete season and it will be in 720p.

Roku users: please go to the website and signup to be notified, the more people signup the faster we get it.


Why don't they try micro-payments. Something like $.25 or .50 for a commercial free show? A little here and there will add up to much more than the zero I will pay now.


$9.99 is too expensive? You cheap-ass bastages.


I use Linux, so I am left out in the cold again.

I am curious however, if closed captioning is available, or whether that has been striped, like Microsoft Silverlight/Netflix does?

It's why I cancelled my subscription to Netflix. No captioning on instant watch.


Netflix rocks

Hulu doesn't.

If anyone doesn't like that opinion, I have more opinions I could share, just for YOU!


It's ten bux people. And ya, it has ads. Cable was free for ya because of all those ads they had? Somebodies gotta pay for the content. Sign me up :^)


Wayno, both Netflix and Hulu do CC stuff. I'm using it heavily right now with NFLX while catching up on Lost.

David D

People pay a lot more per month for cable, and how many of those stations inundate you with commercials?

Heck, you can't even go to watch a movie in a theater without being forced to sit through commercials (unless you time it so you sit down just as the previews are ending).

James.   Braselton

hi. There. Huss. What. Nintendo. 3ds. Will. Have. 3d. Netflix. 3d. Movies. No. Glasses. Reqiered. For. Veiwing. The. 3ds. Has. A. 3.5. Inch. 3d. Screen. No. Glasses.soo. Anything. You view. On. Top screen. 3d. No. Glasses. Even. Youtube. In. 3d


1) Not going to pay for commercials.
2) The announcement didn't make any mention of Android, so I'm assuming they're not offering it for my platform.


Netflix still is the much better deal. If netflix could stream current season TV programming, that would kill hulu plus and really increase streaming content. Question for netflix subscribers, would you pay more (e.g. $2-$5) to stream current season TV a day after it is shown?


No way would I pay for this when there are other ways to get the same stuff for less or even free.


If Netflix streamed current season TV programming, I would just die of uber-excitment


FearNo1 said "If netflix could stream current season TV programming, that would kill hulu plus..."

NetFlix could be a big winner with this. Usually ahead of the curve, I don't think they are being creative enough with streaming. I do like the commercial-free viewing, but with current season streaming they would stay ahead of hulu.


Bob, there was in interview with Reed Hastings recently where he outlined NFLX's strategy for Instant Watch. He basicly said that NFLX would rather have a large catalog of prior seasons of various TV series other than having the current seasons. It would be too expensive to get the current episodes.


The ONLY reason I watch hulu is because it is FREE. $9.99 for something I can watch for free on through an Antenna, no thanks. I will just wait for Netflix to get these seasons on DVD.


"It's ten bux people. And ya, it has ads. Cable was free for ya because of all those ads they had? Somebodies gotta pay for the content. Sign me up :^)"

You and many others like you are conditioned to accept this. It is bad. Break free. This is just the networks stepping up to try and replace the cable companies, WITH THE EXACT SAME CRAPPY MODEL!!! Next up, Comcast buys NBC/U and takes control of Hulu. Look more content on Hulu but the costs go up to $19.99, and for $20 more you can get HBO. Look new tiered pricing, you can get base Hulu for $30 a month for the sports package including ESPN all digital of course its only $50 a month. You want CBS? Well then you have to subscribe to Holo and its packages for $50 a month.

The death of the DVD is the death of consumer freedom and companies like Netflix. You see, Netflix can buy a copy of something and do whatever they want with it. Based on recent digital rights laws that have been passed, the consumer or content aggregator(like netflix) will never own any digital copyrighted material.

If I "buy" an online digital copy of "Iron Man", then I may view it whenever I want. I cannot legal lend it or sell it at a yard sale. Technically I probably cannot let my wife watch it with me since she did not pay for it. I can transfer it to another device but will have to remove it from the previous device before I am able to watch it.

The end of the world is coming and it all starts with paying $9.99 to Hulu.


Not for me. Needs more content, such as Disney, Bravo, and MSNBC. And content needs to be as close to simultaneous to network showing. Except news like MSNBC, which should be live streaming. I'm glad they are trying something new, but it doesn't trip my switch.


You people complaining about price have to put things into perspective:
How many coffees do you buy at a Starbucks in a month? 28 coffees = $120 per month

Do you really need a smartphone and a expensive data plan? data plan = $30-90 per month

Do you need premium channels on cable/satellite? $20-50 per month


This seems pretty reasonable. Between $9/month for Netflix, and $10/month for Hulu on my TV (in HD, no less), I'm still spending way, way less than I would for even the most basic cable package, and I'm not giving up much.

Even if they keep the ads, I don't have a problem, as long as it's just one short commercial per break, like it is now.


It is not the price, it is what you are getting for the price. Many of the recurring bills in my household started off with "but it only costs..." Believe it or not you can spend an entire paycheck in 10 dollar increments if you find enough of them. Hulu is offering me the opportunity to "buy" something I can get for free. I can time shift with a dvr. The only two things I see is current catalog material which I could have dvr'd and I will be able to watch stuff on my iphone or ipad not on my android device right now. Hulu can block me from watching their free shows on my phone with technology, but I don't think they can block me legally. Therefore, there will always be hacks that will allow me to watch Hulu on my phone. I don't have enough time of my own in life. What little time I do have I don't want to spend watching commercials...more importantly...I don't want to pay for the privilage.

Here is a great blerb from wikipedia

"Advertisements take airtime away from programs. In the 1960s a typical hour-long American show would run for 51 minutes excluding advertisements. Today, a similar program would only be 42 minutes long; a typical 30-minute block of time now includes 22 minutes of programming with six minutes of national advertising and two minutes of local. Some networks even use a 18 minutes of show/12 minutes of commercial split...over the courses of 10 hours, American viewers will see approximately three hours of advertisements"

Sure Hulu has short ads now, but so did the networks back in the 1960s. I have already noticed that CBS.com has far more ads than they did last year. More commercials will come to Hulu, its only a matter of time and market share.


Hasty assumptions there:

I don't drink coffee.

I don't have a smart phone or data plan. I have cable internet at home and access to thousands of free wifi hot spots.

I don't have premium cable. Basic cable and netflix ($9 plan) are all the movies I need.

I try not to double dip when it comes to expenses. After all, aren't we supposed to be in a bad economy now? :-/


I hate to be negative about this, because I would like to subscribe to their shows, but there is just no way I will pay for something with ads. Netflix has spoiled us.


Netflix has been in the biz for awhile & knows what there doing. ;-D


I've not subscribed to cable or satellite for the last 3 years. I've only been using Netflix, Hulu (free), torrents, OTA, and the occasional purchase from Amazon or iTunes.
The Hulu plus service seems like it will be a welcome addition. I honestly just think that cable is asking to much for subscription prices for what it offers.
As for CBS, FX and TNT. I can't think of anything on those stations that I would want to watch. I'm not saying that there isn't anything good. Just that I've not come across anyone mentioning something that I should check out that happens to be on those 3.


I don't mind commercials all that much on regular cable TV. I just record the show I want to see - say "Burn Notice". If it starts at 8:00PM I start watching the recorded version at 8:20PM. Then I jump pass all the commercials with a series of simple buttons pushes on my Harmony remote. There are about twenty minutes of ads in a broadcast hour so at 9:00PM I am back to real time.

But apparently with Hulu I wouldn't be able to do this. So I would end up paying extra to watch commercials. Some deal!


You mean to tell they Charging 10 Buck per month to TV Shows & you have watch Commercials what rip off I will never sign up for that crap.

Hey everyone Rate this channel a 1 star


It's not expensive at all, but I still don't think there's enough incentive for people to pay up. Especially when you've got a service like Netflix.


A Hulu exec recently commented that their goal is to add commercials to programs until they get about the same number that are on broadcast/cable TV.

So, they expect us to subscribe for $9.99 and they make additional $$$ by increasing the number of ads.

Many comments on the Hulu website were negative to the ads+subscription paradigm.


I want to say I won't pay to watch Ads, but I have cable, so I guess I already do :( Maybe I can say I won't make that mistake again!

And they only have limited programming, so to me, it's only worth limited $$. For $10, they need to offer ALL TV shows (HBO, Showtime).

I also like the idea of micropayments. Pay as you go is the future! I could even wind up paying more than $10 in a month @.50 per show. But it would be my choice, not another monthly bill I have pay whether I use it or not.

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