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depends on how gimped it is. full featured premium hulu for $5 a month? in a heart beat! $10 a month? probably, but any more expensive and i wouldn't do it.

Chris O.

It really does depend. I too could envision a benefits package that would get me to pay up to $10 a month, but it'd have to be something good.


If it is what I currently can see on hulu, then no I would not pay a cent. If I pay, it must be commercial free and I want the full current season of the shows, not just the last 4-5 episodes. Hulu is also missing CBS.


only if they had alot of full seasons of new & old shows, whether they r on DVD or not....


Hopefully its part of XBL Gold. I don't see myself paying a subscription and getting ads.


"If I pay, it must be commercial free and I want the full current season of the shows, not just the last 4-5 episodes." I agree if i want commercials I'd watch real TV of hulu online


I would love to get Hulu on my Xbox. PlayOn works alright, but the quality isn't great, and using it is a little bit clunky. Of course, the quality might be better if I had a better computer.

Anyway, I'd pay for Hulu if it weren't totally gimped, and gave me access to its full archives, and continued to let me watch TV shows just a day after they air.

Of course, there's an upper limit to what I'd pay. $5 a month is very reasonable, but if it goes much higher than that, I wouldn't bother.


I'd pay $5 a month for Hulu in my living room with no ads and access to a big back catalog instead of just the newest episodes. Trying to charge more or offer less would be a harder sell, because I'm already a Netflix subscriber and they get everything Hulu gets six months to a year later anyway. I don't mind waiting if it'll save me a buck.

Matthew Steiner

PlayOn works pretty well. But if Hulu had no adds, and access to longer library on Xbox, that would be well worth it.


I would want access to the full season, no commercials, access to CBS (not just clips - the whole show)and in 720p.

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From my opinion this is a great service and would allow people who owns Xbox 360 to enjoy their console more.


no, I would not

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