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Dexter, Brotherhood, Californication, and The L Word are a few shows i know that will be disappearing from streaming July 1st. i'm sure there are others as shows are always disappearing and reappearing, but these are a few pretty popular shows from Showtime.


The Brotherhood and The Tudors are also Showtime originals that will be disappearing July 1. I certainly hope Netflix can maintain a relationship with Showtime I like some of these shows, but not enough to pay for Showtime.

Tim S.

I was afraid we wouldn't get season 3 of Leverage. Oh well. I guess I'll just put the discs on my queue.


I was kind of frustrated because season 2 WAS on streaming, but not all of it, and left me very confused. Then the rest of season 2 disappeared.


So in other words, more people will be downloading them...

Sock Puppet

Season 3 of Leverage is the latest season (NEW) an is airing new shows on TNT Sundays... So of course they are not going to be on Instant Watch right now.

That might change after they finish playing on cable first... I think you might be getting "a little bit" ahead of yourself ;-) The 3rd & 4th episodes just aired for the first time 6/27/10.


Bit Torrent to the rescue

Mario Garcia

The same sort of stupidness happened with The Greatest American Hero. They have Season 1 But the pilot and season Finale are not available completely pointless to have a show like that up


Please don't touch my Buffy & Angel!!!


@Sock Puppet, Leverage 2 was available right after the episode aired. That's why the expectation is there for the same thing with season 3. Obviously they're not distributing it in that way this season.

Perkins Cobb

Pretty much a non-story though as long as NF is still carrying the DVDs, right?


Perkins cob, you are very right. With as popular as these shows are, netflix will be a fool not to buy them on DVD, yes-streaming is very popular these days but not everybody has it or wants it or has the ability to have it.

So this is not an issue as long they get it on DVD. Besides, don't they have like umteen million other shows and movies to watch while waiting for the current season of your favorite show to make it to your netflix list?


looks like Netflix and Showtime must have worked out an agreement because the shows i previously mentioned are no longer saying that they are going to expire from streaming on July 1.

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