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The thing that scares me about this announcement is what it means for PS3 (and other device?) owners. I can imagine NF saying in November when the PS3 app is supposed to release, 'Sorry no search for you. We had it programmed and ready but then Bill Gates backed up one of his money barges to our back door...'

Same for ESPN availability on any other platforms.


My concern is the pricing for ESPN. I doubt it'll be commercial funded. If the price is too high (or it's subject to blackouts.) Then there will be problems.


At E3, Microsoft announced that the ESPN content will be included in the cost of a current Xbox-Live Gold Subscription. Any current gold subscription member will have access to the content as soon as it is released. Not free, but already paid for is pretty good. I will be more excited when I see what 3500 sporting events are available...

John Galt

I hate Xbox. Microsoft always fights dirty by throwing money at exclusive deals, instead of simply making a better product.


Wow, that's a big deal. But it's not as impressive as it initially looks. You have to already have access to espn3 through your ISP AND have xbox live-gold.

I'm more interested if people have had success in streaming espn3 to a notebook connected to a HDTV via HDMI cable. I've heard people have had streaming issues due the processor demand on the CPU when accessing HD content.

Anyone tried this? If it works well, this xbox contract isn't nearly as impressive. I'm concerned hd streaming on pcs is still a little ways off at a mainstream level. I know that my mlb.tv subscription runs 1000x smoother through my ps3 in HD then it does through my PC in SD (choppy, rebuffering, maxs out my processor).



I'm sure the 'Red Ring of Death' hasn't been fixed with the new box.


Good news! They fixed the Red Ring of Death on the new boxes - the red lights have been removed so it is impossible to have RRoD.

R4 carte ds

Too many bus last time, simply do not like it, PSP and DSi is better.

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