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Colour me ignorant, but is that really unexpected? I mean, CSRs are, by definition, invisible to the customer -- who cares what they wear?

(and given that in HQ your average employee is wearing shorts and a t-shirt, I'm not sure what reason there'd be to come up with different requirements for the CSRs. Though God knows, the CSRs I've talked with on average are much better on the phone than most of my coworkers :) )

Cookie Monster

I'm not surprised by this as the corporate environment has changed to a more casual one because they've realized that a comfortable worker is a more productive worker. Their research has shown this again and again. Gone are the days of Big Blue (I.B.M.) button down wing tips; even they have embraced comfort.


Nice jab at American Apparel! lol

John Kimble

Its always a sweet deal, one of its more popular features is the no drug-testing policy which is a deal breaker for us Bud-smoking Oregonians


My daughter just started a summer job in a AAA Auto Club call center. They have a slight dress code, mostly not to offend colleagues.

RE: Netflix, why should they care? With their churn, no one stays there long enough to care about purple hair or toe rings.


I could care less what they wear. The one time I had to call them (I had sent them a Block Buster disk) they were very nice.


who cares what they wear?

The two times that I've called them, (the second time about Linux streaming 'we're working on it!') they have been very polite, and just plain amazing. They give me the best customer service I've experienced!


You'd be surprised: I worked at a (non-Netflix) call center for a while (worst job ever, btw) and they insisted on pretty formal dress. Slacks, belt, long-sleeved collared dress shirt, dress shoes instead of sneakers, the works. About the only thing they didn't require was a tie. It was obnoxious.

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i worked there back when their call center was in Sunnyvale and we sometimes showed up to work in our pjs & slippers. There was no dress code then either.

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