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Netflix needs to go back to getting more of the independent films as they're not getting the film The Devil Within while Blockbuster Online is and that's just one example. If they're not going to get select new releases until 28 days later, the least they could do is get the more independent films.



Probably because, according to IMDb, this film doesn't come out on DVD until June 29th.



June 29th is this week, what the post is about.


Can someone explain to me why "Hot Tub Time Machine" and "Percy Jackson: Lightening Theif" are being released on Netflix on 7/27/10 when they are being released on DVD on 6/29/10???


Never mind about my last comment. I just read about the "28 days" agreement bullshit. That's so stupid.


Don't know about everyone else, but the movi.es brief URLs aren't working for me.


the movie Bass Ackwards has been available to IW for a little while now it's just now being released on dvd this week. About the 28 day window for some new releases I am fine with that I would rather wait and rent them from netflix then pay $5 a pop to BB or Comcast's on demand.


@Accra84. In other news, were you aware that the Nazi's surrendered to the Allies?



Netflix isn't getting the film in question even though tomorrow is June 29. They're skimping on select new releases in addition to the 28 day delay.


@Faheem , really?! I hope Hitler doesn't kill himself!


Looking forward to the Wolfman and the Crazies. They might not be great but should be fun rentals.


I remember watching "13 ghosts of scooby doo" as a kid... and sometime later, the 700 club or some other religious show was ranting about it as Scooby Doo now going into Satanism.

Not Whipped

Still waiting for Whip It. Still Very Long Wait. I am on 3 DVDs at a time, and I watch less than 3 DVDs/week, so I am not a heavy user. Why the very long wait?


@Not Whipped, maybe because others have rented, or want to rent it as well? It may sound crazy but maybe I'm on to something.


Not Whipped,
FeedFliks still shows Whip It is a very long wait for around 15% of users. (link). I was also waiting for it for months and had to get a free trial from Blockbuster in order to receive it. It was good, but not fantastic.

Not Whipped

Thanks for the explanation Nick :)

It was released 5 months ago, that is why it is surprising to see it as very long wait--that means it could be months more.

Also, I'm not in the top 15% of heavy users--far from it.


FYI- I've discovered if the top 3 choices in your Queue are all on wait / new releases and you return all three movies (I'm on the 3 at a plan time) they WILL fill the order with the movies even if they are on very long wait). However, if just 1 of your top 3 are on "long wait" they just skip it almost every time. So- I sometimes pad my top 3 with a long wait movie I might not be interested in to get the one I DO want to ship.


Just a tough.. Almost all movies from Overture Films (a Starz company) end up on instant watch a few month after they are release on DVD. Examples. Pandorum, Law Abiding Citizen, Capitalism a love story etc. Willing to bet the Crazies and Brookling finest will be on IW soon.

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