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I keep getting an error trying to watch an episode of 24 season 1.


This happened to be in between watching episodes on watch instantly, watched one episode then it disappeared.


Is it just on watch instant? or site wide? I've never seen the wire on WI before...


Thanks for the heads up. My kids were wondering what happened to their favorite show when they couldn't find it. I couldn't find anything on the netflix site so I googled it and found your blog which took me to their twitter account as well.

Matthew DH

Yeah it really stinks I hope they can get the shows back up soon. I was scared that maybe all the shows suddenly expired or the companies wanted all their stuff pulled down. Good to know it'll be back up.


way to go ERIC!!!!


"all hands on deck". Netflix, get your hands off the deck and on to some code and fix the problem.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

As I refresh, I see that initially "Lost" was Unavailable, but I could Watch Trailer. Then the Watch Trailer disappeared. And now, I can "Add All" to my DVD queue. And there is a link to "Play Next Episode", but it doesn't work.

So they are obviously able to get something done, even with their hands on their decks.


Site wide. I was watching Avatar and the episode just stopped and said it was unavailable. I thought maybe the episodes had just expired and I was SOL but I noticed that all of Nickelodeon's episodes were gone.

These last few days have been kinda frustrating with Netflix


Since the update on my Roku, it's been a problem a day. Gimme the old stuff back


Half the stuff on my iw queue now says coming soon witch I was told by CR at netflix that is also a bug they are having issue with as well as streaming stuff bt on my pc and my roku box I can't stream a thing but I can stream on my wii witch is weird. and the CR said she couldn't explain that and hadn't heard of it only working on the wii. So yet another day of issues with netflix oh joy.

Chris Utley

If they had expired we would have had some warning first.


They are all back now...
RT @Netflixhelps: TV Series are back! Search for Lost, watch Bones instantly! Thanks for your patience, everyone.


None of mine are back yet, but it's nice to know it's just a technical issue; thanks for the heads up!

Chris Utley

Don't be confused. The Wire is not on Instant Play.


I have 490 movies and TV shows in my instant que, which I had arranged in an order that would make the most sense for my family. I just went to the Netflix website and about one third of these titles have now been moved to the end of my que. Most of the ones that got moved to the end of my que are TV shows, but not all - 1 scifi movie and a bunch of documentary films got moved as well.

Will I have to manually fix the que position of all these titles, or is there a chance they'll reappear later in the order I had them in?

Jordan Trunner

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have 500 hundred movies in que when i go to the site to remove a movie my computer freezes and tells me internet explorer script error also on my ps3 can no longer add movies this has been going on for weeks whats the deal

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