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I have a PS3 and detest swapping out my main game disc, for the Netflix disc. It's a PITA. I hope we get Netflix added to the PS3 OS soon!!

Chris O.

I think this ranks pretty low on the list of things I hate to do, but obviously I would also prefer native PS3 support.


Interesting that they singled out the PS3 here, considering that the Wii works the same way. I wonder if they see more traffic coming from PS3 than Wii: they Wii has the greater install base, but I'd guess that a greater number of PS3s are online.

Supposedly the reason for the disc swapping is that Netflix has some kind of limited exclusivity contract with Microsoft where they couldn't release a native app on another video game console for a couple years. Once that expires (which should be pretty soon if I'm remembering right), I don't see why there'd be any barrier to releasing a native app on both consoles that don't have one already.

Personally, I had my Wii hacked for homebrew already, so adding the ability to run the Netflix app off an SD card or USB drive was a relatively easy hack.

Steve I

I don't use my PS3 for games, I leave the Netflix disc in my PS3 all the time. I take it out when I want to play a Blu-Ray movie.

I do wish they'd do the built in Netflix thing though......

I've got Netflix on my Wii also, no comparison though......SD vs. HD.

Chris M.

I have a PS3 and, for me, it's not such a big deal to pop in the disc whenever I want to watch Netflix.


Obviously a native app would be easier, but it's not a very big deal to swap discs out. I tend to get into games or movies for long periods of time, so I swap the disc maybe three or four times a week. Grand total of time wasted swapping discs is maybe a couple seconds.


I would prefer a native app compared to the disk drive and the simple reason would be to save the life of the disk drive. Using the disk drive for streaming video is not utilized on the computer platform, but if paying Sony to have the right to use a native application of its native platform would increase the price or decrease the services provided by Netflix now I would say scrap it and stick to the Blu-ray disk that is used now for Netflix streaming.


I suspect they already have a native app ready to go. This way, when most people respond that it is a hassle, they can introduce their app and say look how we listened to our customers.


Is this 2010 or 1995!!! Native APP all the way.


I've been having issues with my disc lately, so I'm all for a native app.


what can be the benefit of having to put a disc in over having an app? This survey seems pretty useless.


I don't mind swapping discs, but I would like to see some basic queue management features on the ps3, and I assume that it would be easier to do app updates rather than send new discs to everybody whenever there's an incremental update.


A native app would be sweet but it's not a deal breaker. I have to get off my ass to swap discs when I rack up 5hrs of game play anyway.

John Galt

It's a known fact us PS3 users are stuck with the disc, because of Microsoft exclusive deal with Netflix. Luckily it expires at the end of 2010, and that's when we'll finally see native app.


I do the same as Steve above - i.e. just leave the Netflix disc in the PS3 since I'm not a gamer. A native application certainly makes more sense - I thought the Mother Microsoft deal was to expire in 2009. Sony/Netflix are on record saying the native app is supposed to appear sometime in "early 2010." But of course, actions speak louder than words...


"It's a known fact us PS3 users are stuck with the disc, because of Microsoft exclusive deal with Netflix. Luckily it expires at the end of 2010, and that's when we'll finally see native app."

Well....certainly doesn't seem like we're stuck with it then.


I say YES on the native app. If my kids play on the PS3 I have to hunt down the Netflix disk. I also have a 360, but do not want to pay for Live Gold just to watch Netflix.

Sony already has Netflix availiable on Tv's and BlueRay players, so why not on the PS3.


My disc stopped working once Sony updated the firmware. I have been using PlayOn since then.


Not that big a deal, but still a local app would be better.


the ps3 interface is a million times better than the xbox 360 interface, but the 360 loads about three times as fast because it runs from a hard drive instead of a disc. i'm 100% for a native app for the ps3.

Chris M.

Like Manny my disc stopped working correctly after a firmware update that came out shortly after the PS3 were released. It would play but couldn't get a HD stream anymore even though I have sufficient bandwidth. It would downgrade to 480p during the detection phase. My TV would flash a blue screen, then back and the Info button showed my TV in 4:3 480p Got a new disc and same results. It's moot point for me though since Sony removed the Other OS option and I barely use my PS3 now. Yes I am one of those geeks who used Linux on my PS3 and wasn't happy when thy removed it. I've only tried the PS3 Netflix once since then to see if I could still use it without updating the firmware(I could suprisingly). I do however like in the PS3 UI that you can push left on your Queue list and go to the end instead of having to scroll through the whole list like the Xbox


I have disc's for PS3 and Wii as well as the original released Roku and prefer to use the Roku for streaming because A) less power consumption and B) it's always ready to go: 1) no need to hunt down disc's, 2) no bootup wait time like Wii or PS3 and 3) it's faster than Wii or PS3 at getting from "Click Play" to actually watching video. In other words, the Roku is always waiting for me and not the other way around.

As far as the newer Netflix interface feature for Roku goes, I prefer to use a computer to browse titles for streaming so this makes me want a feature I can't have - the ability to lockdown a firmware version. I'm beginning to hate the fact that I "buy" hardware but have no control over the software which runs the equipment.

Ultimately moving the Netflix app from PS3 disc to XMB only solves the B1 point.


I am on my 4th disc. They become unplayable on my PS3 after a month or two. I have reset the BD option on my PS3 but still will not work. So I continue to order new ones. Let’s see if NF gets tired of sending me discs.


I would very much like to have an app. Currently I just use PlayOn instead of hunting for the disk.


I have a Roku and a PS3... The Roku is nice that you can switch between Pandora/Amazon/Netflix without swapping disks. They have only recently upped their netflix feature set to allow direct searching for/adding movies. I like the PS3 interface better, but no big deal.

If Netflix publishes a Netflix app, I'd be far more likely to use it.

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