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Sock Puppet

Smart move by Paramount.

Make Warner and Fox look like a couple of whiny money grubbers...

And by not making a 28 day deal, get full $$ for each copy bought from redbox (and presumably netflix).


This makes me want to buy something from Paramount. Finally, somebody is thinking clearly.

Dig Bick

Is it April 1st? I'm shocked, but in a good way. Bravo Paramount.


Finally a studio that does the right thing, kudos to Paramount.


Holy crap!!! Someone in Hollyweird actually has a functional brain! Suddenly I can envision a snowball relaxing in Hell with sunglasses and a frozen daiquiri.

Will Dearborn

Good on Paramount for this. Smart decision.


It's a data-driven world and Paramount had the balls to actually do the research to prove what most normal people knew already and disprove what most Studio's wanted/wished to be true. The tide is turning and I'm hoping that reasonable deal-maker-people stop this 28-day rental window BS.
That said, it appears to me a new, digital-only release window is also starting to operate. This has to do with Dexter: Season 4. Amazon shows it's available to purchase 8/17/10 (DVD & BD) but will sell you the digital (HD) now for $2.99 (all episodes for $28.99) on AmazonOnDemand. I was out on the PlayStation Network last night and saw that I could buy each episode - $2.99 for HD ($35.88 for the season), $1.99 for SD. BBonline won't even give me the option to "Save" it while Netflix does but the availability date is marked "Unknown". At this point I'm starting to wonder if the Rental availability window for Dexter: Season 4 won't end up being September.


Yay Paramount.


Disney and Paramanount are in. cool.


Good job Paramount. Finally someone in hollywood is actually using their brains. I'm glad that Disney or Paramount won't follow suite with the 28 day window, even though it really hasn't bothered me that much. It's just nice to know not everyone is being money hungry.


As long as the digital rental/buy costs are more than or equal to dvd rental/buy I ain't going for it. If I am only watching it once maybe $0.50 is ok. This is more than they get per viewer with ads for most TV shows.

Chris Utley

is Paramount saying the same about Netflix?

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