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I can confirm it works! Awesome.


Technically speaking, it's a beta and a hack, if it's the same one I installed. I believe it is an unofficial channel (i.e. not made by Google / YouTube) and it's considered beta until it hits the Roku Channel Store (or whatever they call it). I'll have to see if this is the same one, but the one I had did an OK job at YouTube. I think it needed more configuration than I had, and probably would work better on a YouTube account that has more use than mine (lots of favorites, etc).

Kenny Johnson

I say neither. It's not a beta, because I don't think there are any plans to put it officially in the public channel store.

But I don't know that "hack" is quite the right word either. It was a channel built using the Roku SDK.


nowhereman is great - i added a few of his free channels to my roku and it really spiced things up, especially with youtube


yes this is a GREAT channel. It works really well. There are more private channels listed at www.roku-channels.com. nowhereman (the guy who made the youtube channel) is responsible for a bunch of these channels.


I doubt the YouTube will ever go public because Google is very strict who they give a license to, even though they didn't create the content they do whatever they want with it.
It's under paragraph 6(section C):


Nowhereman created it in his spare time on a weekend and it got so popular that he continued working on it. Now I personally find that it beats Mobiletribe's setup by miles. Dumped Mobiletribe months ago and haven't regretted it since.


Tells me it's an invalid code for Youtube when I try to connect to my ROKU


Nevermind -- it does work -- if you cut and paste the code from a web page it doesn't work -- I finally tried entering it in manually on the ROKU site and it did accept it.

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