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I dunno, I'm much more likely to find something watchable on Watch Now than at redbox these days


I want my content and I want it now. Redbox is not for me. Netflix streaming has provided me with many hours of entertainment while on the treadmill and I've watched a bunch of movies as well. I usually don't care if it's the latest content since I haven't watched the older stuff yet.

I have a Netflix subscription purely because of the ability to watch streaming content. The DVD I got by mail arrived about 2 months ago.


If I want new blockbusters I will hit up Redbox on Tuesdays, but I always use Netflix far more often, TV shows, foreign films, classics, kids movies/shows, etc Netflix streaming is still far better.

Redbox is just far too limiting for anything other then Tuesday releases.


So only the "fresh" stuff is "interesting"? I suppose that's true if your entire product line has to fit in a vending machine.


Let's see... my Netflix instant queue is closing in on 200 titles. Yeah, the selection isn't relevant or interesting at all.

Capn Booyakka

Mitch Lowe is choosing to ignore the fact that a "very small percentage" of a "huge library" is still a significant number of films.

To me streaming is fantastic for times when I am in-between releases being sent to the house via Netflix Classic®, or when I want quick entertainment without having to run down the street to a Redbox.

Chris O.

Netflix streaming is amazing, especially since they recently added a bunch of TV shows that I always liked but never completed watching. I really don't see how I'll ever run out of streaming videos to watch.


Thankfully, that much larger percentage that the folks at Redbox do not find "relevant and interesting" is exactly what I do find "relevant and interesting" at Netflix.


With all the television released to watch instantly, it is way better than redbox.

Regarding movies, well think of it like cable. 90 channels of nothing but at least have the foodnetwork.


Just watched the Umbrellas of Cherbourg streaming on its last day available. Blew my mind. That would never be at Redbox or Blockbuster.


Mitch Lowe must not watch documentaries, foreign films, TV shows more than a year old, or any arthouse cinema.

Until he has Koyaanisqatsi, Season 3 of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, or Paris Je T'aime, I will never use Redbox. 2 of those 3 shows/movies are available streaming on Netflix, and I can get pretty much any film I want in a day through the mail.

Sorry Mitch, I'll stick with Netflix.


I don't know if I can agree with most of the comments. The Instant Streaming is nice but still very anemic. It's not often I find anything I want to watch.

" ... we make it easier by continuing to put fresh product ... "

Makes it sound like he was selling lettuce.

I don't know how many of us there are, perhaps only me and my wife, but some of us are looking for "product" that has withstood time, not "fresh". We've no interest in fresh, except when buying lettuce.


Well, we watch The Red Baron in HD on Netflix streaming last night. Gotta say, it was nice not to have to go out to get the disc. Never used Redbox, and only visit Blockbuster when I just can't wait the 30 days to see a new release....


if by "relevant he means movies like "revenge of the fallen" than yes redbox is awesome.


I still see it as two different markets. Netflix is still getting the long tail. If 1 person every 5 sq miles in the US wants to watch the documentary "King Corn" then there is no reason to put it at Blockbuster or in Redbox for 1 or 2 people to watch. 750,000 people nationwide can stream it and be happy. Netflix competes with Redbox on new releases but that is just one portion of the Netflix business model and it is the whole business for Redbox.


This guy is a tool. "Fresh product?" So is he saying The Godfather and Citizen Kane are "worthless" because they aren't fresh? This isn't food for god sakes, it's movies. He's going down the same route Blockbuster did. That being the only customer who matters is Joe Sixpack and his obsession with the latest big budget, overhyped Tom Cruise junk.

Since Netflix added Wii streaming, I can't really say anything negative about it. If you got a high speed internet connection and wireless router, you're pretty much good to go these days. Sure, Watch Instantly could use more new releases, but you can still get the new crap via disc. Did he forget Netflix still mails DVDs to all of it's customers? Jesus.


Redbox is a fabulous technology. I remember how impressed I was when I first saw it.

I imagine they will be bankrupt by this time next year. Home entertainment is a tough business.


Netflix has Criterion. Argument over.


I still have yet to try red box. While netflix is great, it is far from perfect. It really needs to improve its streamable content since new releases are delayed and many streamed titles are old. If netflix could stream current programs like hulu, that would greatly improve the service. I may give red box a try since there are some new releases, e.g. true blood season 2, I want to see. The red box CEO should have taken a more subtle response by saying red box and netflix are not direct competitors.


If I want to see a New Release badly enough I go to the theater. Everything else, I don't care. I have no idea what is "out this week" because I have a LIFE!!!!!! (not that you can tell b/c I am doing this)
Everything I have not seen is a NEW RELEASE 2 ME!!!!
I tried RedBox once, before I got Netflix, and everything was out of stock. The couple other times I have been w/my friends who have wanted to use it, same story. I heard you could go online and reserve it, which kinda takes away the whole "impulse" movie. I don't want to search a 20 mile radius for my movie, so I think I will sit down w/my Roku and watch something now.


Redbox CEO: "Netflix continues to build up this huge library with a very small percentage of it being relevant and interesting."

That's hilarious. I guess if your business model is obsolete in 5 years, and you only have about 70 or so movies available to rent, that's what you have to say.

Thanks for providing my laugh for today.


All right, Redbox, let's hear your streaming strategy for when DVDs are obsolete. You want people walking up to the kiosk and watching the movie from there?


Here, I'll translate Mitch's corporate speak into English for everyone:

"We think our customers are idiots. Big stupid fat slobs with no attention span. I will leave it up to you to decide whether or not this is true based on the fact that most of our kiosks are outside of 7/11s and Wal-Marts. We make good money pandering to such idiots. PR says that this quote will keep us on the minds of those bottom-feeding rednecks. Fuck you, goodbye!"


I'm extremely happy with the content selection of Watch Instantly. I just signed up a few weeks ago and have been watching 1-2 movies every night and have tons of stuff in my queue. The Redbox dude is only offering up self-serving crappola.


@BP: Redbox is taking the whole pandering to the lowest common denominator to a new level. They have no real future. Just a fad.


He wasn't even talking about the streaming library, he was talking about the Netflix library as a whole. Streaming wasn't mentioned until later in the story.


Wow, such hostility. Look, the man's statement may be silly, but it's just spin. Redbox's business model is such that they need to serve the largest common denominator, because that's all they have room for in a vending machine. Netflix's business model leads them to serve a broad variety of small niches because that's what's cheapest to license for streaming (especially without ads).

It's not like Redbox thinks you're stupid and Netflix thinks you're smart, or Redbox hates you and Netflix loves you. They're each just doing what will make them the most money, and Lowe's job is to try to talk up Redbox and make it sound good.


Their CEO is almost as bad as Blockbuster's... You need to think about the future, this is old and dying technology. Yes its cool for now but what about 3-5 years?


He is smoking something. Just the instant watch option on NF is awsome and i dont know if is just me but is getting better and better.


I use Roku and watch shows instantly. If I'm being honest, much of what I watch consists of stuff I wouldn't watch unless there was nothing else on.

I really haven't seen the addition to that library that Netflix promised when they made the agreements with the studios to delay new releases. Obscurity seems to be the rule of the game when it comes to watch instantly, which serves my purposes if I'm really bored.

That said, the Redbox CEO was merely toeing the company line, and saying what he has to say. His comments don't affect me one way or another. It's entertainment, not rocket science


I know a guy who uses Redbox exclusively. He always talks during movies, doesn't watch films with subtitles, and loves the convenience of grabbing a Big Mac with one hand and a "relevant and interesting" movie with the other.

I'll stop short of calling into question the intellectual capacity of everyone who uses Redbox as their primary source of entertainment.

Jason the Saj

RedBox is a dead end business model. There best bet is to partner with Apple and enable purchase of iTunes movies for iPods & iPhones from their kiosks.


The statement by Red Box is typical competitor FUD, I enjoy Netflix Instant Watch, there's always something to watch.
As for new releases, Red Box is just as bad as Netflix that's why I also use Blockbuster.


For me instant streaming will not take off till they have at least 50% in HD with a good encode bit rate. DD 5.1 should be here by the end of year but you have to wonder how many titles will have it. Also, the quality of the titles need a huge improvement.

At this point in time Redbox is in competition with BlockBuster - not NF. Those two are going after the same market - the hot new release and I got see it now.


I think Mitch Lowe's quote in the CNN Money video was the victim of creative editing by the CNN Money reporter/producer since we don't get to hear exactly what the question was he was answering. Yes, his answer was favoriable spin for Redbox (as you would expect from any CEO) and it probably not the best crafted response.
I think the reporter did get Mitch's goat with the digital streaming question. It was fun to watch him squirm around the topic.


I find that NetFlix's choices for streaming to be "haphazard." Some TV shows you can get season 2 or season 3, but maybe not season 1, or just the opposite.

It seems like a large percentage of TV shows or movies I want to stream are available only on DVD. Heck, get rid of my DVD's and give me more streaming!


hes just saying what he need to say for his job.

As far as netflix on demand content, its good enough to keep you busy between mailed envelopes, and thats all it needs to do :)

overall the online offerings are random, and not things i would request in the mail. but like i said, enough to keep me going between red envelopes.

basically im a junkie, dvds are my heroin, on demand is my cough syrup to keeep me goin

Andrew m

I don't mind that I don't get new movies as they are released. I have 430 movies/ tv shows in my dvd queue and 132 in my streaming queue, so I have enough "irrelevant" and "uninteresting" content to hold me over until the "fresh" content is available.


Netflix is way better. I rent from Redbox occasionally, but use Netflix on a daily basis. I also prefer to rent older movies and tv shows most of the time. I have no problem waiting for new releases and there are not that many new releases I am interested in seeing anyway.

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