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I would rather have my netflix then go with blockbuster because they offer no streaming and I just hate them because they charge late fees.


So what. I am lazy enough I would rather wait for Netflix to get it in that drive to Blockbuster to risk it being in or being taken while I drive out there. Further Blockbuster has a return deadline and Netflix doesn't. Netflix also offers me a huge selection of movies that I might like rather than asking a Blockbuster employee the same question and getting a blank stare and an I dunno response. Each time I add a DVD to my netflix queue I see (I think this number is right?) 8 or so DVDs that I might like that are similar to the DVD just added. If I go to the store, pick up the same DVD, take it to the counter all I will hear is "did you find everything ok today?" (IF I am lucky enough to get an employee that cares enough to say that) rather than 8 titles that are similar that I might like.


if I want to watch something bad enough where I'd be motivated to make TWO trips to a movie store (to pick it up and to return it), it'd be cheaper for me to buy it off Amazon permanently.

Chris Utley

netflix carries movies that blockbuster doesn't so ummmm what was the question?


GREAT! Let me jump in my car and drive 65 miles to out closest BB store now since our 3 all closed down!

No thanks BB.


I tried them because they gave me a code for free video. So I used the code and guess what...they charged me anyway. So that was it for them.

If I want something faster I'll use Redbox


I'm a Blockbuster Total Access member and there are no due dates or late fees for any movie I exchange in a store.


BB also doesn't charge extra for Blu-ray and throttle like NF.

I think the store availability is a good idea but I won't use it.


I have both Netflix and Blockbuster Online. BB is nice as a supplement to Netflix because they aren't affected by the 28-day delay and every once in a while get exclusives available months before the other outlets. I hope they stay in business as competition to Netflix as competition is always good. And Blockbuster does have streaming. They stream new releases even but those you have to pay for ($2.99). Still cheaper than Pay-per-view on Comcast.


hmm thanx but no thanx. I just don't feel like making a trip to BB I rather just wait for netflix to send it to me. As for streaming if I rreally wanted to pay to stream a new release I have amazon on demand through my roku for that. So BB is not my choice to rent from.


I'd rather have netflix period. I don't like paying over $4 for in store rental.

Also, blockbuster online can not, simply does NOT know how to send me my queue in the order I have it. I do not want to watch season 6 disk 2 of x tv show *BEFORE* season 2 disk 5 nor do I want to watch x movie part 3 *BEFORE* I watch x movie part 1. They simply do not know how to send disks in the order I place them.

Netflix may throttle, and I may have to wait 28 days, but at least they send me my movies and tv shows IN THE ORDER I PLACE THEM ON MY LIST and they are more upfront about if the title has a short or very long wait. Sorry BB, you lost me a long time ago.


Oh and BB, I don't feel like jumping in my car and driving 40 miles round trip to visit a store in person either.

BTW BB I can find a good used copy of most movies off of amazon that I can buy outright for far less than what I'd pay in the gas I'd use making the round trip twice (one round trip to rent it, another round trip to return the dam thing) and to rent the movie from you.

happy BB customer

"netflix carries movies that blockbuster doesn't"

Guess what Chris - Blockbuster on line has movies NF doesn't have, doesn't charge late fees and if I want new releases I can get them faster with BB online or in store trade in.

I have both NF and BB on line and really like the new availability feature BB added to the queue. Most of my queue isn't available in stores because they are rare indie or foreign movies and NF doesn't carry them. I'm glad NF hasn't killed the competition completely and there's still a way to get movies NF doesn't have.


Your rant is false and misleading:
1. If you are a BB Total Access member you can get the disc in-store for free.
2. BB sends discs the same way as NF, if that disc is not available then they send the next one in your queue.
3. BB also has a By-Mail membership(like NF), they have distro centers all around the US.

If you don't like BB that's ok but don't spread lies.

Walt D in LV

This feature is incredibly great!

Look, I'm a Netflix fan through and through and have been using them since 2002. However, if you want to see a New Release NOW, especially one with a 28-day window, Blockbuster is the way to go. Their stores have improved greatly on the availability of popular titles, and checking with this new feature proves it.

For a movie I really wanted to see now, I used to have to call the store to ask if they had it. Now, I know for sure. I'll still call and ask them to hold it for me (they always do it with a smile on their face).
It's also a great way to see if they have the smaller independent movies in stock. They rarely do, but it sure does save time rather than while in the store, either LOOKing for the movie, or standing at the counter for half an hour asking the clerk about all these movies he/she's never heard of.

Blockbuster will never replace the completeness of Netflix' catalog, i.e. Netflix' incredible selection (nor do they try to) but for the popular mainstream stuff, that you want right now, Blockbuster just made themselves a little better.

Walt D in LV



then how come when I had BB online...

I had random movie part #1
random movie part #2
random movie part 3
other random movie titles

They were all at the top of my list, they all said "available now"

YET time after time, bb would send me random movie part 3, #52 on my list and #17, thought ALL titles said "Available now"



Just noticed this new feature - it's really helpful for me. I have a number of "old", or catalog-type DVD titles that BB On-Line says are "Unavailable", however, now with this new feature, I notice my local BB store has a few of them. Now all I have to do is find them on the shelves...


I greatly like Netflix better for breadth of listings and promptness and reliability of disc shipment (don't get me started about Blockbuster - and Heidi has a valid point). Yet I have had a 1-disc plan with Blockbuster for some time to get movies Netflix doesn't stock. My comprehensive Save lists on Netflix number into the many thousands and I've started a Blockbuster list on Netflix for movies I've found and queued on Blockbuster that Netflix doesn't have (now 228 and counting).


I like the new in-store indicator, however, only 3 are available of my first 75 in queue (that's as far down as it goes). And that's 3 in the closest 3 stores. And by closest 3, I mean after they closed the 2 closest stores so I now count the stores closest to other destinations: church on Sundays, my honey's on date night, and the long way downtown for work.

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