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I have a problem viewing my queue specifically sometimes. Meaning I can't see my queue but I can see the search and categories below. To fix it I just hit the home button and then go back into Netflix. Haven't had many problems beyond that. But if you are you can turn search and all the categories off in your settings.


Since the update, I've experienced quite a few instances of empty queues, lists of movies with no images, long waits after selecting a movie from my queue and waiting for it to load the information, etc.

Most Friday nights it just sits and spins and we can't even get into the app...


Exactly the same problem here as Matt is having. I made the mistake of searching for a title once, and now I'm stuck seeing the search suggestions lists instead of my instant queue every time I let my Roku site for more than 10 hours.

I then have to back out to home screen, go back to Netflix, and wait 30 seconds for the entire page to reload.

It's so slow, so frustrating, and the biggest disappointment to come from a once great service from Roku.


"I then have to back out to home screen, go back to Netflix, and wait 30 seconds for the entire page to reload."

Yep. Same here. My queue also goes back to the beginning of the queue most of the time if I back out of a selection after being idle for awhile.


When I hit 'resume playing' a film I had incompletely screened the prior day it always starts at the beginning; not at the point where I turned it off. Anybody else experiencing this inconvenience?


I've had same problems. Finally just turned off the search/browse and that helps some. But begs the question...Why have the update?

I wish they'd give us the option to go back to old version

Big Dave

Very glitchy. Keeps throwing me back to the top menu. And the search isn't that helpful. I like new movies features. Now if they would add more good movies. I am tired of being bombarded with rated R action flicks form the 70's and 80's.


I haven’t used my roku in awhile and used it for the first time last night and I had to re-associate my box with a new Netflix code. I spent time searching and adding movies while taking away some. Finally once I settled on a movie it play perfectly even after a few long pauses. I plan on using it more this weekend and I’ll come back to update this if I have any problems.


Before the update it was so convenient. If I found myself with about 20 minutes of free time, I could just fire up an episode of a TV show and watch it. Now I know I will need at least 15 minutes to do the following:

- Reset the Roku
- Reconnect to Netflix
- Retrieve data

The above isn't necessary every time and every step is not always necessary, but I'm sure I go through this process at least 60-75% of the time. If I haven't watched anything in the last few hours, it's guaranteed.

What used to be an excellent, spontaneous leisure experience now requires prior planning and a lot of work. I find myself watching Netflix on the Roku less and less as I grow tired of the ritual. It's easier to dig out a DVD I've seen a hundred times or just surf the channels on cable. At least I'm actually watching something with my free time instead of doing IT work.

Kenny Johnson

I was actually part of the beta for the update and I've never had a problem (unless it was Netflix itself). My Roku Netflix works great.


I long for the days of the Roku before the update. Seem to have a problem every time I use it. More times than not I have to unplug the Roku and plug it back in and the whole reset has to start over. Very frustrating.


Not having these major problems listed here by others, but the interface is definitely a bit slow with the occasional odd bit of behavior. Once I had to re-associated the box with Netflix.

Overall, it feels as though Roku might have pushed this update out a bit too soon.


Guess I'm the minority here. Yes I've had all of the above problems, but the benefits of having so many choices (and much easier to navigate than the website) has increased my Netflix/Roku usage 2-4 hours a day.

I would like some stability though.


Fred Fredrickson

A frustration that I have is watching a series. If the channels from the main page update while I'm in the middle of a show, when I get back to the show's menu screen to advance to the next episode, none of the links on the screen respond. When I go back to the main menu, I find that's because the show that's highlighted isn't even the show i was watching. I have to go back to the home screen, reload the entire netflix page, and then find my show again, and start over.

Happens once every few episodes. Very annoying.

Forget leaving it on a show's page overnight. The next day? It's still there, but those links are dead until you reload netflix.


I'm wondering if the people having problems with the update are connected by wifi or hardwired to a router. Also, what speed is their internet connection?

I'm hardwired and have AT&T DSL Elite (up to 6.0 mbps) and the interface is definitely slower. It takes almost 10 seconds sometimes.


The new GUI is slow and awkward. Not only that, but ever since the upgrade I've had a lot more quality issues. It's common for a movie to start with 4 dots and fall back to 3 about 5 minutes after it starts playing. That never used to happen before the "upgrade".


We have not seen any of the problems that are being described here. While we love the new interface, it only leaves me wanting for more. Instead of a single instant watch queue, I want playlists and parental controls (passwords set on the playlists and on search). Anything to get me closer to cutting the cable cord.


I've also had sudden restarts, the instant queue disappearing, problems connecting to Netflix ... very unstable and slow.

Is there a way to go back to the previous version? It worked almost flawlessly.

Dan Chichester

The "but it does so much more" as an argument to defend the lag, wait time, etc. -- it's an epic fail. I loved the original Roku for its instant on, instant ready, it just works nature. I recommended again and again, without question. Now it's nice, but it feels like a kludge, an "early adopter" kind of tech. If it does more, then that should not have been released 'til that more = the same experience that the device and company built its rep and satisfied user base on.

Mark Bigham

I'm not overly fond of the new interface. I have probably experienced all of the above, but nothing that can't be fixed by a hard reset.

The "upgrade?" does seem slow and kludgey and I feel it's Netflix not Roku. I also have Netflix on my TiVo Premiere XL, which is a bit of a joke. Navigation is slow and is straight linear with no wraparound. I will switch over to Roku rather than use the TiVo.

To tell the truth both seem to be Alpha tests not even Beta. But I've been with Netflix and TiVo for more than 8 yrs. I'll be patient and give them a chance to fix the problems.

Tom Husband

I'm seeing all the problems the others are seeing. Before the update Roku was very dependable now I anticipate a problem every time I turn it on. Two months is plenty of time for these issues to have been resolved. I'm not sure if it's Netflix or Roku but it really doesn't matter, it's gone on way too long.

Later this year there will be several other streaming services available (Boxee Box, Google TV) and I'll certainly be giving them a hard look.


An alternate opinion --

Its a massive improvement. As a result of the update, my wife, who once asked what the hell a Roku was when I first installed it, now asked that we get two more so that every TV has it.

Will the PS3 client ever be updated to the same functionality? It's hardware will better handle this kind of processing (though I don't share the problems everyone else has described).

Keep it up. I hope the iPhone app has similar search and add functions.


WOW, I am really surprised by all the problems people have been having. I have been a beta tester since before the channel store and I have not had a single problem with the new Netflix interface even revision 1 of the interface which was very different than the final. Anyway the Netflix update has been like night and day difference. I love it so very much and has increased my love for the Roku ten fold.

Isn't there an option to use the old one line Netflix queue version in the settings?

PS: I am not a Roku plant, just very happy for the new interface and dissappointed that even through the long beta testing phase people are still having lots of problems.


I've had some problems (reverting back to beginning of queue, slow loading), but overall it's fine. Never had to reset. I like the black background. I wish the cover art was bigger, it seems like it could be, especially on the tv series - it' so small, I find myself looking at the titles more than the cover art.

I love the ability to search and add movies.


We had problems with this revision also, pretty much a little of everything listed above has happened to us. Appreciate the update features; search and faster scrolling through menus. Possibly the beta testers had better/faster connections. We only have 1.5 down. The queue issues are fairly frequent occurrences though, I'm surprised the beta testers didn't notice the queue issues.


Had some problems in the first few days of the search function rollout, no biggie, I understand bugs happen. But within the past few days, having problems with Netflix freezing up, and my show stopping, then taking me back to the home screen. When I can get back into Netflix (after rebooting), I have to start the show completely over; pausing and fast fowarding is wonky now too. Not to mention, my search function has been broken for three days. The last search we could do appears, as you hover over that spot, but no box, can't click it, no other movies in that row, it's just frozen. Pretty frustrating. All this complaining tho, I do like the idea behind it, being able to search from our tv, I just wish it had been implemented better. I also wish there was some way (HINT HINT) to find out if this is a Netflix issue, or a Roku issue, since it's harder than heck to find out who to complain to.


I've found with previous Roku box issues that they're often resolved by rebooting your internet modem.

Not Whipped

I have the same empty queue problem. Have to go out and back in to Netflix to find my queue again. Jobo, this has nothing to do with the "internet modem." The modem can't tell what bits it is sending, so it wouldn't be able to withhold the bits for the queue items and send everything else.

Debra Ackley

Fortunately, I have two Roku units and have only upgraded the Roku version on one of them. So, for now, until Roku fixes the problems, I'm using the unit that I didn't upgrade, because I don't have time to wait and wait while hitting the Home button and Select several times to get to the instant queue. I've noticed that I now have to wait for the movies to be retrieved on the unit I didn't upgrade, and I don't believe that did that before. It's so much quicker to just use my computer to add movies to the instant queue and use the old version of Roku to watch movies.


I have had the missing queue problem but my biggest complaint is how slow things load. I had a tv show take 6 minutes to load when it was normally less than a minute before.


Works great for me?

Your best bet is to ask in the Roku forums:


Or send a message to one of the Roku engineers at the message boards.

Don't bother e-mailing or calling support.

The Roku engineers are really good at helping people out.


I just got a Roku and it works great. Sometimes I can't get to "my queue", so I hit home and go back in and it comes back. And there's maybe a 20-30 second delay for some things - it takes longer than that for the movie to start playing after I put a DVD in my player. So I'd say some of you have internet connection problems, or else you need to think about getting a prescription for Ritalin so you can make it through that 30 second delay.


The new interface is light years better. I've heard reports of slowness, but I've never experienced them(hardwired to a FIOS connection). Prior to the update I used to primarily watch Netflix via my TiVo simply b/c I was usually already on that input. Now I'll switch inputs to use the Roku.


I like the new format, especially the search function & faster scrolling, but since about a week ago I haven't been able to watch anything on netflix. I can use amazon & pandora just fine, but it will pull up my queue and if I try to play anything it shows four dots of quality although nothing will load all the way. At most it goes a third of the way, then back to the movie or show screen. I've rebooted it many, many times. Even did a factory reset. Also, sometimes the select button doesn't do anything. The other buttons will still work. This thing has become a massive pain in the butt. I love the concept, just wish I could actually use it. Since I got the roku I think I've spent more time trying to get it to work with netflix than watching netflix on it.


works fine over the Wii,.. but with the Roku all hell breaks loose. 6mb down.

Jan Studebaker

I had many problems that required a full reboot when I was using the wonderful new interface, so I switched back to the non-search interface to alleviate many of the problems.

A big grievance now is that the quality of the movies is often only 2 stars compared to the 4 star quality I got when I first got Roku. I believe this is due to the new streaming service being used, and the inability of the servers to keep up with the increasing demand.


Just to update my post….5 more movies and no problems. I am hard wired in…no wi-fi.


Before last night, I never had a problem. Usually watch during the day when it's probably not so busy. Last night, during primetime, I was watching a TV series and after one episode, I couldn't access my episodes nor the queue at all. Turned it off and defaulted to cable. This morning, everything was fine.

Russ Turley

Pretty much all the problems that I've had are fixed by pressing the Home button and then loading the Netflix app again. The added functionality and features of the new software are head and shoulders above the old interface. Remember not being able to add movies to your queue? Slow side scrolling? Not being able to search? I'll keep the app as is over having that old POS interface.

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We have not seen any of the problems that are being described here. While we love the new interface, it only leaves me wanting for more. Instead of a single instant watch queue, I want playlists and parental controls (passwords set on the playlists and on search). Anything to get me closer to cutting the cable cord.

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