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$50 a year to have a native Netflix app.. i dont think so..

Ill continue to pop the disk in for the rest of my life. And if Netflix gets rid of the disk then ill buy another Roku before i pay Sony 50 a year. Just paid them $150 to fix my PS3 that was less than 3 years old. I don’t even use it that much.


Great to hear it's finally going native. Not great that they're thinking about making it premium. If they go that route, I'll just buy a Roku or some other device. It'll pay for itself in just a couple years.

PS3 fanboi

I probably would pay $50 for PSN+ native Netflix. After all there's more to PSN+ than just native Netflix. And I hate getting up to switch the discs around.


I believe it's a pretty forgone conclusion that you'll need PSN+ for Netflix. It's the old "Bait & Switch" marketing technique - get you used to watching Netflix for free, then bundle the service with other services (which you may or not want) and charge you. I'm curious to see how SONY/Netflix is going rationalize "bricking" all those PS3 Netflix DVDs already out there.

PS3 fanboi

I highly doubt that. Sony promised they won't be taking away anything that's free already (i.e. PSN multiplayer). Even Hulu will not require PSN+ after preview period. I'm willing to bet native Netflix app will not require PSN+.


"Sony promised they won't be taking away anything that's free already."

Watching Netflix via disc is free already. Watching Netflix without a disc isn't. I'm not saying Sony's going to require PSN+ for Netflix, but I wouldn't rule it out.


PS+ is a great service anyway. it allows you to try out games and services you wouldn't have otherwise. Not even 1 month in I'm satisfied and look forward to what they have in store, including a new netflix ui.


Hulu Plus Preview requires PS+ in order to use it right now then once the preview is over the app will be available for all users Sony confirmed this i don't think Netflix will require PS+ either not alot of people have PS+ and i'm sure these companies know this which is why it will probably be free for all PS3 users so that they can get more subs from people who have a ps3 and not Netflix yet

Chris M.

I won't be paying for PS+ just for Netflix. I already have a Xbox Live subscription and HD streaming on the PC is free albeit a smaller selection. The fact that he declined to comment on whether or not it will be part of the PS+ tells me it that it will be.

At PS3fanboi. Sony's promises are worthless. They also promised that they were not going to remove the Other OS option one month before they did. You can't count on Sony for the truth in advance.

PS3 fanboi

@ Chris M.

I'm talking about PSN+. People were afraid Sony would start charging for online play, and yet nothing like that happened (unlike Xbox users who get screwed with Live charges). People thought Hulu will require PSN+, and yet it doesn't. Things that were free, remain free - just like Sony promised.


PS3 streaming is the main use of my Netflix account. If they force me to buy PS+ to stream, bye-bye Netflix.


"Hastings declined to answer if Netflix streaming will require a Playstation Plus premium account..."

Obviously, a Sony call to make and not him.

When 3.4 rolled out with PSN+ my second thought and fear was this question. If it pans out that it only works under the pay premium to use the Netflix Native App then I'm expecting (or hoping) to be able to continue to use my Netflix Streaming disc. If the PS3 NF Streaming disc is somehow deactivated from use then I still have my Roku (720p) and Wii (480p) NF Streaming disc to fall back on. I wouldn't put it past Sony to try to scrape a few bucks off of Netflix coattails...


If I have to get a PSN+ then netflix will just be mailing me more discs. Their loss.

Jeff Netflix

Screw that. the disc works fine for me. I don't do online gaming and already pay Netflix so why would I pay twice? Stay ahead of the competition Sony and don't charge for something that works fine as is.

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