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Come on release this for the freaking Wii! Also Disc-less!

Come on the Wii disc loads into memory. It's big enough to be a channel.

Also the Roku needs Disc adding too from the box.


PS3 - it only does everything. Well, far it but it is my preferred machine for video watching: DVD, Blu-ray, NetFlix Streaming and, on occasion, video purchased on PSN.


DVD-only titles are the last thing I want added to Netflix search on the Roku. The best part about using the Roku channel instead of a web browser for searching is that you don't have to weed through all the DVD listings. Whatever you find in a search you know you can "watch now."

Steve I

With the PS3 implementation, DVD-only titles are not intermixed with streaming titles, DVD-only titles are shown at the end of the streaming only list and are displayed differently so you know they are DVD-only titles.

I haven't been able to figure out how to move over to the recommended titles yet.....might be because I'm using a regular remote and not a game controller to navigate on my system.

Steve I

And it is VERY neat to be able to add a DVD-only title to your DVD queue from the PS3. Saves some steps....

Now if they can only get disc-less going, oh and, um......DD5.1 surround sound.

PS3 fanboi

PS3 Rulez !!!1!!


It's a nice addition and well implemented. That said, I can't see myself using it much. If I know the title of something to search for it's already in my queue.


is there a way to search netflix on a sumsung bluray dvd player


no help here on the samsung thing

what is this i don't even

Alan, Samsung devices do not have currently have search capability.


thank you

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