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Rob Cannon

The url shortner that you use is often down. Why not just use the direct URL to netflix?

RH Macy

Nice selection this week.


I'm going to assume the URL shortener pays some sort of fee for click-throughs. Otherwise, what's the point? And I can understand needing to make some money on a site, at least off-set the expenses involved with running the thing, so that's not necessarily a knock.

I agree that just a direct link to Netflix would be more convenient, though. I think today is the first time that these shortened URLs have actually worked for me. I also just dislike URL shorteners in general -- I like to know what I am clicking on and not have a man-in-the-middle site that I'm unfamiliar with to click through.

It's not really a big deal or anything. Just thought I'd leave some feedback. Great site in most respects.


Weak. Only movie I am interested in is Book Of Eli.


Getting Book of Eli and Middle of Nowhere sent to me. May eventually check out Saint John of Las Vegas and How to Make Love as it's available on Instant Watch as well.

Chris Utley

Book of Eli is on its way. I'll get around to The Bounty Hunter because I like Girard Butler but it's not as high on my list.


i have CHLOE coming - don't know much about it - but i like the actors in it - saw a piece of a trailer once that looked good - hope it's good - just saw SHOCK CORRIDOR and it was kind of disappointing, but still very interesting - peace out my hacking netflix co-commentors


Horrible week for streaming releases. Good lord.


What Netflix did not get out of this week's releases (not counting the 28-day delayed titles):

2:37 (Drama;MPI Entertainment)
Caught in the Crossfire (Drama; Lionsgate)
Outback (Horror; Xenon Entertainment)
Parasomnia (Horror; E1 Entertainment)

They used to get everything. Now they don't even get every Lionsgate release.

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