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I can understand not taking the pre-paid cards. However, if Netflix stopped taking debit cards they would lose so many customers, including me. I do not have a credit card, just my debit card linked to my checking account.

Angus Thermopyle

This is not new. Netflix hasn't accepted prepaid cards in over a year. In fact, you reported on it back in August 2009.

Sock Puppet

Prepaid Cards have no firm identity assigned to them, they are toss away plastic.

So if you sign up for an 8 at a time account, get 8 really good movies, then never return them... If there is no money left on the card, Netflix is out the cost of those 8 movies. Because they have no way to know if the name/mailing address you gave was legitimate.

There are a whole lot of other reasons why, but I wont go into them.

I will add that Netflix is NOT the only company that doesn't accept prepaid cards. They are however, A LOT more transparent about it.

Think about the kind of card you are using the next time you try to buy gas/food/groceries/convert tickets... And even though you know for a fact there is money on the card, they person tells you "Im sorry, the card is being declined."...

And no, they do not know the reason why, nor are they required to call the 800 number so the person can tell them there is money on the card.

Most companies simply do not program in authorization processes for prepaid cards, and as soon as they are swiped the system simple pops up a "Decline" message. The clerks don't know that the business doesn't take prepaid cards.

Remember that the next time you get declined, its NOT the clerks fault, so DONT take it out on them, they are just doing their jobs.


Fine that they don't accept the pre-paid, but the corporate speak BS is kind of funny. Like they are protecting us.

Why do they feel they can't just say they don't want to accept the risk?


Just get VISA/MC debit card from your bank, another option is a secured credit card.

Chris M.

I have to admit I have no respect for a company that makes a change or removes a service with the statement "It's to protect our customers" when in reality it's to protect the companies financial interests and has nothing to do with being for the consumer.

Sony anybody?


Well now, they have accepted my pre-paid credit card for about 7 months now. They authorize it every month on the 4th for the same amount without issue. Now there may be an issue that the system doesn't reconize it as a pre-paid card b/c I have had some others declined by their system before I found that this one would be accepted. So maybe... Not ALL pre-paid cards are declined just a majority of them?


@chris above me-

I use a prepaid credit card for everything (greendot) and they have accepted it now for almost 3 years. They take $1 off the card about 2 days before they take their money. Then, on the 4th (day money is due to them) they take off the full amount, and by the 6th I have my $1 back.

I think it might have been their prepaid gift cards they no longer accept, and I can understand why.


Who cares. Prepaid credit cards are a rip-off and fee heaven for their issuers.

A debit card is the way to go. Can't spend money if you don't have it.

Also, a PayPal debit card is nice too. Again, can't spend the money if you don't have it.

Brian Thomas

Prepaid cards are for broke people. Besides do you really think your social security card is meant to pay Netflix? No it isn't.


The reason I use a prepaid credit card is *NOT* because I'm broke. I have one real credit card with a balance of oh....$2.50 (Bought gum with it yesterday to keep it active) and a limit of $5000. I will pay it off at the end of the month when the bill comes. I use it only for true emergencies (like my car's fuel pump decides to have a massive stroke or some crap.)

I use a prepaid credit card for any online shopping we do. Ebay, netflix, whatever. Because I prefer to pay cash for almost everything (I refuse to get in over my head over stupid credit card debt like my friends) the only charges I have made on my prepaid card in the last 3 months has been netflix. I like using a prepaid card online because if someone steals my info/cc number, I'd be out at best 49-57 cents (what's usually left on there after netflix takes out their $$$)


Oh, and the total "fees" I pay for my prepaid credit card is $5.95 a month. My real credit card charges a yearly "fee" that works out to $7.98 a month.

Donn Ed

Debit cards are best if you keep up with it. Don't get a credit card that charges a yearly fee. Even banks will offer one without. Credit Cards from Banks are a rip off. Most banks have raised thier rates extremely high almost 30% for many. JOIN A CREDIT UNION. Higher interest on savings. Get their debit card. If you choose to get a credit union charge card it will be a lot less interest and no yearly fee. Mine went from 28% (after being 11%) to the Credit Union's 8%.


I am with Hiedi, and share the same feelings. I am not broke. I choose to use a pre-paid card for ALL of my online dealings as a safety net in case the inevitable happens again (it has happened twice now in the past ten years) and the credit card number gets stolen. I use walmart as my card, and they charge me $3 per month. So while I do use a credit card in case of REAL emergencies, I use my pre-paid card for online dealings to protect myself.

I've had to learn the hardest lesson the hard way. I do not, ever, use a credit card for anything except REAL emergencies (like when I had to put the card on file at the hospital for the bill for my son's broken arm b/c of insurance filing issues). This was learned after digging myself out of 15k of debt in two years. Luckily I learned that at the young age of 25, and now am at the young age of 31. My REAL credit card does not get used for ANYTHING except real emergencies and then the cash WILL be found to pay it off either at the end of the month (very preferable) or the very next month. I will not ever go more than 2 months with a balance, ever. Oh, and I do pay in cash when ever I can, but obviously Netflix won't accept cash, so Wal-mart's pre-paid it is. Green dot actually was one of the one's declined by Netflix for me, otherwise I'd probably use them.


I don't understand some of you not wanting a REAL credit card, if your credit is bad get a secured CC. A real CC shows you are responsible and builds credit, pre-paids and debit cards don't build credit. If you can't payoff $8.99 at the end of the month then you have serious cash problems.
Good luck trying to get a hotel or rental car with a pre-paid card.


@ Shawn... I do have a REAL CC (two of them, one with a $3000 limit and one with a $4000 limit), they get used only for REAL emergencies. I learned the hard way of using CC's and racked up enough debt to be put in a compramising situation. Lucky I have a great job, and was able to pay ALL off in 2 long and very hard years. Since that time not one of them except for emergencies. Netflix is not an emergency and does not qualify to be used (under my rules) with REAL CC's. I have a better plan than the crappy $8.99 plan you use though, I use the 7-out @ a time plan, which is something in the neighborhood of $40/month. I use my pre-paid CC for that along with all of my online dealings for the reason mentioned in my previous post. As for hotels and rental cars with the pre-paid card, I do it every month, twice a month, when I travel back to see my son. The Hilton (so it is no rinky dink hotel we're talking about here) gladly accepts the pre-paid CC with no issues, they charge the entire stay up front. Enterprise, Dollar, Budget, Hertz, along with Avis also gladly accepts my pre-paid card. They charge the whole amount up front, along with a $200 - $250 (depending on the company) deposit which is given back to me at the time of return. My pre-paid card saves me a great deal of worry. I use my REAL CC once every three months on something stupid, like gum or a soda, to keep them active. But past that, I either use cash or my pre-paid card (which is the same as cash because it is pre-loaded). If some sleazoid steals my pre-loaded CC number and information (it has happened twice in the past ten years before I used pre-paid CC's) he gets... maybe $10 because it won't be pre-loaded until I KNOW I need to use the money. If the sleazoid (very likely never to happen b/c of my precautions) steals my REAL CC numbers and info I am out a LOT more than $10. Simple economics for me. Oh.. my credit rating is now in the low 800's. CC's are far from the only thing that gets reported to the credit agencies. So I do qualify for credit as I want it. I just don't want it anymore. I'd rather use cash or pre-loaded credit cards.

This should be a lesson much to the effect of: Think before you speak like a dummy.

Chris is dumb

People that blame credit cards for putting them into dept are idiots. Just because you have a credit card, doesn't mean you need to max it out every month.

Here is some real simple economics for you, DON'T SPEND MORE THEN YOU MAKE. Duh


Yeah, I'll agree with the statement "don't spend more than you make." Unfortunately, I had to learn that the hard way. Even more unfortunate, I wasn't taught the value of money early in life, and I had to find it out the hard way. I made mistakes, learned from them, and are better off that I learned from them. I use a pre-paid CC to protect myself online and for other non-emergency purposes. That is my choosing, although I do have real CC's. They are just put away for emergencies.


If you knew US law then you would know you are only liable for $50 if your CC is used fraudulently, in most cases the bank will even waive the $50.

Secured CC are like a pre-paid but are much better because anybody over 18 can get one(regardless of credit history) and all merchants accept them.

jordan retro 11

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Ok so back to the point- can u use walmart prepaid for netflix? And only to directly stream from your ps3. I don't need the discs.

Jordan Spizike

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I've been using my prepaid for only purchases for over four years with Netflix without a problem until now. The address on the card is the same as the one they send the disk to. I had to verify my info before being able to get the card. I prefer prepay because I don't have to expose my banking info and a $2 fee for loading the card is a lot less than credit card interest. If they want to stop excepting new prepaid cards, fine. But stopping people who've been using the card with them for years is just BS.


I've been using prepaid debit with Netflix for over two years. My card stopped working after returning to the service after a month or two. There are quite a lot of people who don't have checking accounts or credit cards... have you ever been to a check cashing place on a Thursday or Friday? They can get very busy... obviously more so in highly populated areas. I don't understand why they would prefer to lose customers all together instead of just dealing with sporadic payments. To state the obvious, people who use Netflix for one or two months at a time and skip a few months here and there are still paying customers, and Netflix would earn more money by allowing them to use the service.

The only reason Netflix is doing this is so they can almost guarantee regular monthly payments. It's much less common (and more difficult) to overdraw a prepaid debit card. It's easy to overdraw a bank account or a credit card. The big wigs at Netflix are just being greedy at this point.

I hope they can at least start offering cards like Blizzard does for World of Warcraft, or like Apple does for iTunes... even if it's just for streaming video.


I have a Paypal debit card and it will not let me use it at all frustrating.


Hey everybody! I may be wrong but I THINK it has something to do with the card ID number. You know, that three digit number on the back of the card. I've has a few cards with the number 050 and that seems to fail every time.

Here's a weird thing, though. Last month I bought a $50 money card at a local convenience store and Netflix accepted that. That seems to be more risky than my direct deposit card.

I have my social security direct deposited every month to a pre-paid card. I do this because I don't have a bank account. I don't have one for a reason, though. If I make a mistake and get hit with a couple of overdrafts, that could make the month extremely difficult for me, since I'm on a limited income. A pre-paid card means no overdrafts, since I can't spend money I don't have.

As for you, Brian Thomas, who do you think you are?!? I paid into social security for the past 46 years. If I choose to spend my money on booze and prostitutes, that's my right, as it is MY MONEY! You talk like social security is some welfare program. It's NOT! If I choose to spend $20 a month on something that entertains me, you have no right to whine about it. I worked my butt off and fought it two wars for THIS country. Grow up and stop being so judgmental.


Amen, Michael.

Let the voice be heard;

Brian Thomas' asinine remark should be disregarded.

Tired of Banks

I just went to enter a new credit card number for billing; this card will now be my only card in use. It is the card now being issued by the govt for use by social security beneficiaries and it will be credited with the monthly repayment to them from the 40-50 years they paid in good faith, into what they were originally told was a guaranteed and protected retirement fund.

The problem is that the Netflix system as you have decided to set it up, refused this card because it is identified as a 'prepaid debit card'.

If this continues to be your decision, and your apparent perception of the way you want to exclude a significant percentage of the great arriving mass of baby-boom retirees from being your customers, then please cancel my Netflix account until you regain some sort of reason.

Your anticipated response (it's not difficult these days to second-guess profit-driven, non-responsive big business) will no doubt be "this is our current policy; please understand you have the option of using a different non-debit class of credit card for your billing"... And some of our generation may accommodate your fluffing this issue off.

The problem with that thinking though, is that a great number of us who remember what the banks did to our grandparents during the depression, and with the bank scandals of the latest economic crises still ringing in our errors, even using this govt backed credit card grates on us, and there will be few of us who will ever again trust Wall Street speculators or the banks; for the most part, you will begin to see a return to cash commerce.

Even though I'm fully aware that merchants seldom lose any sleep from 'individual' customers, I want to thank you for the opportunity to get what I'm feeling off my chest.

I have also included this issue in several blogs of interest to retirees who share this growing animosity with the world's financial institutions, as well as family and friends... we are awaiting your response.

Tired of Banks

BTW, any of you that wish to debate my comment above in person like a man (or woman), please include your address... Otherwise, your criticism will be considered punk-trash.


hi guys! ive figured something out but its not the most honest. Netflix will take prepaid credit cards for the one month free trial. when the month is up it just says that this credit card cannot be charged and it freezes your account. all you have to do is use a different email and sign up with the same prepaid credit card and voila! another free month of netflix. like i said its not the most honest way and i did happily pay until they stopped accepting prepaid cards,but I guess they dont want our money :P


I use a government prepaid card from master card and its recharged monthly how ever Netflix will lot accept that card. I don't have a bank accountand like using my prepaid because its easier to manage. If Netflix is so worried about hacking then they should upgrade their services with better security measures instead of taking it out on customers.

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