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Will Dearborn

This is great to hear. But I really hope they don't lower their care or interest in the disc-side of things. And hopefully they can keep up with the demand for Blu-ray discs.

New releases on streaming MIA

So how come the selection for streaming still sucks?


@ new releases on streaming MIA,

Because they only get the streaming titles that they pay the studio's for. If the studio wants x amount for 1/2 their catalog, but refuses to let their other 1/2 of their catalog on stream then Netflix is stuck with acquiring only 1/2 the catalog for x amount. Streaming is ultimately going to boil down to what the studio's are going to allow and how much they will let it be streamed for.


Unfortunately netflix streaming is limited to what the studios will allow. Hopefully as netflix gets more subscribers, studios will allow more streamable content.


Yeah, dropping dvd spending is great until you're hit with that one series Netflix has to Bonus Disc ship you constantly because the only copy they have is apparently four days away. Really not pleased with that aspect of Netflix. I've given up and am just going to download Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop, which is annoying since it IS on Netflix, but'll take me four months to finish if I wait on Netflix.

Perkins Cobb

Oh, come on: Netflix is cutting DVD spending because "users have opted to watch more streaming movies and receive fewer DVDs delivered by mail"? Well, that's one way to spin it. The other way is that Netflix is now screwing their customers by failing to stock most of the new catalog titles (and even some smaller new films) that have been released on DVD and Blu-ray during the last 6-12 months.

That is some seriously shitty reporting, CNet.


I for one am VERY pleased with the increasing quality of Netflix streaming. We get thte Starz channel for free, many popular network shows, and an increasing amount of quality catalog titles. New Releases will not be released to streaming by the studios anytime soon -- that's the nature of the beast right now. However, with Starz and the recent Relativity Media deal, they are doing their best to get the releases sooner.


I have been a NF subscriber for a long time and watched streaming videos the night it came out when you could only watch X amount of hours per month depening on your plan.

The catalogue is greatly improving steadily over time and now our home watches far more streaming than viewing of discs.


I am very pleased with the streaming selection. I am very pleased with the new releases I get in the mail. Netflix is one of the very few bills I happily pay each month because I am getting good value for my dollars. Netflix is watched every single day in my house, either a DVD or streamed.


My movie/TVshow watching experience, the actual watching of content, is far greater with physical media. The convenience of Streaming is pleasing but IMO the cost of convenience, ie video compression even for so-called HD Streams, is to high.


For me, streaming is great. The actual disc usually sits on the shelf for a week before we watch it.

Perkins Cobb

Thank you, dAVe. Let's fight the good fight.


I expected Netflix to start reducing DVD acquisition as streaming use increased, however not this quickly. Also, I assumed that Netflix would continue to acquire at least 1 copy of each relavent DVD upon release. As it is, they seem to be cutting costs by ignoring many non-major releases each week. Since most of these titles are not available for streaming either, Netflix is letting its competitors have an edge (one that continues to build, week-by-week) as its catalog falls behind.

Granted, the selection of streaming titles has been improving. I noticed they even have the recent big-budget film, 2012. However, in contrast, my streaming queue contains an ever growing list of titles that are no longer available.

There have been quite a few lesser-known titles I've been looking for that are unavailable on Netflix in any format. Out of curiousity, I searched for them at BB Online and found them to be available. For the first time in years, I'm considering adding a month of BB service just to see what I've been missing.

Netflix risks eventually losing its "long tail" customers to competitors unless they can start filling in the gaps before they get too wide.



My experience has been different than yours. I have been a member of Netflix since 1999. The fall of 2009 was pretty bad for long waits but since the 28 day window my long waits have mostly disappeared. I currently have 133 films in my que, only 4 are long wait; Toy Story, High Art, Madmen Season 1 disc 1, and The Runaways. Four more in that que will move to Instant Watch in August. I have 147 films in IW, two will disappear in August.

My service has gotten better since the first of the year.


I love streaming, especially HD... I have cable modem which runs at over 25 Mbps consistently and provides a quality picture. I can steam on 2 TVs at the same time, both HD... I have streamed all seasons of Lost, Weeds,Arrested Development and Spartacus. Currently watching Bones, Tudors and Kidnapped. Wife loves King of the Hill, Leave it to Beaver and Quincy. ALL without commercials. We also watch movies and documentaries like any Ken Burns stuff... I cannot imagine running out of content for a very long time... Blu-Ray discs are just icing on the cake... Great great value and it allowed up to dump our $149 a month Direct TV bill and don't miss it a bit...


Netflix is going to lose at least one subscriber if they don't remedy the situation as they've neglected to get many non-mainstream new releases recently which aren't available on streaming either while Blockbuster continues to get every new release there is.


DirecTV charges $150 for commercial ridden programing?! That's an outrage. Those bastards should be sued.


@ Perkins Cobb

I strongly disagree. I watch less DVDs due to streaming content. As a matter of fact, I have dropped my DVD shipments from 3 to 1 at a time. Some movies I'd rather stream, esp if its in HD, instead of waiting for movie shipments.

Perkins Cobb

@ FearNo1: Respectfully, just because the CNet piece accurately depicts your experience, it doesn't reflect everyone's. The reporter makes an assumption that's very flattering to Netflix, rather than questioning the statements in the NF press release. Said reporter who, incidentally, uses the word "distinguishable" incorrectly in his author bio.

@ byteme: Problem is, as a long-tail customer, I don't really have many other options now that all the good brick & mortar stores in my area are gone. And I expect Netflix understands that all too well.

@ Everyone else, two followup questions:
(1) What's the minimum Mbps required to be able to view NF "HD" streaming without disruption?

(2) Is Blockbuster.com stocking new catalog titles that Netflix is passing on? It's been a year or so since I've had a BB membership but I recall them always being pretty apathetic in this regard.


"@ Everyone else, two followup questions:
(1) What's the minimum Mbps required to be able to view NF "HD" streaming without disruption?

(2) Is Blockbuster.com stocking new catalog titles that Netflix is passing on? It's been a year or so since I've had a BB membership but I recall them always being pretty apathetic in this regard"

1. Netflix recommends 3Mbps but I recommend 6Mbps if you use Wi-Fi.

2. I have heard this rumor and it's not true, NF has all the new releases but you have to wait 28 days for some. As for catalog titles NF has a better library.

I have a subscription to both and use BB for new releases and NF for streaming and the rare DVD.


@ Shawn

Um, actually, Netflix recommends 3Mbps for STANDARD (ie DVD) definition quality and 5Mbps for HIGH definition.

Where the hell did this "WiFi affects streaming quality" myth begin? Furthermore, why would you need double the broadband speed if you use WiFi? The player buffers, not your router, so, using the logic that "WiFi teh keels streemeng!", you'd still run into streaming problems even if you hooked your broadband router straight into a Netflix streaming server.

This is why people don't take the internet seriously. It's full of misinformation (and then I'm "teh villains!!!" for pointing out your errors)


BP et al,
Wi-Fi reduces your throughput compared to wired, it also reduces your bandwidth if you have multiple devices connected. Try it yourself on www.speakeasy.net, if you get the same speed(wired vs wireless) I'll give you a cookie.



@ Shawn


While YES, it is ALSO TRUE that WiFi shares throughput, it is NOT an equal split - it is on a QoS basis. This means that if five people are connected to a router they do not each get 11Mbps of the 54Mbps throughput - they get (and likewise SHARE) the throughput on an as-needed basis.

I can do - AND HAVE DONE - speed tests from my wired computer, my wireless laptop, my wireless PDA and my wireless smart phone and they will ALL register as having a 12Mbps downlink. This even if one of the wireless links has been downgraded due to deterioration of the signal.

If the best you've got is some technology-for-idiots video on Youtube then you don't make your case very well at all. 802.11g supported links that would allow for WiFi streaming half a decade+ ago - 802.11n CERTAINLY does now.

Can you idiots take your WiFi vendetta somewhere else? It's obvious none of you know how to properly operate a network. This is akin to idiots who can't drive a car with a manual transmission prattling on about how they get bad gas mileage and there is increased wear on transmission+engine and they're hard to drive and etcetera - when in fact the exact opposite of all of those things is true. The problem is that most people are stupid, dumbo know-nothing moron prats that spew out misinformation at a rate that all of the world's scientists couldn't refute should they all band together into some sort of Super Scientific Mega-Voltron.

Please, just stop.


Two thoughts.

One. This is a dollar amount. You need a physical count to go along with it. After all, NF is suppose to be getting up to a 50% discount (no hard reporting on the 50% figure) from the 3 studios that NF agreed to a 28 day embargo. One would expect the over all cost to decline for physical media.

Two. In the 1st quarter Q&A, it was said that they do not purchase all of those DVDs. Some are leased and some have a revenue sharing agreements. That money spent is a different line item in the corporate report. CNET does not say if that bucket is included in their figure.

Hasting's said, at a June (or May) conference that NF can spend more money on the streaming rights to a movie than they did on the physical media for the same title.

NF says do not concentrate on the Average Revenue per subscriber - which has started declining because the $9.00 1 out + streaming is becoming a huge percentage of the overall total. But look at the average profit per subscriber. Not sure if the investing community is going to buy into that.

Pete Mitchell


I have an AT&T U-verse 24Mb connection. I get 24Mb regardless if I'm using my wireless or wired network. Now where's my cookie, bitch?

Stop posting stuff that you obviously don't have a clue about.



I think you misunderstand what I meant by "unavailable." I wasn't referring to a title that has a long wait. I was referring to titles that show up in Netflix as "Save" only or not at all. The 28 day rule does not seem to cover all of these, as often the titles I have been unable to find have been out elsewhere for 2+ months. This leads me to believe that Netflix is purposefully not purchasing these titles. Since a search at BB online, a comparable service to Netflix, shows the titles as available (not necessarily immediately, but part of their inventory), it may be an indication that Netflix may not continue to be the "one-stop shop" for the long-tail customers.


I want the physical discs. BluRay if available, and with all the extras included (not the crappy "Rental" no extras discs.) I also want a reasonable physical number of discs in circulation so I don't have to wait 4 months to receive them. IW will continue to remain a limited choice rental format until we all have FIOS. And even then the ISPs will charge more once we start to clog up their bandwidth. Just mail me the complete discs in a reasonable amount of time. You made lots of money using that business model previously and can do so again. Thanks. eviltimes.

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It's disappointing to me that they've continued on this route - for those of us who are deaf or HoH, streaming sucks because there are no captions!

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